(AnimeBeers On The Road) Stone & NOFX Punk In Drublic by collaboration by NOFX and Stone Brewing


Rating: 4.5/5

Stone & NOFX Punk In Drublic by collaboration by NOFX and Stone Brewing is a 5.8% ABV India Pale Lager brewed with Huell Melon hops.

Got a chance to try this directly at the Stone brewing Store in Pasadena. Hoppy, smooth, crisp, dank and mild tropics. Very nice and easy to drink. To go with the band aspect, I think Demencia from Villanous/Villanos was pretty fucking punk!


(AnimeBeers On The Road) 2017 Bourbon O.E. (Olde English) by Smog City Brewing


Rating: 6/6

2017 Bourbon O.E. (Olde English) by Smog City Brewing is a 13.1% ABV English Barleywine aged in Bourbon Barrels

When I first tried this beer a while back, it was one of the best beers I have had at Smog City’s taproom. Since that time, I knew they had bottle it recently and while I had not really brought the bottle to the site, I figure it was about time. So when I visited the brewery with some of my coworkers, I decided to get a bottle and share it at the brewery. That’s when I realized I never had it on the site so I decided better now than later. I love bourbon barrel aged beers and this barleywine is one of the best. Showcasing some very nice dulce de leche caramel, oak, vanilla, dark fruits and pecan pie goodness. A beer that I would highly recommend if you can find it. Cheers!



(AnimeBeers On The Road) Pacific Gravity collaboration with Firestone Walker Brewing Company and Homebrew Club

Rating: 6/6 (On The road series)

Pacific Gravity collaboration with Firestone Walker Brewing Company and Pacific Gravity Homebrew Club is a 9.8 % ABV Weizenbock aged in Bourbon Barrels

Barrel Aged Weizenbock// 9.8% ABV // Flavors of sweet vanilla and bourbon mingle with banana and clove in this barrel-aged German-style weizenbock. Brewed with wheat, pilsner, Munich, and highly-kilned melanoidin malts for a solid base, PGW has just a touch of hop balance, letting the banana and clove character of our traditional Bavarian wheat beer yeast strain take center stage. Eleven months spent resting in retired charred American oak bourbon barrels adds a layer of complexity reminiscent of Bananas Foster.

Damn….. banana, coconut, dark fruit cream pie!!! No wonder the other release of this is in bottles rarely sold

[Anime Beers On The Road] Bake This: Key Lime Pie (Nitro) by The Bruery

[Anime Beers on the road]

Rating 6/6
Bake This: Key Lime Pie (Nitro) by The Bruery

For a beer that taste almost exactly as what they set it out to be, this is simply an amazing dessert! Rich key lime pie and vanilla goodness.



About  Animebeers/Brewerianimelogs On The Road:
If you are wondering what this segment of my website is, it is essentially something new I am trying. Of the many great beers that are out there in the world, I don’t often get a chance to review some really phenomenal beers that I get to try. With that being said, for beers I find unique and appealing so much that I atleast want to do an anime beer pairing, then this is what it will be. An anime beer pairing on the road per se. While I have done some of these in depth in the past, some beers may actually escape me and a quick rating is given.  Find many more to come!

(Brewerianimelogs On The Road) Caffè Della Vita (The Coffee of Life) by Monkish Brewing

10481170_10102243541237340_8379347680054953754_nRating: 5.25/5

Caffè Della Vita (The Coffee of Life) by Monkish Brewing is a 9.8% ABV Belgian Tripel brewed with Pistachios, Vanilla Beans and Portola Labs Ethiopian Kochere Coffee


Recently on tap, Monkish created a variant of their Seme Della Vita which I had reviewed long ago. Seme Della Vita itself is probably my favorite beer yet from Monkish and is pretty much my goto when I am at their brewery. So you can only imagine how much I wanted to try their Coffee Variant and possibly bring it forth to the site. Now to this day, Seme Della Vita is the only Pistachio Belgian beer I have ever tried and has yet to see a bottle release. I am sure the day it does, people will definitelywant to get their hands on this. So this particular variant may or may not even see the light of public day but at least you know such existed. Either way, if you happen to be in the Torrance area, you have to try this one and try some of Monkish Belgian beers, they are pretty damn phenomenal. Thanks to my friend Oscar for joining me on a Friday (12/12/2014) to be able to get this picture of the beer.

