2016 Les Ronces by the Bruery Terreux

12495948_10103105916056290_9091630439669193902_o 6786_10103105918206980_6221779709844546912_nRating: 5/5

2016 Les Ronces by the Bruery Terreux is a 6.0% ABV is an American Wild ale with Boysenberries aged in Oak Barrels.


Commercial description:
Loosely translated as “The Brambles”, Les Ronces is rooted in Southern California charm. The juicy fruit was commercially brought to life near Bruery Terreux at Knott’s farm in Buena Park, California in the early 1930s. Since their peak in popularity, the berries have become more scarce and elusive, and at the same time, an ideal cohort for our wildly traditional bière. In Les Ronces, the boysenberries impart a reddish-purple hue to the oak-aged ale, with their sweet-tart flavor profile complementing the sour blonde base in a light jammy, puckering and refreshing fashion.

Released to 2016 Reserve and Hoarders, this sour was made with the Bruery trying to use a different variety of fruits for making their sours and beers. All in the name of experimentation. This one though, reminded me of the time I tried the Bramble Rye from Goose Island’s Bourbon County series. If they ever make something like that, I would definitely want to try it. So with this sour, you can say I was intrigued to give it a shot for sure and is the reason I got it and brought it to the site. Some sours are a hit or miss for me from the Bruery. While I like sours, I like maltier beers more. So when it is done right, I definitely enjoy them. Like Jolly Pumpkin for example. So let’s see about this one. Cheers!

Wine grapes, earthy funk, oak, stone fruit peaches, apricots, peppercorn hints, Dark fruit raspberries, boysenberries, toasted rye bread, strawberry jam, lemon peel, honey and caramel notes.

Dark fruit raspberries, boysenberries, raisin hints, tart berry skins, Concorde grapes, wine grapes, Boysenberry preserves on Toasted Rye bread, Strawberry Jam, citrus, lemon peel, cranberries, honey, caramel hints, guava hints, pineapple hints, fruit cake hints, stone fruit peaches, apricots, hibiscus flowers, lavender, brown sugar hints pecan pie hints, funky hay notes, earthy funk, oak and strawberry shortcake.

Finishes dry with hints of dark fruit, earthy funk, oak, wine grapes, lemons, citrus and toasted rye bread. No alcohol in the taste, Ruby Hot Pink clear body, effervescent, puckering, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel with a moderate drinkability.

A very delicious and perfect sour showcasing the many tarty and sweet delicious fruits. While it is a sour, the body of the brew and characters of boysenberry preserves on toast do come out. Similarly, this reminds me similarly of what they did with Ruebarb/Windowsill and Gypsy Tart. Essentially, a dessert sour. While the sour and tart flavors are there to balance out the brew as a whole, it makes for one delicious brew if you are into sours. Definitely recommended.

Anime Corner:
Julie-su the Echidna from Sonic the Hedgehog Comics was used in this pairing to go with the label colors, the color of the beer as well as the boysenberries mainly. I have not used her in a Bruery or beer review in general and so I figured with all the colors following close to her colors I thought that this would be a very good fit for the pairing.


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