(Brewerianimelogs On The Road) Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway Stout by Alesmith

10354173_10102087956205990_1177775516096804499_nRating: 5.9/5

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Speedway Stout by Alesmith is a 12% ABV World Class Imperial Stout brewed with Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans.

AleSmith Brewing Company and Mostra Coffee are excited to announce our collaboration for AleSmith’s next single varietal Speedway Stout. Local coffee roaster, Mostra Coffee, has carefully roasted and cold brewed Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans to complement our award winning Speedway Stout. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans are grown in the fertile soil of some of the highest Caribbean peaks, making it one of the most prized gourmet coffees in the world. This rare coffee uses lightly roasted Arabica beans to create a subtle acidity and well-balanced chocolaty finish. Thanks to Mosta’s diligent work, these 100% Blue Mountain beans were sourced from the renowned Mavis Bank Coffee Factory in Jamaica.

On my trip down to San Diego with my good friends, we dropped by Alesmith Brewery and long behold they had a this crazy beer on tap. I could not bring this home in a growler, so I had to try a couple of taster of and realized, this is is going up on the site. Next to the Kopi Luwak Barrel Aged, this Coffee Stout was even more fancy than the last. It was not barrel aged but the difference in use of specialized coffee beans changed the whole beer all together. So as best as my notes allow, here is another entry in to the segment of, Brewerianimelogs On The Road! Cheers!

Extremely fancy coffee, mocha, java, Kahlua, peanut butter, hazelnut, dark chocolate, bakers chocolate, brownies, French vanilla, Irish Coffee cream, Danish cookies, dark fruits like black currants, raisins, cherries, oak, latte, espresso, chocolate cake, pecan pie, almond joy,rocky road ice cream, floral notes, marshmallows, maple syrup, molasses, clove spice, plantain, rye bread, cinnamon, milk sugar, banana hints and tropical notes.

Lots of rich mocha, coffee, tropical hints, plantain bananas, pecan pie, dark, bakers and milk chocolate, almonds, hazelnut, floral notes, dark fruit currants, blackberries, raisins, rye bread, Irish Coffee, Danish cookies, cookies and cream, chocolate cake, oak, espresso, latte, mocha, roasted coffee, Kahlua, peanut butter hints, vanilla, caramel, rocky road ice cream, marshmallows, maple syrup, clove spice, cinnamon hints, milk sugar, cantaloupe melon and honey.

Fancy roasted coffee, caramel, floral hints, vanilla, dark fruit, chocolate and earthy notes linger. No alcohol in the taste, smooth and silky mouthfeel, sipping drinkability and pitch black body.

It sure was damn up there with some of the best coffee beers ever! Speedway on its own was different, but this was even more different. Somehow, a lot of these special coffee collaborations are creating some of the best beers in the world just like when Dark Matter was included with Dark Lord Imperial Stout. I would highly recommend getting this one. It comes in bottles if you can find it too. Damn delicious. I always said, you can never go wrong with Alesmith goodies!

Anime Corner:
Aqua from Kingdom Hearts was chosen in this pairing since it goes with my last Speedway Stout review. I used Leona Heidern, the blue haired fighter from SNK and to go with the whole aspect of blue hair, Jamaica Blue Coffee and overall bad assery, I brought Aqua in this pairing. Her agility and magic pair with the smoothness and culturally diverse blend of ingredients found in this beer. Her strength is defined in the ABV as well. In the original bottle, the colors are white black and blue which also go with her as well. Can you find any other art characteristics that make this pairing work?


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