Rich coffee, mocha, espresso, java coffee, Khalua cream, vanilla, pistachio ice cream hints, peppercorns, cinnamon, White chocolate notes, chocolate hints, biscuit bread, butterscotch, stone fruit apricots, peaches and cream, apples, flan, tres leches cake, hazelnut nectar, underlying citrus, coriander spice, clove spice and bananas.

Rich Vanilla, mocha coffee, roasted coffee, Java coffee, dulce de leche caramel, biscuit bread, maple syrup, frappuccino, almonds, pecan pie, hazelnut, stone fruit apricot, peaches, apples, butterscotch, Khalua hints, peppercorns, pistachio ice cream, Irish cream, tootsie rolls, strawberry hints, grape, white chocolate, Danish cookies, cake batter, Twinkies, Tres Leches cake notes, citrus, orange peel, coriander spice, phenolic notes, candi sugar, rock candy, flan, crème brulee hints, bananas and clove spice.

Coffee lingers along with rich nuttiness of pistachios, cinnamon, vanilla, and candi sugar hints then leavings dry. No alcohol in the taste, clear as day yet golden amber body, syrupy and creamy mouthfeel and sipping drinkability.

Perfect and more! With the original Seme plus the introduction of the complex Ethiopian coffee brings out some extra richer notes that were typically not found in the original Seme. The fact that this is a light clear beer but drinks like dark Belgian coffee, is simply crazy. Almost reminds me of those golden stouts, but I digress. All I can say is that I am an even greater fan of this one for sure. If you love the original Pistachio Seme Della Vita and love coffee, well let’s just say this is damn bliss!

Anime Corner:
Anemone from Eureka 7 was used in this pairing as she resembles Eureka which I used in the first Seme Della Vita Pairing. As you can see, the darker colors and pinks represent the change of the beer into the strong dark coffee and more fruity like version of the original Seme Della Vita. This is a coffee dream indeed…


1000th Breweanimelogs Post / 2014 Black Tuesday Release Party

10301044_10102161059646110_5735493077728725348_nHappy Black Tuesday!!

To honor the 1000th post on Brewerianimelogs as well as the Bruery’s 2014 annual release of the Black Tuesday, I decided to go in depth about my experience at the Bruery on that day. This was my first time at one of the Bruery’s Black Tuesday special release parties. According to the information that was provided, this event was to have 7 2oz. Tasters (18~20% ABV a piece) with catered food made with a variety of Black Tuesday variants.

So basically food made with the Black Tuesday beer. Unfortunately, I could not invite any of my good friends to this event as it was for members only but the reason I am doing this special post is because I want to talk about the special variants that they had there and hopefully they are some that may be released in bottles someday for you to try. That or if you want to join the Bruery Reserve or Hoarders Society, maybe this may give you an incite on what it is all about besides getting special coveted beers.

By the way, while I may be a reserve society member, the Hoarders Society got to choose from 11 different beers vs. our 8 beers. Unfortunately I did not get any details on those nor tastings so I can only elaborate on what beers and food and experience I had there.


