2017 Dead ‘N’ Dead by Rogue brewing



Rating: 5.5/6

2017 Dead ‘N’ Dead by Rogue brewing is an 8.2% ABV Rogue Dead Guy Helles Bock aged in Dead Guy Whiskey Barrels.


Dead ‘N’ Dead complements the flavor profile of our classic Dead Guy Ale with oak and vanilla notes from our Whiskey barrel.


Formerly from the John John series, I had not tried this beer in years. I almost forgotten what this was about. Back then the beer was definitely lighter at 6.4% ABV. Now with a new name it fits very well. The combination of Dead Guy ale aged in a Whiskey created by distilling the dead guy ale, now thats what you call evolution! Granted I can’t remember how the original version of this beer was but I am definitely happy to bring it back to the site and give it a go. Let’s have a look, cheers!

Original Review: https://animebeers.com/2012/12/27/john-john-series-whiskey-barrel-aged-dead-guy-ale-by-rogue-brewing/


Oak, whiskey, caramel, rye bread, piloncillo sugar cone, sweet potato, honey, bourbon, toasted coconut hints, biscuit bread, banana hints, dark fruit, hazelnut nectar, pecan pie notes, citrus, piney and earthy hops.


Lots of toffee, vanilla, marshmallow, oak, dulce de leche caramel, pecan pie, crème brulee, whiskey, bourbon, biscuit bread, old mango, rye bread, alfajor (Mexican Coconut sugar candy, oranges, funky tart notes, grape hints, banana, clove spice, earthy hop notes, honey, burnt sugar, Belgian candy sugar notes, dark fruit raisins, figs, hazelnut nectar notes, fruit cake, piloncillo sugar cone, sweet potato, cinnamon, flan, tangerine hints, stone fruit peach and apricot notes.


Finishing rich in caramel, toffee, dark fruit, fruit cake, toasted coconut notes, earthy hop notes, oak, whiskey notes and burnt sugar dryness. No alcohol in the taste, amber clear body, smooth, creamy and dry mouth feel along with a moderate drinkability.


While personally, I think it is above exceptional due to the whiskey barrel aging, it is not supreme. Hell I love dead guy and this process takes it to the next level at that. There is so much criticism over these beers in the community but I for one look for what I like and this one is definitely a huge winner. Granted I have have had better barrel aged beer, it isn’t often you see a barrel aged hellsbock. The only thing that might come close to its amazingness is the Samichlaus, but that’s definitely on another review on site. I would definitely recommend it highly but only if you like Rogue for sure.

Anime Corner:

Lei-Lei/Hsien-Ko from the Darkstalkers/Vampire Savior series and the Pacman Ghost were used in this pairing since I wanted to compare the Dead and Dead aspect of the series to 2 ghosts, that being the pacman ghost and Lei Lei. The funny thing about this beer, is that it is fermented with PacMan Yeast! Funny how the pairing works super well in this context and for Lei Lei as well.



Derde Golf by The Bruery Terreux

15370053_10103789137794450_9010744031922016226_oRating: 7/7

Derde Golf by The Bruery Terreux is a 12.3% ABV Belgian Sour Quadrupel Oak aged with Blackberries and Bourbon Barrel aged Old Ale with Portola Coffee Lab’s coffee beans.

It’s time for the third wave – a beer that awakens the senses from first sniff to first sip. This sour, blended ale folds our sour, oak-aged Belgian style quadrupel with blackberries into our malt-forward, bourbon barrel-aged old ale, and finishes with a Flemish good morning kiss, for an awakening, robust and sweet & sour twist. It’s complimented and balanced by the gentle, roasty character imparted from freshly roasted coffee from our friend’s at Portola Coffee Lab – a blend that was specifically selected for this complex, sour coffee ale, and a concept that was nearly a year in the making.

Released to Hoarders and Reserve society members. I did not think much about getting this one at first. Then I saw what it was made with. Essentially, they took their awesome Quadrupel Tonnellerie and Anniversary ale, combined it and added coffee. Ridiculousness! But I say that in an awesome epic way. Both base beers are already exceptional. Therefore, taking this to the next level is definitely what the Bruery does best. Now the question is, should one get this one? Well, that is where we come in to advise you, the reader, whether we think you should give this one a shot. Let’s do this, cheers!

Dark fruit currants, dark cherries, plums, raisins, figs, raspberries, wine grapes, blackberries, concorde grapes, fruit cake, oak, bourbon, dark candi sugar, bananas, clove spice, anise, tobacco notes, molasses, dark candi sugar, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Cadbury caramel and chocolate cream eggs, hazelnut nectar, mocha, Khalua liqueur, java and sweetened condensed milk

Bourbon, oak, wine grapes, pan dulce, blackberry cobbler, fruit cake, concorde grapes, blueberry muffins, dark fruit currants, dark cherries, plums, raisins, figs, dark candi sugar, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Cadbury caramel and chocolate cream eggs, lemon peel, red wine, toasted coconut, marshmallows smores, bananas, clove spice, anise, tobacco notes, molasses, leather, raspberry Chambord liquer, blackberry and blueberry cheesecake, rock candy, capirotada raisin bread pudding, figgy pudding, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar, mocha, Khalua liqueur, java, espresso, coffee cake, steamed milk, crème brulee, sweetened condensed milk, flan, chocolate cherry cordials and Tres Leches/Three Creams cake.

