Homebrew Project #33 6 To Midnight Coffee & Cream by Nubis Sanctum Ales


Rating: 5/5

Homebrew Project #33 6 To Midnight Coffee & Cream by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 10% ABV Imperial Cream Ale brewed with Blood Lord Coffee Beans by Dark Matter Coffee, Vanilla Beans and Lactose. 

Homebrewed for my friends Cesar Molina & Jeanette De La Luz wedding on 9/3/2017.

The special project was brewed in collaboration with my friend Oscar Pacheco and Cesar Molina with an inspiration to the Coffee and Cream Ale we had tried on our many trips to the Tijuana B.C. Craft Beer Scene in Mexico. For the special occasion of his wedding, Julio/Cesar entrusted me to come up with an original recipe that would be a cream ale with coffee similar the Coffee and Cream. The recipe was something I had not brewed before and would become one that was created by us. Starting with an Imperial Cream Ale recipe, I started by envisioning what would be the cream side or additional cream. That’s when I brought up the lactose addition. Vanilla would add an enticing sweetness which was provided by Oscar in which we aged in Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon for a month before added to the finished product. We also went through a collection of many of my favorite Dark Matter Coffee beans like the Big Hugs and Unicorn Blood Coffees until Julio decided to use the Blood Lord coffee. It was the same coffee they made by aging the beans in Barrels that once contained 3 Floyds Dark Lord Imperial Stout. The very same bourbon barrel aged coffee I used in my previous iteration (Home brew Project #29 SangriLeche Chapter: 2 – Hey You, Wanna Buy Some ChocoW00tCherries?!!?) which used w00tstout as the inspiration. 

Moving on, the beer was a major success showcasing many of the rich flavors from the original Coffee and Cream Ale, but at a higher ABV and more flavor intense profile ranging from Coffee, Vanilla, sugar cream, oak notes, stone fruit, dark fruits, creme brulee, flan, tiramsu and much much more. The beer was such as hit that it was the first to run out at the wedding despite being the higher in alcohol content. It was definitely a victorious moment in homebrewing collaboration for me and my friends and something that I’m sure Julio and Janette will never forget. Surely though, I will have to brew it again!



2015 Or Xata (Horchata) by the Bruery

11009928_10102440057462250_3020293731873648667_o 11025278_10102440056668840_1272198978454058427_oRating: 6/5

2015 Or Xata (Horchata) by the Bruery is a 7.2% ABV Blonde ale brewed with Rice, Cinnamon and Vanilla Beans.

¡Que Rico!

This ale is our spin on horchata, a sweet & creamy drink originating in Latin America, now quite popular in Southern California.

Horchata is one of our favorite drinks, refreshing alongside a spicy dish or just for sipping on a lazy afternoon. Our take on the traditional agua fresca incorporates rice and lactose along with spices for that sweet, creamy character that we’ve come to love. Or Xata is best enjoyed fresh. The ideal serving temperature is 45° Fahrenheit (7° Celsius). Best served in a tulip or wine glass.


It’s finally back! The one beer that I enjoyed so much I had to drive far away just to try and get a sample of back in 2013. This beer was so damn good that it became limited right away with only an exclusive few to try it. Now the Bruery has brought it back and hopefully it is here to stay as a seasonal for many to try. I remember how close Horchata or liquid churros this tasted and now I bring forth the 2015 version. Hopefully it has not changed and is still as good as I remember. Cheers!

Rice pudding, cinnamon, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, liquid churros, bananas, coconut candy hints, Danish cookies, cookie dough, butterscotch, toffee, biscuit bread, stone fruits like peaches and apricot hints, cane sugar, agave hints, mint hints, milk sugar, coriander and citrus.

Rich cinnamon, Rice pudding, flan, banana hints, liquid churros, brown sugar, dulce de leche caramel, pan dulce, leche nestle(sweetened condensed milk), coconut candy, clove spice, Danish cookies, cookie dough ice cream, Churro Ice cream,butterscotch, stone fruits like apricot hints, peach hints, cherry hints, English cream, piloncillo sugar cone, cane sugar, agave nectar, mint hints, whipped cream, milk sugar, Mexican Custard/Jericalla, Mochi ball ice cream, nutmeg, coriander spice, citrus hints, toffee and mangoes.

Vanilla, rice pudding, caramel, banana hints, rich churros, cinnamon and flan. No alcohol in the taste, refreshing, creamy and silky mouthfeel, easy to drink, and a gold haze of a light to medium body.

What can I say that I have not been said before about this beer. This taste exactly like it should. It may not be the most complex beer, well, it kinda is but it hits exactly on the flavor profiles from what they were going for. An Horchata dessert beer. This is too damn delicious to pass up. I highly recommend you try this one since it is one of the closest to an Horchata beer than most likely any non porter/stout Horchata beer.

