Esa Negra Linda by El Borracho Homebrewing

11899992_10102784731642430_2834463630430900406_nRating: 4.75/5

Esa Negra Linda by El Borracho Homebrewing is a 6.7% ABV Black IPA brewed with extra Magnum Cenntenial and Chinook hops.


Esa Negra Linda or “That Black Beauty” was the name given by my friend Will Carranza to his first ever, Black IPA. This one was made with extra Magnum for bittering and the centennial and Chinook hops were for aroma.. I gladly assisted will on brewing day as brother help each other out when it comes to the home brew stuff like my other brother and homebrewer Richard of Avila Ales. While the original recipe and ideas were all Will’s you can almost say this was a collaboration in terms of me helping him out. So I bring forth, another awesome home brew and possibly the last for summer 2015 (what can we say, it’s too damn hot to make beer on a budget!) Hell, I still gotta review my 2 other homebrews I barely finished before the temperatures skyrocketed and we could no longer brew. Anyways, it is always a pleasure when Will donates to the site his awesome creations and always loving each as it comes by. Cheers!!

Rich citrus, pineapple, lychee, honey dew melon, grapefruit, floral, piney, grassy, herbal and earthy hops, minty notes, anise, coffee hints possibly from the roasted malt, licorice hints, anise and caramel.

Citrus, piney, grassy, herbal, grapefruit, earthy, and floral hops, pine apple hints, honey dew melon, lychee, Caramel, dark chocolate hints, anise, licorice, roasted malts, molasses, dark fruit prune hints, mango hints, brown sugar, clove spice, kumquat hints, coffee notes, lemon and mint.

Earthy hop notes, coffee, anise, tropical notes, citrus, dark chocolate hints and lots of nice bitter hops linger for a little bit. No alcohol in the taste, dark as the ether of space full body, smooth, creamy and crisp mouthfeel with an easy to moderate drinkability.

A deliciously good Black IPA. This IPA is on that level where the hops shine through to let you know you really are drinking an IPA, it just a dark IPA at that and the maltiness adds enough character to make it interesting. The balance is decent and for hop heads this means that the best flavors from Black IPA are delivered here. I hope my friend makes this one again or a variant using different hops as it was very delicious and would love to get some more. Cheers!

Anime Corner:
Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach was used in this pairing to represent the name and the feel of the beer. Esa Negra Linda represented by the beautiful Yoruichi who is a ninja fits this beer perfectly. Like the night she strikes without warning. She is the fastest being in the world of Bleach and like this beer, it goes down very smooth and quick. It flows right through like the way a ninja attacks swift and firm for the kill and no ones the wiser. Her strength is in the complex flavors the extra hops provide but combine with the dark beer to make it shine like a light in a dark room. An elegant lady, a beauty, but deadly… If looks could kill well, fortunately, this will be the only time you see her before she strikes!


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