Finishes with rich dark fruits, of blackberries, dulce de leche caramel, toasted coconut, vanilla, clove space, bananas, dark candi sugar, rock candi, blackberry yogurt, toffee, dark chocolate, oak, and pecan pie. No alcohol in the taste, full dark amber body, effervescent, smooth and silky mouthfeel with a sipping drinkability.

This is damn insane! This is indeed the best Belgian Sour Quad ever! The Blackberries and Coffee just raise it to those OVERKILL levels. Not in a bad way but of the deep and supremely luscious bliss kind of way. Heck even the fact that the base beers are already above exceptional, this just takes it to that bucket lister level. Definitely find a way to get this one. A lot of awesome stuff in this bottle.
Anime Corner:
Hsien-Ko/Lei Lei and Zabel/Lord Raptor (Midnight Bliss) were used in this pairing to go somewhat with the label but mainly the colors of the dark fruits and flavors of the beer. I have not used Hsien-ko in a beer for the Bruery before so I definitely thought this was the perfect opportunity. Zabel was merely there as you can think of the 2 beer fusion in coffee as represented by Hsien-Ko coming to Zabel from behind.

2016 Quingenti Millimitre series Batch No. 1 OAKMEAL Stone 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels by Stone brewing

14542303_10103598543197550_7205434410496364125_oRating: 6/6

2016 Quingenti Millimitre series Batch No. 1 OAKMEAL Stone 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels by Stone brewing is an 11.4% ABV Imperial Oatmeal Stout aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.

Brewed December 5, 2015
Originally inspired by recipes of two Team Stone members, Stone 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout became an instant classic. The onyx-hued beer also proved to be an ideal barrel-aging specimen, thanks to its rich, thick mouthfeel and chocolate-heavy flavors and aromatics.

INTHEMASH: Pale, Caramel, Dextrine, Black and Chocolate Malts, Roasted Barley & Flaked Oats
IN THE BOIL Summit Williamette, Galena and Ahtanum Hops & Chocolate-heavy

7 Months in American Oak Kentucky Bourbon Barrels

IBU: 43 ALC/VOL 11.4% Bottled July 2016

An already magnificent beer’s mouthwatering recipe of unsweetened chocolate, flaked oats and dark-roasted malts is made even more deliciously complex care of oak barrels that previously nurtured bourbon. These amazing vessels impart oak and coconut-like flavors upfront while accentuating the silky smooth midpalate with oak vanillin notes. The finish is long and intense, with layers of chocolate and oak vanillin. You might be tempted to lick the glass for every last drop of this delectable adult confection.


It has been a while since I had some of the beers from Stone’s Quingenti Millimitre series and this one I could not pass up. Especially, since it was available in local and online stores. Essentially, they take their 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, which I tried several months back at my friend Richard’s house, and then they age it. The original beer was delicious but the fact that they barrel aged it was something I just thought is amazing. I think almost every beer that I have tried barrel aged is definitely leagues above the original beer. Not always, but it is common for it to happen. Let’s see what this one has to offer, cheers!

Marshmallows, chocolate smores, oak, whiskey, bourbon, toasted coconut, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, oreo cookies, Danish cream, cookie dough ice cream, dark cherries, chocolate cherry cordials, flan, pecan pie, piloncillo sugar cone, grilled bananas, capirotada raisin bread pudding, hazelnut nectar, ferrero rocher Chocolate, roasted coffee, mocha, molasses, tobacco, leather, anise, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, bakers chocolate, German chocolate, Belgian chocolates and Mexican Chocolate.

Rich dark chocolate, milk chocolate, bakers chocolate, German chocolate, Belgian chocolates, Mexican Chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate smores, oak, whiskey, bourbon, toasted coconut, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, oreo cookies, Danish cream, cookie dough ice cream, earthy hop hints, dark fruit raisins, prunes, dark cherries, chocolate cherry cordials, flan, pecan pie, piloncillo sugar cone, grilled bananas, capirotada raisin bread pudding, hazelnut nectar, molasses, tobacco, leather, anise, ferrero rocher Chocolate, roasted coffee and mocha.

Finishing with rich oak Bourbon soaked dark fruit chocolate chip raisins oatmeal cookies on whipped cream and earthy and vanilla ice cream. No alcohol in the taste despite the ABV or the oak bourbon notes, pitch black dark full body, smooth, creamy, chewy, and velvety mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability.

An exceptional and supremely delicious liquid chocolate cookie in a bottle. This beer so much cookie goodness that it reminded me of the Velvet Merkin from Firestone Walker. So much smoothness and chocolate, it’ll blow your mind. I almost wish they sold this one on tap and growler fill as 500ml is not enough for this one. Definitely need to try this again but for the price I think it is worth having once. I highly recommend this brew to those that love barrel aged beers and chocolatey goodness.