So let’s start with the first review of that night and the list of food they had. Also, I did not get a chance to take a lot of pictures and my tasting reviews are mainly best of my knowledge and what my tasting notes could provide in terms of what new flavors are provided to the base Black Tuesday. That and the fact that 2 ounces is difficult to make a good review especially since I cannot taste the beer at different temperatures. I am not a food expert but the ingredients used to make the food are provided as well as they all revolve around Black Tuesday. Also, Black Tuesday on Nitro was replaced by “Orange Is The New Black Tuesday” as the kegs were not ready.
10593117_10102161059471460_2219052129043195764_n 10547816_10102161059456490_7872289918594440187_o

For more information on the Base beer I recommend you read my upcoming 2014 Black Tuesday review (which I will post a link here) for further information on the base beer itself aside from what the variants had to offer. I do not post information on the other beers here such as the Rum Barrel Aged Black Tuesday, Grey Monday or Chocolate rain as I already did some great reviews you can find on my site by clicking on the tags above. Cheers and Thank you for reading this far.

===Sundae Black Tuesday===

Sundae Black Tuesday by The Bruery is a 19.7% ABV Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels with Bananas, Cherries and Vanilla beans.

Chocolate Sponge cake, vanilla ice cream, toffee, banana cream pie, banana split with dark cherries, dark cherry yogurt, cookies and cream, chocolate brownies hazelnut and Danish cream +Black Tuesday notes.

Rich Banana split notes, dark cherries, bourbon vanilla, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, flan, coconut cream, oak, dark cherry yogurt, cookies and cream, chocolate brownies, hazelnut nectar Danish cream, and pecan pie +Black Tuesday flavors.

Same as Black Tuesday but leaving some more residual sweetness.

I think this is way better than the base beer bringing a lot richer flavors from the dessert of the cherries, bananas, cream pie, hazelnut and chocolate. This beer was the Winner of the Blending competition and definitely the winner of the variants I think so far that night. They really need to bottle this one.

Anime Corner:
Kos-mos and Mary II were used in this pairing to pair with the flavors of the original Black Tuesday (Kos-Mos) as well as the cherries and bananas (Mary II) which are represented by the colors shown.


===Pistachio Vanilla Black Tuesday===

Pistachio Vanilla Black Tuesday by The Bruery is an 18% ABV Imperial Stout Aged In Bourbon Barrels with Pistachio Nuts and Vanilla beans.

Pistachio notes, rich bananas, vanilla, oak, chocolate, capirotada raisin bread pudding, Pistachio ice cream, cookies and cream, whiskey and rye +Black Tuesday Aromas.

Pistachio ice cream hints, vanilla cream, capirotada raisin bread pudding, cookies and cream, pistachio hints, hazelnut, pecan pie, almond milk,whiskey, rye, milk chocolate and dark chocolate +Black Tuesday Flavors

Same as Black Tuesday but leaving some slightly dry but nutty sweet flavors.

Reminding me of some of the nutty pistachio and vanilla Seme De La Vita flavors but since we are talking about Black Tuesday, its own already awesome flavors dominate and the pistachio isn’t as pronounced as Seme De La Vita but subtle. Still a great beer and would love to some day have a bottle to break it down better.

Anime Corner:
Kos-Mos and Elhaym Van Houten were used to represent Pistachio and Vanilla. While Kos-mos is already the Black Tuesday, her green colors on the head piece and blue represent the Pistachio and Elly with the cream colors and amber hair represent the vanilla and the vanilla beans.

===Double Barrel Black Tuesday===

Double Barrel Black Tuesday by The Bruery is a 19.7% ABV Imperial Stout Aged in old Bourbon Barrels and reaged in Young Whiskey Barrels.
Dulce de leche caramel, rich oak, bourbon, whiskey, mild pumpkin hints, plantain, dark chocolate, smokey notes, cinnamon, pumpkin hints, rye bread, almonds, coconut and rocky road ice cream +Black Tuesday Aromas.

Capirotada, Rich Dulce De leche caramel, whiskey, bourbon, oak, mild smokey notes, rich coconut, rocky road ice cream, burnt caramel, leather, tobacco, milk chocolate, almond milk plantain, rye bread, cinnamon and pumpkin spice hints +Black Tuesday Flavors

Same as Black Tuesday but leaving some more oak and caramel to the aftertaste

This was definitely screaming more flavors of complex caramel and molasses than the previous versions I tried really accentuating a more barrel character giving those richer coconut, toffee and caramel flavors. Probably the second best of that night.

