À Tout Le Monde collaboration by Unibroue and MegaDeth

14883415_10103680009368690_1907635724546794978_oRating: 4.5/5

À Tout Le Monde collaboration by Unibroue and MegaDeth is a 4.5% ABV Canadian Saison/ Farmhouse ale brewed with spices and Dry hopped.

Commercial Description:
A new beer from Unibroue born of the friendship between its Brewmaster Jerry Vietz and Dave Mustaine, legendary lead vocalist and founder of heavy metal group Megadeth, is officially launching today in the U.S. and Quebec. Named À TOUT LE MONDE as a nod to one of the band’s songs and one of their biggest hits in Quebec, this beer recalls the consonance of Unibroue’s flagship beer, La Fin du Monde.

Dave Mustaine became friends with Jerry Vietz during Megadeth tours in Quebec. During their time together, Dave and Jerry created À TOUT LE MONDE as a symbol of their friendship. “At Unibroue, we appreciate flavour – and we know Megadeth is anything but boring,” explains Jerry Vietz, Brewmaster at Unibroue. “To Megadeth’s delight and that of their fans and connoisseurs, we’re offering an uncompromising beer with rich hoppy aromas, created according to Dave’s personal tastes.”

“Our shared passion for excellence produced a one-of-a-kind saison beer,” added Dave Mustaine, Megadeth’s lead vocalist and founder. “I’m thrilled to present this new beer to my fans, and everyone who loves good beers with character.”

À TOUT LE MONDE ale is a flavorful Belgian style dry hopped golden saison with hoppy and spicy notes. Topped by an unctuous head, this beer will give fans a clean, fresh taste and a crisp dry finish inviting to take another sip.

À Tout Le Monde or “For all the world or everyone” is inspired by the actual song in MegaDeth’s 1994 album, Youthanasia. This is the first time MegaDeth joins the craft beer scene after several awesome bands like AC/DC, Iron Maiden and many others worked to release their own brews. This choice to release something light was chosen as it would appeal to the massed. Basically something you can drink a lot of and still enjoy. It seems like a great choice and now that the beer is here on the site, let’s see what this awesome stuff is about. Cheers!

Stone fruit peaches, apricots, pepper corn, Herbal, Floral, spicy, earthy and tropical hops, coriander hints, lavender, farmhouse hay, biscuit bread and honey.

Herbal, Floral, spicy, earthy and tropical hops, peppercorn spice, Stone fruit peaches, apricots, mango, farmhouse hay, lavender, banana notes, honey, biscuit bread, wheat, vanilla, lemon zest, clove spices, sour apple notes, cane sugar hints, coriander notes and cranberry hints.

Finishes semi dry rich with notes of Stone fruits, biscuit bread, herbal, floral and earthy hops. No alcohol in the taste, hazy pale yellow medium body, crisp, clean, refreshing and effervescent mouth feel along with a sipping drinkability.

A very good saison that has many of the awesome flavors you would find from many of the great saisons out there. While I think it does not bring anything new that I haven’t had before, this one is still awesome and delicious. I would definitely say this one is a good gateway representative and definitely something many people will enjoy, especially since it is Megadeth after all. Find this one, especially if you are a fan.
Anime Corner:
Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Project and Vic Rattlehead from Megadeath were used in this pairing as I was definitely trying to search for Megadeth and anime. Long behold, I found these to be tagged with Megadeth on them. First, since Vic is in the label and second, Sakuya relates to it as she has the guitar and she stands in front of the lyrics “Never Walk Alone” and “Call to Arms”.



Chronology:12 by The Bruery

11935173_10102772114043200_7490712532104656261_o 11856483_10102772113464360_8611407237539458462_oRating: 5.85/6

Chronology:12 by The Bruery is a 16.7% ABV English Old Ale Aged in Bourbon Barrels for 12 months.

12 months Oak Aged Ale
This English-Style Old Ale is the second in a chronologically aged series that will be released at 6 month intervals for a fascinating view of evolution.

Our Chronology series is an experiment with time. A single beer will aged in bourbon barrels and be released 6, 12, 18 and 24 month periods. Delicious while fresh, but existing to taste side by side upon each subsequent released as time moves forward.


It has been another 6 months since the release of the original Chronology. Sold to members of the Reserve and Hoarders Societies of the Bruery. A this point, you can actually visit the Bruery and may get a taste if it is still available. So as stated before in my last review, the challenge of this beer is to figure out what has changed either for the better or for the worse. An interesting challenge they present. Lets take a look at the 12 month version shall we?

Rich dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, oak, bourbon, coconut, marshmallows, milk chocolate, almond joy chocolate, chocolate truffle ice cream, wine grapes, raspberry chambord, piloncillo sugar cone, waffle cone, Belgian Waffles, peanut butter, sweetened condensed milk, raspberry syrup, Danish cookies, dark fruit cherries, raspberries, black currants, plums, figs, raisins, honey, bananas, clove spice, waffle cone, port wine and almond joy chocolate.

