RU55 by Jester King

10418469_10101879189331480_5956805655657070918_nRating: 5/5

RU55 by Jester King is a 7.3% ABV Flanders Red Ale aged in oak barrels.

For generations, the farms of West Flanders have been tended to by large, anthropomorphic automations. In recent years, many of these farms have been taken over by large, multinational corporations, and their automations replaced by shiny new electronic robots. Scattered about the countryside, however, there are still a few intrepid farmers who insist on doing things the old-fashioned way.

Gotta give a great thanks to my friend Aaron at for hooking me up with this hard to find/brewery/Texas only exclusive beer. Jester King has been on the rise as one of Texas best breweries when it comes to sour ales and saisons. They make some very amazing beers. I have only been lucky to try a handful until recently since my friend has been hooking me up. A great donation to the site and vise versa. Thank you once again brother !

Sour wine grapes, dark fruits, oak, musty funky barnyard hay, caramel, cherries, biscuit bready, rye, brown sugar, hints of chocolate, toffee, sour apples and berries

Lots of oak, sour wine grapes, dark fruit raisins, biscuit bread, chocolate hints, dark cherry yogurt, caramel, toffee, musty and funky yeast notes, tart sour apples, oak, brown sugar notes, rye, berries, tart currants and plums.

Puckering tart dark fruits, caramel, biscuit, berries, wine grapes, sour funk and oak. No alcohol in the taste and a sipping beer with full mouth feel.

There is something I love about amber ales since the first one I tried which was the Fat Tire Ale. This beer reminds me of the malty, biscuity and caramel ambers that I love with some very nice sour flavors. It is well balanced. I especially like how these characteristics really show as the beer warms up. It is a perfectly well made Flanders Red Ale and I highly recommend it.

Anime Corner:
Maria from Ghost Sweeper Mikami was used in this pairing to pair with the robot used in this beer as well as the variety of flavors in this beer. Berries and Cherry oak with souring grapes and malty caramel and the vest of dark fruit carry this one while Maria still packs a crazy sour punch but her sweetness is undeniable under that metallic structure of hers. She is a bad ass android and was the best choice for this paring!


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