Double Bastard Bigger Longer Uncut by Stone/Arrogant Brewing

14882279_10103680142297300_1267793801230545727_oRating: 6.25/7

Double Bastard Bigger Longer Uncut by Stone/Arrogant Brewing is an 13% ABV American Strong Ale aged in Islay Scotch Whisky Barrels

Arrogance. Doubled, Barreled. Served Straight Up.

Weakness Is worn on the sleeves. Boldness Is within the heart. This intensified blend of barrel-aged Double Bastard Ale is all heart baby. The weak will find it to be a telltale heart. It knows of your fallibility. It smells your fear. The heart of this beer disdains you, as it disdains all things homogenized, wimpy and uncultured. You do know the truth of yourself, no? If you hesitated to answer that, if even for a split second, that in and of itself is telling. If you aren’t capable of knowing the reality of yourself, this beer can and will take the responsibility of informing you of what you should already know. (And it you’ve lost your way in this text already and no longer are clear about what I am saying, your reading pace has exceeded your comprehension pace. Go back, slow down and start over, bright eyes.)

Take a deep breath. Let it out slowly. Evenly. Give yourself some positive affirmations. Breathe deep again. There. Feel better? If you followed those instructions, then set this bottle down and back away immediately, you new age poseur. Fight or flight and I’d recommend the latter for you, tiger. Wet paper bags are more your speed.

My love for double bastard never ceased ever since that fateful day where I had the dream I would try it. Since then have had so many variants and now as I get close to making my own version of the delicious Midnight Brunch Double Bastard, Stone/Arrogant Brewing released a wild one from left field. I didn’t think much of it but when I saw it was made with Islay Scotch Whiskey, I definitely thought, this is a must try for sure. Of all the spirit aged beers that I have tried in the past, the Islay Scotch aged is one that is so rare, I last tried a Brew Dog Stout that had this a long time ago. So for stone to release this, this is a truly special occasion indeed and the name fits it perfectly. Cheers for many more from the true Kings of Beer, the Arrogant Bastards!!
Lots of smokey peat, molasses, bacon, smoked oak, BBQ sauce, Scotch whiskey, bourbon, vanilla dulce de leche caramel, dark fruit raisins, dark cherries, cranberries, dates, raisins, roasted cherries, brown sugar, cinnamon, tobacco, toffee, rye bread, orange preserves, campfire and smoked marshmallow smores.

Rich Smoked oak, Rich smoked peat, BBQ sauce, bacon, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, maple, scotch whiskey, bourbon, marshmallow, campfire burnt chocolate smores, toasted coconut, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, toffee, rye bread, orange preserves, grapefruit preserves, honey, dark fruit raisins, dark cherries, cranberries, dates, raisins, tobacco, leather, Stone fruit peach, mango, butterscotch, sourdough bread, earthy, floral, and grassy hops, fruit cake, Key lime pie hints, brown sugar and roasted cherries.

Finishes very smokey bitter and full of complex flavors of vanilla, Scotch whisky, campfire wood, marshmallows, bacon hints, dark fruits and chocolate hints. No alcohol in the tasted despite the ABV, Crimson clear body, smooth, crisp, refreshing, velvety, creamy and mildy syrupy mouthfeel and a sipping drinkability.
A bit above exceptional! This is very damn special. A very unique Bastard indeed. Very different type of smokey goodness that definitely comes from the Islay Scotch. The Double Bastard is there but changed big time by the unique flavors presented in complexity of aging in the special spirit of the Islay Scotch. Definitely not for everyone and as Arrogant Tradition goes, many may or may not like it but if you are a fan, I say you will. Go get this Bastard!
Anime Corner:
Lilith Aensland and the many Darkstalkers characters were used in this pairing as I wanted to go with a movie like theme and keep Lilith as the main character as she has been for the other Double Bastards. She even has somewhat of a director’s uniform. The theme of Doubles with Jedah and Morrigan have been a part of the theme since the original double bastard.

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