Anime Corner:
Lei Lei Hsien-Ko from Darkstalkers was used in this pairing because I wanted to use her in a beer. It has been a very long time and I think she fits with this beer as well as a spirit lies in the oak that used to contain a bigger amount of a spirit. By spirit I mean bourbon. There really isn’t much to say other than how the colors can compare to the complex flavors or how sweet and innocent she looks like the sweetness contained in this bottle.

Bombay Berserker by Clown Shoes Brewing

1378366_10101459458091250_1244609620_n 1394467_10101459457966500_2016632879_n 1378509_10101459458061310_1318389965_n 1384270_10101459458081270_1580768352_n 1380249_10101459458131170_383120147_nRating: 4.75/5

Bombay Berserker by Clown Shoes Brewing is a 10% ABV Indian-Style Chocolate Imperial Stout

This exotic stout is a relative of Chocolate Sombrero, with the Mexican spices replaced by the flavors of chai tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla. Dear head banging craft beer drinkers, please remember, “Our love for you is like a truck… BERSERKER!”

Recently releases in many markets. You can get this one online but if you live in California, it may come out soon as clown shoes beers are becoming more famous here. I was able to get this one online though. Clown shoes has many series. This one is the next follow up to the Chocolate Sombrero and Luchador en Fuego

Aromas are of ginger, chocolate abuelita hot chocolate, caramel, vanilla, chai tea, non spicy curry, dark chocolate, cinnamon, cardamom, bakers chocolate and molasses

Flavors are of Bakers chocolate, caramel, vanilla, roasted malts, mocha, chait tea, hints of curry but nothing overwhelming, cinnamon, chocolate abuelita, molasses and brown sugar

The aftertaste leaves with minor spiciness, hints chocolate, vanilla, mocha and roasty notes. A moderate to sipping drinkability beer with alcohol well hidden. Pretty balanced and nothing too overwhelming

Overall it is a very good beer in it’s own unique way. While I started to taste some of the spices from Chocolate sombrero, it turned the other way around. In good way of course. It it is nothing overwhelming like the other Curry beers I have had like Indra Kunindra or the coconut curry from New Belgium. It definitely has its spices under control. I think it is not a full flavor bashing beer but the offering of variety of these flavors and balance is well hit. Very solid beer and yes, worth the try for damn sure. Especially since you cannot feel the 10% ABV. If this was Barrel Aged, well it would definitely heighten this to a new level of Rock Stardom!!

Chateau Jiahu by Dogfish Head

934894_10101169744225160_939094302_nRating: 4.45/5

Chateau Jiahu by Dogfish Head is a 10%ABV Herbed Ale brewed with honey and hawthorn fruit and fermented with grape juice.

9,000 year old Chateau Jiahu stands apart as the most ancient, chemically-attested alcoholic beverage in the world.”; “Its re-creation is based on painstaking excavation by Chinese archaeologists of Jiahu in the Yellow River basin, state-of-the-art microanalysis of pottery residues by American laboratories, and the inspired “Neolithic” brewing of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. Chateau Jiahu, then as now, opens a window into the world of our ancestors

It has been ages since I first had this beer. Back then when I bought it in 2011, I was fairly new to beer reviews and such. It has been almost exactly 2 years since my last review so I decided to get this one to give it another go.

Aromas of this beer are of honey, white grapes, biscuit bread, flowers, peach, pear, champagne, apples, very slight estery banana cloves, slight pilsner sugars and peppercorn. The flavors are white grapes, pears, apples, apple cider, champagne, lots of honey sweetness, pilsner sugars, pomegranite, slight cloves, slight coriander, slight peppercorn, flowers, vanilla and biscuit bread. To be honest, this is closer to a dessert white wine. It is fantastic and delicious, yet the pilsnery effect makes it where it is reminicent of a lager but very very nice and amped. First of all, for being 10%ABV, there is no sense of alcohol and because of it’s drinkability, it would taste awesome to anyone who is not really into craft beer. This is a magnificent beer and one I would introduce to people who are new into craft beers. Definitely a recommend for many to try. Just be careful since at 10%ABV, the beer is so good, one could easily finish it the bottle


2011 Review:
A rare piece of beer here. Smells of fruit and honey. The bitterness and alcohol are very masked by the honey and grape sweetness. Some what of a earthy after taste, Highly recommended if found . The beer itself has a history(Beeradvocate.com) “Inspired by a beverage found in clay posts in China around 9000 years ago. In keeping with historic evidence, Dogfish brewers used pre-gelatinized rice flakes, Wildflower honey, Muscat grapes, barley malt, hawthorn fruit, and Chrysanthemum flowers. The rice and barley malt were added together to make the mash for starch conversion and degradation. The resulting sweet wort was then run into the kettle. The honey, grapes, Hawthorn fruit, and Chrysanthemum flowers were then added. The entire mixture was boiled for 45 minutes, and then cooled. The resulting sweet liquid was pitched with a fresh culture of Sake yeast and allowed to ferment a month before the transfer into a chilled secondary tank.”