La Muerta by Freetail Brewing

1526564_10101609438803700_672127552_n 1424508_10101609438823660_1294021967_nRating: 5.4/5

La Muerta by Freetail Brewing is a 10.2% ABV Imperial Stout

A growing South Texas tradition, La Muerta is brewed each year for Día de los Muertos in honor of our departed friends and family. A big, lush Imperial Stout, La Muerta is full of roast, smoke and chocolate flavors from an array of specialty malts that go into this garnetblack ale. Perfect for sharing with your closest compadres, La Muerta will age wonderfully for years to come – we recommend enjoying one now and save some for the future, if you can. ¡Salud!

If you are holding this bottle, it means either you (or someone you know with a kind heart) boldly stood in line for hours on the first Saturday of November. Karma rewards those who give selflessly, so share with your closest compadres or a new friend.

A very very special thanks to Aaron from once more for this very special beer only sold in Texas on Dia de los Muertos. Essentially, like Three Floyds Dark Lord Day, it is only sold at the brewery. I did not even know about this until I researched information on this beer. This is the first time I try Free Tail beers as they are not sold outside of Texas, so yeah, definitely an honor once again.

Black IPA fragrances like that of earthy hops, dark chocolate, licorice, anise, caramel, oak, coffee, pretzels, toffee, rye, roasted barley and smokey oats.

Campfire smokey oak, maple, dark chocolate, dark fruits like raisins, plums, dark cherry, currants, earthy hops, citrus hops, anise, bitter flowers, tobacco, leather, molasses, caramel notes, vanilla, marshmallows, rye bread, pretzels, banana notes, graham crackers, toffee, bakers chocolate and chocolate oatmeal cookies.

Dark chocolate, dark fruits, smokey oak, caramel and banana hints. No alcohol in the taste, a sipper at that with a full body that is close to syrup.

This is a great and phenomenal beer. Smokey at first, but after letting it warm up, the flavors started to evolve into other complexities. Wow is all that happened later on. I was really amazed by this beer. This is not even barrel aged or nothing and I really think that is part of the key thing that makes this beer great. Simply amazing and recommended if you can find it.

Anime Corner:
Death Akali from League of Legends and Dia de los Muertos by Magicnaanavi were chosen in this pairing to represent many different aspects of the beer including the colors of the label, the flavors, the description and in the meanings. When I found this artwork pieces, there was no way I would go back as it was more than perfect to show “La Muerta” represented by the lady with the skeleton painting and the blue flowers. Death Akali was also used to represent an aspect of death and darkness. The unknown time of death cometh and the eternal darkness proceeding.


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