Anime Corner:
Kos-mos was used in this pairing and her dual Gatling guns of awesomeness represent the “Double Barrel” aspect of the Double Barrel Black Tuesday.

===Orange Is The New Black Tuesday===

Orange Is The New Black Tuesday by The Bruery is a 19.7% ABV Imperial Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrels through a Randall with Oranges.
Mild notes of Oranges, chocolate, orange creamsicle, earthy bitterness, maple, tangerines, rye bread, malt balls and brown sugar +Black Tuesday Aromas.

Dark Chocolate, oranges, vanilla, orange creamsicle, earthy bittermess, maple, orange candy, tangerines, brown sugar and rye bread +Black Tuesday Flavors

Same as Black Tuesday but leaving some more citrus and earthy bitterness that I have not seen before.

Probably the most different but still delicious of the pairings to the point that the introduction of orange changed the dynamic to a chocolate orange beers. Richly sweeet but bitter and mild sour oranges. Truly unique twist to the Black Tuesday already super sweet category.

Anime Corner:
Kos-mos staring into space reminded me of how in Orange Is The New Black show, prisoners look out their cells in hope of a release. That is what was represented here. The bitter oranges added to the Black Tuesday bring it to a new twist that must be contained. Very delicious for sure!


This was my very first Black Tuesday Release Party attendance and I really hope to go again next year. It was also a good opportunity to post the 1000th entry into brewerianimelogs and hope to someday make that 2000th post. Looking back at all the beers I received and tried from the Bruery and the way they treat their member, it was sure worth the pennies I scraped to get into this which at the same time has helped my site but also has helped my friend Aaron Mendiola at www.beermetaldude.com.We are just a humble bunch of dudes trying to bring creative work to the already awesome phenomena of the craft beer world. Thank you once again for reading this and thank you for following me. It means a lot to me that many people can enjoy the work that I do and appreciate the beer side, the anime side or both! Cheers to you!

Rating: 6.45/5 *Sundae Black Tuesday
Rating: 6.15/5* Pistachio Vanilla Black Tuesday
Rating: 6.25/5* Double Barrel Black Tuesday
Rating: 6/5* Orange Is The New Black Tuesday


(Brewerianimelogs On The Road) Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway Stout by Alesmith

10354173_10102087956205990_1177775516096804499_nRating: 5.9/5

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway Stout by Alesmith is a 12% ABV World Class Imperial Stout brewed with Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans.

AleSmith Brewing Company and Mostra Coffee are excited to announce our collaboration for AleSmith’s next single varietal Speedway Stout. Local coffee roaster, Mostra Coffee, has carefully roasted and cold brewed Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans to complement our award winning Speedway Stout. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans are grown in the fertile soil of some of the highest Caribbean peaks, making it one of the most prized gourmet coffees in the world. This rare coffee uses lightly roasted Arabica beans to create a subtle acidity and well-balanced chocolaty finish. Thanks to Mosta’s diligent work, these 100% Blue Mountain beans were sourced from the renowned Mavis Bank Coffee Factory in Jamaica.

On my trip down to San Diego with my good friends, we dropped by Alesmith Brewery and long behold they had a this crazy beer on tap. I could not bring this home in a growler, so I had to try a couple of taster of and realized, this is is going up on the site. Next to the Kopi Luwak Barrel Aged, this Coffee Stout was even more fancy than the last. It was not barrel aged but the difference in use of specialized coffee beans changed the whole beer all together. So as best as my notes allow, here is another entry in to the segment of, Brewerianimelogs On The Road! Cheers!