Rich dulce de leche caramel, port wine hints, rich coconut, vanilla, coconut macaroons, oak, bourbon hints, marshmallow smores, flan, crème brulee, brown sugar, pecan pie, stone fruit peaches, apricot, apples, dark fruit cherries, raspberries, black currants, plums, figs, raisins, honey, bananas, clove spice, Danish cookies, cookie dough ice cream, maple syrup, capirotada bread pudding, sweet potato, milk chocolate, almond joy chocolate, chocolate truffle ice cream, wine grapes, raspberry chambord, piloncillo sugar cone, waffle cone, Belgian Waffles, peanut butter, sweetened condensed milk hints and raspberry syrup along and coriander hints.

Dark and Stone fruit forward, bourbon, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, piloncilo sugar cone, coconut hints, spicy notes, oak, and earthy notes. Mild alcohol in the taste, dark crimson full body, sipping drinkability, creamy, smooth and syrupy mouthfeel.

Time has done this one well. It is definitely getting smoother and the flavors while still complex as ever, seem a little more complex but much of the same. Nothing too crazy has changed except the richness of them. Like some flavors are a little sweeter and overall, still a very rich and delicious little beer. You can’t go wrong with this one but maybe the best one will be in 18 months. We will see, until next time and cheers!

Anime Corner:
Sakuya Izayoi from the Touhou project was used in this pairing similar to Rosette but since I wanted to do a different character but similar to the theme of time and pairing with the beer, Sakuya was the good choice as the colors and the theme of time best pair with the beer. You can almost say she also represents aging too.


Grey Monday by The Bruery

375268_10100970740155910_403711075_n (1)Rating: 6/5 * Final Review of 2012*

Grey Monday by The Bruery is an 18.6% ABV Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels with Hazelnuts. Essentially, this is the Black Tuesday Variant but made with Hazelnuts. Black Tuesday along with it’s cousin, Chocolate Rain are one of my most favorite Chocolate beers ever. They may not be the highest in the world but they certainly rated higher in my opinion. While St. Bernardus abt 12 and Trois Pistoles covers my most favorite Belgian/ World beers ever. Mainly this cover covers my ultimate chocolate beer sweet tooth. This is like a very special chocolate liquid of the gods.


Originally brewed for a molecular gastronomy dinner at Beachwood BBQ, this decadent version of Black Tuesday is brewed with Oregon grown, roasted hazelnuts.

The ABV on the label said 18.6% however, at the tasting rooms in The Bruery they have it at 19.2%. Chocolate Rain was about that much, maybe more. This year’s Black Tuesday is in the 19 something as well. Anyways, on to the review 🙂
Grey Monday is hard to get. You have to basically go out of your way to get it so for those that want to seek this on out, be ready to climb over a good amount of obstacles. If your lucky, you may find it online though. So immediately after you open the beer is an massive explosion of extremely rich chocolate, vanilla, bourbon, cherries, plums, pecans, hazelnut, and caramel. Like literally, you can smell how sweet and nutty this is. Aromas are just that rich. Just like I said about Chocolate Rain. Basically Diabetes in a bottle. Also a note to the wise. Take your time and do not consume in one sitting. 1 small 8 ounce glass or less is best. Nectar of gods should be taken lightly and savored to the best ability and saved some for later or for friends. I decided to drink this on Monday 31st as being the last beer of 2012 I review :). So I figure why not. Upon trying it I was taken to the boozy world chocolate nirvana. Immediately I was surrounded by flavors of very strong milk, dark, sweet chocolate, chocolate covered raisins and tart cherries, rich mocha, rich dulce de leche caramel, rich sweetened condensed milk (Mexican Lechera), flan with pecans, almonds, walnuts, Bourbon, vanilla, raisins, port chocolate, Chambord Raspberry in chocolate cake, hazelnut nectar, pecan pie, chocolate cheesecake with maybe some macadamia nuts and well lots of burnt sweet caramelized sugars and cocoa. There is also an underlying banana nut bread with cherry and chocolate, vanilla and caramel hazelnut in the aftertaste. This beer is pretty deep and it takes grasp of the spirit. You would probably be done in one sip. The Oak Bourbon is present but no burn, just a small level of intensity for this super giant megaton fusion super saiyan of an ABV beer. Certainly one of the greats and nothing less. World Class in its own special way. The Grey Monday, The Black Tuesday and The Chocolate Rain. I love Trois Pistoles and I love St. Bernardus abt 12, but just as Chocolate Rain has taken me above and beyond this has taken me to another level of rich hazelnut, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, dark fruits and oak bourbon vanilla heaven.