DUDE by Oceanside Ale Works

10557385_10101956032152850_4794543228595003690_n 10482134_10101956037352430_4186762066893743214_nRating: 3.75/5

DUDE by Oceanside Ale Works is a 9.4% ABV Double India Pale Ale.

Dude – a slang expression of emphasis, amazement, and wave. Through the intense aromas , strong and complex hop flavor , this double IPA will unconsciously make you bellow out a thunderous “dude”. Enjoy!

Got this one at the local shop down the street where I live. I have not seen this brewery or this beer so I am definitely thinking this is new stuff. I am always up for trying new beers so I figured let’s give it a chance. Besides, the dude on the label almost looks like the big labowski, the dude!

Very herbal, grassy, piney, floral and grapefruit hops notes, citrus, vanilla hints, biscuit bread, very bitter grains, caramel, tangerine hints and gummy bear hints.

More on the herbal and dank side of an IPA. Citrus, grapefruit, grassy, piney, herbal and floral hops, dark onion and garlicky notes, caramel biscuit bread, vanilla hints, bitter grains, tangerine, gummy bear hints and tiny hints peach.

Herbal, grassy and grapefruit hops linger with a good amount of dark piney and garlic notes. No alcohol in the taste and has a moderate drinkability with close to medium mouth feel and appearance. It is quite crisp and refreshing though.

A good beer overall. Kick ass label for sure but if you like herbal and bitter IPAs then this one is good. Not a lot of complexity but just enough to keep stuff interesting. Not the supreme best double IPA I have had, but in terms of double IPAs I would at least give this one a try. You may actually like this one. This one is definitely for the super hop heads.

Anime Corner:
Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan was used in this pairing mainly to pair with the beer label. I wanted to get something that would go with the whole sunglasses and the colors of the dude looking bad ass! Yoko definitely looks like a bad ass in these pictures.


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