Extremely fancy coffee, mocha, java, Kahlua, peanut butter, hazelnut, dark chocolate, bakers chocolate, brownies, French vanilla, Irish Coffee cream, Danish cookies, dark fruits like black currants, raisins, cherries, oak, latte, espresso, chocolate cake, pecan pie, almond joy,rocky road ice cream, floral notes, marshmallows, maple syrup, molasses, clove spice, plantain, rye bread, cinnamon, milk sugar, banana hints and tropical notes.

Lots of rich mocha, coffee, tropical hints, plantain bananas, pecan pie, dark, bakers and milk chocolate, almonds, hazelnut, floral notes, dark fruit currants, blackberries, raisins, rye bread, Irish Coffee, Danish cookies, cookies and cream, chocolate cake, oak, espresso, latte, mocha, roasted coffee, Kahlua, peanut butter hints, vanilla, caramel, rocky road ice cream, marshmallows, maple syrup, clove spice, cinnamon hints, milk sugar, cantaloupe melon and honey.

Fancy roasted coffee, caramel, floral hints, vanilla, dark fruit, chocolate and earthy notes linger. No alcohol in the taste, smooth and silky mouthfeel, sipping drinkability and pitch black body.

It sure was damn up there with some of the best coffee beers ever! Speedway on its own was different, but this was even more different. Somehow, a lot of these special coffee collaborations are creating some of the best beers in the world just like when Dark Matter was included with Dark Lord Imperial Stout. I would highly recommend getting this one. It comes in bottles if you can find it too. Damn delicious. I always said, you can never go wrong with Alesmith goodies!

Anime Corner:
Aqua from Kingdom Hearts was chosen in this pairing since it goes with my last Speedway Stout review. I used Leona Heidern, the blue haired fighter from SNK and to go with the whole aspect of blue hair, Jamaica Blue Coffee and overall bad assery, I brought Aqua in this pairing. Her agility and magic pair with the smoothness and culturally diverse blend of ingredients found in this beer. Her strength is defined in the ABV as well. In the original bottle, the colors are white black and blue which also go with her as well. Can you find any other art characteristics that make this pairing work?


(Brewerianimelogs On The Road) Dr Strange Matter collaboration by Bottle Logic and Iron Fist brewing

947246_10102087955168070_2905402736460972123_nRating: 4.8/5

Dr Strange Matter collaboration by Bottle Logic and Iron Fist brewing is a 9.6% ABV Farmhouse Ale Aged in Chardonnay Barrels.

Commercial Description:
Brewed using authentic farmhouse yeast and pink peppercorns with Wakatu and Waimea hops and a dash of locally sourced caramelized honey. Dr. Strange Matter has been aged in Chardonnay barrels and is a perfect beer for a hot summer day.

This past weekend I visited many places in San Diego and many breweries since I had always wanted to visit the Craft Beer Capital and essentially it was like a dream come true. Of the many places I visited, Plan 9 Alehouse, which was on my list as a brewery didn’t necessarily make their own beer but had many great selections. Of the ones I tried on Friday, this one stuck out like a sore thumb as awesome. So because I really liked it, I took a pairing picture to go with it and from my notes, I bring you forth a review of Brewerianimelogs on the Road.

Biscuit, peppercorns, honey, musty oak, citrus, apples, chardonnay, wine grapes, farmhouse hay, white grapes, sage spice, piney, grassy, floral and some grapefruit hoppy hints, green apples, banana notes and stone fruit peaches.

Farmhouse hay, peppercorns, wine grapes, sage spice, honey, bananas, musty oak, chardonnay, funky wine notes, lemon zest, citrus, grapefruit, grassy and piney hops, stone fruit peaches, apricots, hints of plum, herbs, hibiscus flowers, pecan pie notes, vanilla and caramel.

Biscuit, wine grapes, stone fruit, peppercorns, funky notes, citrus and earthy hop bitterness. No alcohol in the taste, a sipping beer yet smooth mouth feel with a hazy full body.

