2015 Bourbon County Brand Stout by Goose Island Beer Co.

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2015 Bourbon County Brand Stout by Goose Island Beer Co. is a 14.2% ABV Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels.

Intense Aromas of charred oak, oak, vanilla, caramel & smoke

“I really wanted to do something special for our 1000th batch at the original brewpub. Goose Island could have thrown a party. But we did something better. We brewed a beer. A really big batch of stout-so big the malt was coming out of the top of the mash tun. After fermentation we brought in some bourbon barrels to age the stout. One hundred and fifty days later, Bourbon County Stout was born-A liquid as dark and dense as a black hole with a thick foam the color of bourbon barrels. The nose is a mix of charred oak, vanilla, caramel and smoke. One sip has more flavor than your average case of beer. It overpowers anything in the room. People have even said that it’s a great cigar beer, but I haven’t yet tried a cigar that would stand up to it.” Brewmaster Greg Hall;
IBU’s 60-High Color – Midnight


I received this one as a gift by my new friend Joseph Taitano whom I was introduced by my friend Augie Escobedo, both of BeerBumz on Facebook. After making the impression with my homebrews at the beer session, I was humbled with this gift and I gracefully accepted. I haven’t tried Bourbon County in a while and this being the 2015 version, I decided to bring it to the site for old time sakes and since I had it on hand. One of the beers along with others that started the trend of being able to barrel age brews to raise them into new flavor experiences. A level up if you will. Definitely something that has been well and consistent over the years despite being owned by InBev, Goose Island makes some very coveted brews. Cheers!

Vanilla, oak, toasted coconut, bourbon, dulce de leche caramel, rocky road ice cream, bananas, flan, Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, German Chocolate, Bakers chocolate, fudge chocolate, dark fruit currants, raisins, blackberries, raspberries, dark cherries, marshmallow smores, pecan pie, almond milk, molasses, anise, tobacco, coffee cake and crème brulee.

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, German Chocolate, Bakers chocolate, fudge chocolate, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, oak, bourbon, dark fruit currants, raisins, blackberries, raspberries, dark cherries, plums, chocolate cake, brownie batter, molasses, anise, tobacco, leather hints, flan, Sweetened condensed milk, bananas, clove spice, rocky road ice cream, almond joys, Khalua coffee liqueur, crème brulee, marshmallow smores, rum hints, mocha chocolate, chocolate mousse, Pancho pantera chocolate milk shake, port wine hints, pecan pie, almond milk and fondue.

Finishing with a lot of lingering flavors of bourbon, oak, vanilla, toasted coconut, rocky road ice cream, dark chocolate, dark fruit, crème brulee, flan, tobacco and earthy notes. No alcohol in the taste despite ABV, Dark supreme full body, smooth, creamy, velvety and syrupy mouthfeel and sipping drinkability.

There’s a reason why this is one of the original brews that started using bourbon barrels to age their beers. Essentially, a staple in the bourbon barrel aged beer scene. A supremely exceptional brew that ranges with the most balanced and best examples of what makes the Bourbon Barrel Aged Beers I love so damn great. With the release of several to more markets, it is nice knowing that some of the brews that inspired the great barrel aging process can now let people be part of history and something special. A must have beer!

Anime Corner:
Franco il Nero from Tre Donne Crudelli “Outlaw Django” is used in this pairing since I had used her in the 2008 Bourbon County pairing to show this one will get you nice a buzzed but also warm you up inside. Also, the whole them of Cowboys and Cowgirls I used in this pairing with the beer because whenever I think of Bourbon and County, I think of the Old west. This beer should have won the west. Since it was the original Bourbon County pairing, it stuck. Also, this year, I added a more of a “County Fair” aspect to it (Yes, since County is in the name). You can see this as “Lily Salvatanna” helps out that girl and you see Franco above the tent with some Ruffians up to no good. Trying to steal some county fair ground goods I’m sure!


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