Heff By Black Cherries – Chapter 2: And In The Darkness of Cherries Bind them by Nubis Sanctum Ales

12771879_10103105918785820_7745577341913906682_o 12819187_10103105919619150_3897216335759083062_oRating: 4.5/5

Heff By Black Cherries – Chapter 2: And In The Darkness of Cherries Bind them by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 5.6% ABV German Hefeweizen brewed with Organic Black Cherry juice.


Project # 16 pays tribute and the return of an old favorite from last year. I brewed this recipe last year as a Dunkelweizen and this year I brought it back making some slight adjustments to the recipe and using the Weihenstephan Weizen Yeast strain as well as different malt and hops. This is the results. In an attempt to make this beer, as it was dubbed a winner among many of my family and friends who typically drink light beer, I had to bring it back. In this project, now coming from several batches in, I hope it is still as great as what I remember. It is still dark heff like before but I think falls more towards the regular heff style. Let’s see what I find, cheers!

Bananas, dark cherry notes, stone fruits, honey, citrus, fruity pebbles hints, coriander spice, clove spice, brown sugar, vanilla and caramel.

Dark fruit raisins, dark cherries, figs, dates, Bananas, banana cream pie, clove spice, tart raspberry hints, coriander spice, clove spice, candi sugar, vanilla, honey, orange peels, citrus, toffee, caramel, stone fruit peach, apricots, earthy hop notes, crème brulee, dark cherry preserves on rye toast and flan.

Finishes with a minor tart yet citrusy hop finish with the notes of dark fruit raisins, dark cherries, bananas, clove spice, peach hints, earthy hops and honey. No alcohol in the taste, honey colored hazy full body, crisp, refreshing, smooth and an easy drinkability.

A very good hefeweizen and definitely better than the one I made last yeast. I think by slightly adjusting the recipe, it did pay off as there seems to be more of a balance between the sweet, bitter and tartyness. Right off the bat, the brew is sweet and tart and balanced. As it warms up, that’s where it gets much better with in regards to the banana split like flavors. I think the flavors of the cherry really blended well with the banana clove spices of the yeast making a beer that I could definitely call a flash ship for sure.

Anime Corner:
Ruby Rose from RWBY was used in this pairing to mainly to represent the Black Cherries of the beer. She was used similarly in chapter one but since the beer became so delicious, by making a return, it would entice the drinker into wanting even more since the recipe would be better this time around. You see, the name of And Through the Darkness of Cherries Bind Them, goes so well with the second picture where she is about to decapitate the wolf as the wolf is so bound by her, “Heff” is inevitable. The name Heff By Black Cherries is a pun at Death By Black Cherries as since Ruby carries around a scythe, I thought it was perfect as she is the “Black Cherry Death that causes the Heff to be Heffed.” So for those that drink this beer, they are immediately enticed and cannot escape Heff!! Rose petals represent the cherries swirling as the beer is surrounded in cherry flavor. Lots of great things going with this beer!


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