2017 Iridium Flare collaboration by Bottle Logic and Superstition Meadery


Rating: 7/7

2017 Iridium Flare collaboration by Bottle Logic and Superstition Meadery is a 13.3% ABV American Strong Ale brewed with Honey and Marionberries aged in Bourbon Barrels.


Enter level II clearance – Arizona’s Superstition Meadery runs the gauntlet on high scores in the mead area. Our mead-inspired combo breaker is a concentrated punch of sweetness drawn out across a thick, viscous body. Arizona wildflower honey succumbs to the tart brightness of marionberries with bruleed sugar barrel finish. End transmission.


Holy shit what a find. They say rare treasures are only there for those that look into the deep! What a rare find indeed. Bottle Logic hyped beers are stupidly ridiculously hard to find. If there are any beers in the current age of 2017 that would ask the question, well, whats the latest trend in terms of rare beers, Bottle Logic is it! Or at least their super damn special releases which are ridiculous to get. Like there is no way I could of ever got this bottle and I live locally. Unless I actually made a huge overnight light at Bottle Logic to get a chance to land some of these, they are just not worth it. One of the biggest beers they have is Fundamental Observation along with Number Crunch, Dark Star November, Leche Borracho, Fundamental Forces and so so so many others that are quick to sell out. Hell, it was only this year that they barely even got to a damn retail store let alone not have to pay 100$s of dollars of beers just to get one of their beers. Yea I know, ridiculous right?!?! I however, did not have to do any of this. Granted it was the very damn last bottle I saw by pure fucking luck on my way out of Whittier Liquor Mart. In fact, there was no way, there was just no fucking way I was this lucky to land something like this especially at the store. It’s just not possible. Heck I’m here right now with this beer and I still don’t believe it. But it was true. That damn bottle peered like a ghost who taps you on that cold shoulder but there it was. The last fucking bottle of a beer called Iridium Flare, a beer named after the shooting star effect that happens on the night sky due to the glare that’s given off when sunlight hits a satellite moving at hundreds of MPH. Yes, it was not the most hyped like the others but it had something to back it up for sure, that bottle logic name and a special release written all over it and somehow ended up in my hands with none the wiser as to this being the last bottle. So yeah, when I find something I think might be considered a great lost treasure worth taste and experience, you best believe that this might be it. Let’s have a looks, cheers!!!


Dark fruits of cherries, boysenberies, currants, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, marrionberries, raspberries, pomegranates, cranberries, raisins, plums, figs, dragon fruit, mango, Danish cream, Irish cream, flan, crème brulee, sweetened condensed milk, 3 milks/tres leches cake, mixed berry cordials, fruit cake, banana sundae, mixed berry chocolate mousse, Chambord Raspberry liqueur, steamed milk, whipped cream, bourbon, almond joy and mild oak.


Liquid Berries and Cream! Rich Wild flower honey, orange blossom honey, crème brulee, mixed berry cheese cake, dulce de leche caramel, oak, vanilla, bourbon, maple, biscuit bread, rye bread, bananas, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar, dark fruits of cherries, boysenberies, currants, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, marrionberries, raspberries, pomegranates, dragon fruit, mango, cranberries, raisins, plums, figs, lychees, strawberry short cake, raspberry ice cream, marshmallow smores, toasted coconut, berry almond joys, Danish cream, Irish cream, flan, crème brulee, sweetened condensed milk, 3 milks/tres leches cake, mixed berry cordials, fruit cake, whipped cream, butterscotch, chocolate cherries, pomegranate chocolates, strawberries in cream, banana sundae, grilled plantains, whiskey notes and leathery hints.


Long and ever lasting berries and cream, herbal honey, wld flower honey, dark fruits, chocolate, flan, crème brulee, 3 leche cake, mixed berry cheese cake, raspberry Chambord, banana sunday,

No alcohol in the taste, Deep Magenta and Crimson light to medium body, creamy, smooth, syrupy


Berries and cream, Berries and cream, I’m a little lad that loves berries and creeeeaaamm!! f y’all don’t remember that commercial from back in the late 90’s then where have you been? Berries and cream was like my mixed berry chocolate and white chocolate. No joke, legit, there is a damn crazy reason why the hell this one is hyped. I swear, I really swear I have tried so many awesome beers and do honestly believe there I better out there, but this? This right here is really ridiculous. I’m really mad because this is so damn awesome and for the longest time I was such as skeptic about some of these beers believing it is all hype. I don’t know what it is but this beer is only a sample of the many beers I have not tried and hope to try granted I could find them and not have to trade for them or get them online. I’m pretty torn because I want to say, you should really check this out if you can get it but I really don’t recommend you go out of your way if you can’t find it. Yes, it is a definitely a bucket lister in so many ways but the fact of the matter is, with the current hype it is just not worth it to get it unless you can find it locally or are really willing to trade for this. Luck is the devil of details, you decide!!

Anime Corner:
Reiko Mikami from the Ghost Sweeper Mikami series was used in this special occasion to pair with the rich colors of berries mixed into this. The reds, the purples, the oranges and even the greens. Whatever you would like to see. However, the other reason why I chose Mikami for this pairing is mainly that as a Ghost Sweeper/Buster she takes down malignant spirits. Being’s of the undead you can only see glimpses of as they blend into this reality like a bad reception of the television. Essentially, like the actual Iridium Flare that cuts through the night sky like butter and a shooting star, Reiko can see them. Let’s be honest, her damn special ghost saber is what cuts those ghosties like butter. In a way, her weaponry is like that of the Iridium Flare, the beer/sattellite that I only got a glimpse of by pure fucking luck and have no way of getting a chance at this again. Let’s see what the future holds, cheers!


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