This one was very good. I see this one was actually bottled so I may try to look for a bottle of this one. The fact that it is aged in a chardonnay barrel imparts some very interesting flavors into the already delicious saison. It was quite the awesome beer and would try to seek this one out again if I had the chance.

Anime Corner:
Nurse Washu Hakubi from Tenchi Muyo was chosen in this pairing since I wanted something to do with the whole Doctor and the Nurse. Essentially, Washuu is seriously strange but a genius and pairs perfect with the doctor to perform some serious flavor surgery on those taste buds


(Brewerianimelogs On The Road) Barrel Aged Vanilla Bean Wreck Alley by by Karl Strauss

10402377_10101827497242840_6320414451540469801_nRating: 5.75/5

Barrel Aged Vanilla Bean Wreck Alley by by Karl Strauss is a 12.4%ABV Imperial Stout brewed with Cocoa Nibs, Coffee Beans, Vanilla Beans and aged in Bourbon Oak Barrels.

Like previous versions of Wreck Alley, this batch has additions of cocoa nibs and locally roasted Ethiopian coffee beans. But this time we didn’t stop there. Our brewers split whole vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea, added them to the beer, and left it to age in American oak barrels for an entire year. The result? All of the dark chocolate and espresso-like roast you expect from Wreck Alley, plus exotic vanilla undertones.

So I had this crazy idea that since I am always out and about trying different beers, why not try to do some quick reviews for some beers that may or may not make it to bottles and may be draft only. I did something like this long ago (https://brewerianimelogs.wordpress.com/2013/08/24/seme-della-vita-the-seed-of-life-by-monkish-brewing/) but never really took off with the idea. This time around I tried a beer at the local Uncle Henry’s Deli near my town which was really damn good. This beer was essentially the same beer I about a year ago (https://brewerianimelogs.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/barrel-aged-wreck-alley-by-karl-strauss/) but with the addition of vanilla beans. Well now, that just added some damn good level of complexity. So basically I liked it so much that I wanted to do a review for it. I also recently heard that this beer may be released in bottles, so if that is the case, I will be sure to review that one too. I will definitely try to do more “on the road” reviews for sure.

Dark, milk, bakers and sweet chocolate, coconut, rich vanilla, oak, coffee, mocha, bourbon, rocky road ice cream, flan, dark fruits like raisins, plums, caramel, toffee, tobacco, brown sugar, anise and berries and cream.

Definitely rich in Dark, milk, bakers and sweet chocolate and vanilla with the mocha coffee coming through very nicely. It is not as light funky as the previous one BA version was which I am sure is where the vanilla comes in. Lots of flavors of caramel, frappuccino, flan, coconut,bourbon, rocky road ice cream, marshmallows, anise, brown sugar, tobacco, toffee, berries and cream, Irish cream notes, dark fruits like raisins, plums, figs and currants.

Caramel, vanilla, rich chocolate, coffee, dark fruits, mild coconut lingers. Very well hidden alcohol despite the big ABV. It sure does not drink like a 12% ABV beer. A sipping beer but is very smooth and silky. It is pretty dangerous stuff as I can see finishing off a couple of glasses and then it would not be good for me.

Way better than the original and the first Barrel Aged version. I like sweeter beers so this one was sweeter than the original and the BA one so definitely a lot of extra credit there. I would highly recommend this one if you can find it on tap of even on the bottle which I am sure I will definitely try to get to maybe add some more pictures or make a comparison. Either way, definitely get your hands on a couple of drinks of this, with responsibility of course.

Anime Corner:
Etna from the Disgaea series has been a consistent character I have used for the Wreck Alley series ever since the first one I did where it shows her by a slab of concrete that was destroyed. Shes a crazy machine. Then in the second one, it shows her huge like Godzilla sitting next to some buildings. Yep. In this instance, the addition of vanilla to the barrel is like her sitting on a Prinny (the blue penguin aka her minion). So the heightened amount of flavors is like her letting her minions do all the work for her where she can just relax!