2016 Oude Tart with Cherries by The Bruery Terreux

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2016 Oude Tart with Cherries by The Bruery Terreux is an 8.4% ABV World Class Flanders/Flemish Red Ale aged in oak barrels with Cherries.


Commercial Description:
Oude Tart is a Flemish-Style Red Ale aged in red wine barrels for up to 18 months. This version has had cherries added for the final stages of barrel aging. It’s pleasantly sour with hints of leather, tangy dark fruit, plump cherries and toasty oak. While the base beer is one of the more classic styles that we make, it’s not a style that you can find too often in the United States. Originating in style from the Flanders region of Belgium, near the French border, this dark, sour ale has roots deep in brewing history and predates most of the ales that have become popular in contemporary culture. We’re doing our best to keep the tradition alive by brewing and aging this beer here on the West Coast.


Releases to all societies of the Bruery, this is the second time I try this beer. The first time I tried I had recalled all the delicious cherry flavors and how it definitely made a mark. To me it felt so much that I had to bring it back for another go. Now with much more released, you may get a chance to try it this time if you for the society membership. Let’s see how this new batch does.

Caramel, rye bread, dark cherries, dark fruit raisins, plums, currants, raspberries, oak mustiness, lemon, leather, brown sugar, vanilla, funky wine grapes, tart cherry juice, sour apples, cherry pie, pecan pie hints, cinnamon, oak, hazelnut and cherry cheesecake notes.

Dark Cherry forward, Black Cherry Yogurt, lemon peels, biscuit bread, dark fruit raisins, plums, currants, figs, vanilla, oak, leather, tobacco, cherry preserves on rye bread, crème brulee, toffee, red wine, wine grapes, cherry cobbler, caramel, cherry cheesecake, brown sugar, tropical fruit notes of pineapple, stone fruit apricots, mango, pecan pie, coconut hints, cherry cobbler, fruit cake, and Danish cookies.

Finishing with dry notes of caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, dark cherry yogurt, and wine oak notes. No alcohol in the taste, medium reddish brown body, creamy, effervescent, velvety mouthfeel and moderate to sipping drinkability.

Very delicious and as always, love how the Cherries just go through the sourness and give more of like a sweet dark cherry tart yogurt flavor. The complexity is just as awesome as when I had it before and while I think the Cherries do change the dynamic of the original oude tart, it essentially makes it very appealing. Good thing now the preservation societies can enjoy this one as well and soon, the public. Highly recommended sours.

Anime Corner:
Ruby Rose and her sister Yang Xiao Long from RWBY were used in this pairing since I used Yang in the Oude Tar Pairing. In fact, they were used in the previous Oude Tart Cherries pairing. Because of the fact that they are sisters, putting them together is like adding the cherries to Oude Tart. Ruby Rose, ofcourse is the cherry here. They are an awesome team. I wanted to show how the beer tends to be a splash of fruity flavors as you can see Ruby jumping in to add that layer of complexity.


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