Anime Corner:
Fuu from Naruto has returned from the last time I tried Or Xata. I never really explained why I used her in the last pairing but the last label had a green, red and gold colors which worked perfectly with the label. This time around, since we have a more artistic and Aztec pattern in the label, I find that it works with her still. You see, for Fuu, her eyes and the 7 tailed beast she holds inside her has similar colors and the wings had complex patterns like the design in the font of the name.


Seme Della Vita (The Seed of Life) by Monkish Brewing

1235040_10101349977840550_1961150138_nRating: 5/5

Seme Della Vita (The Seed of Life) by Monkish Brewing is a 9.8% ABV Belgian Tripel brewed with pistachios and vanilla beans

Luxurious, nutty, creamy, vanilla, fruity and complex

First time hearing about this beer I was surprised since I have never heard of a beer that is brewed using pistachio nuts. Monkish Brewing happens to be very close to where I work so I figured I could not miss out an opportunity for this. Normally I do not do reviews for on-draft brews. Mainly because I have not found one that required me to pair it with an Anime artwork like I usually do for other beers on this site. I usually like how labels compliment the artwork but also mainly how the beer does in terms of flavor, smell, history artwork and such. I had heard that this beer would never leave the brewery as it was highly coveted. There are no growler pours to take home, they do not distribute kegs of this nor do they plan to ever bottle this one. Funny things happen when something gets really loved. Beers become very limited and only few batches made. I had asked them to keep making it at least as this had become my new favorite of from all the different beers I have tried from Monkish so far. Hopefully, one day they will change their mind and distribute more, even bottle it. That way everyone can try this nice piece of lost treasure of art and taste.

Aromas of this beer are phenomenal! Biscuit bread, rich vanilla, caramel, pistachio and hazelnut notes, cake, cinnamon, peaches, peppery notes, apples and notes of chocolate reminiscent of a light “White Chocolate” beer from “The Bruery” but without the bourbon and deeper chocolate. There are also some nice notes of citrus and flan.

Flavors are of very rich vanilla, caramel, pistachio nuts, almonds, cinnamon, hazelnuts, coconut notes, apple notes, cake batter, vanilla Twinky, Tres Leches cake notes, flan, peppercorn hints, peaches and cream notes and bananas

As the beer gets warmer, the the vanilla starts to give off notes of chocolate and candi sugar. I almost thought I was drinking the White Chocolate beer.

Aftertaste leaves off sweet and going into the pistachios nutty notes, cinnamon and vanilla.

Overall this beer is awesome, but it is definitely a sipper. While the alcohol is hidden in the flavor, it still felt as you go. Even for a clear body of a beer like this, it was crazy how much complexity they were able to get with this. A very unique beer with some uncommon ingredients. Should be sought if you are ever in the Los Angeles area. Hopefully one day they will make enough of this for all to try :3 . Like the art work implies, this is a beer lover’s dream, get lost in it!


Or Xata (Horchata) by the Bruery

1010022_10101344572986920_427979140_n 542201_10101344573690510_1355761887_n 1170921_10101344574349190_122706565_nRating: 6/5*

Or Xata (Horchata) by the Bruery is a 7% ABV Blonde ale brewed with Rice, Cinnamon and Vanilla Beans

¡Que Rico!

Living in Latin American influenced California, horchata is one of our favorite drinks. Our take on the traditional agua fresca incorporates rice and lactose along with spices for that sweet, creamy character that we’ve come to love. Or Xata is best enjoyed fresh. Please store in a cool, dry place. The ideal serving temperature is 50 degress Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius). Best served in a tulip or wine glass

First tried this in Restaurant “Cinco” near LAX when the Bruery first poured for the public. Back then I had this with some tacos de azada, to my surprise, it was a perfect pairing. The Bruery would eventually release this too the public. So now many can try this exotic creation which to me was mind blowing. 

Aromas are of rich cinnamon, vanilla, bread, brown sugar, rice pudding with dulce de leche caramel and spices. 

Flavors are pretty dead on like liquid churros and horchata. Lots of vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, brown sugar, rice pudding, pan dulce, leche nestle (sweetened condensed milk), clove spice and banana notes.

The aftertaste also leaves sweet but not too sweet, more cinnamon really. Perfect. The alcohol is hidden well and will hit you later on as you sip more. 

Just like I remembered it a month and a half ago. Simply amazing dessert beer here. It really is perfect. All the flavors are exactly what are set out to be. Definitely spot on. When pairing with taquitos or any Mexican cuisine, awesome!!!

Try to get your hands on this if possible. If you live in California, the Bruery will send you a bottle . Cheers!! (http://www.thebruerystore.com/p-99-or-xata.aspx )

*Exceed my expectations several times, it is not too overwhelming with alcohol , it is overwhelming with awesome horchata and liquid churro flavors.