[Anime Beers On The Road] Bake This: Key Lime Pie (Nitro) by The Bruery

[Anime Beers on the road]

Rating 6/6
Bake This: Key Lime Pie (Nitro) by The Bruery

For a beer that taste almost exactly as what they set it out to be, this is simply an amazing dessert! Rich key lime pie and vanilla goodness.



About  Animebeers/Brewerianimelogs On The Road:
If you are wondering what this segment of my website is, it is essentially something new I am trying. Of the many great beers that are out there in the world, I don’t often get a chance to review some really phenomenal beers that I get to try. With that being said, for beers I find unique and appealing so much that I atleast want to do an anime beer pairing, then this is what it will be. An anime beer pairing on the road per se. While I have done some of these in depth in the past, some beers may actually escape me and a quick rating is given.  Find many more to come!

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