Mélange 12 by Bruery

11696493_10102689869342240_7627504715667227181_o 11728865_10102689869871180_5075090971899538828_o 11728869_10102689870445030_3508370894570958427_o 11696552_10102689871118680_8493687759881446870_oRating: 7/5

Mélange 12 by Bruery is a 16.8% ABV American Strong Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels with Vanilla Beans, Cacao Nibs and Hazelnuts.


A curious amalgam of barrel-aged beer seeping with notes of burnt marshmallows and toasty nuts.

Mélange No 12 is best enjoyed fresh for peak flavor, but may develop pleasantly if cellared properly. Best stored and cellared around 55°F (13°C) in a dark place. Ideal serving temperature is 50°F (10°C). Best enjoyed with friends and served in a tulip glass.

Mélange #12 is a uniquely debonair blend of some of our favorite strong ales that have been allowed to age gently in bourbon barrels for an average of nearly 22 months. Once these barrels were carefully selected to blend, we chose to enhance the beer and barrel flavors with three of our favorite ingredients: cacao nibs, vanilla beans and hazelnuts.


Melange #12 released to Reserve Society and Hoarders society alike is a blend of several different beers that are undesclosed but based on the previous melange versions, they include, Black Tuesday, the Anniversary beers, White Oak and others I am sure as this is what Melange 3 composed of and the sequential Melange ones expanded from this other blends. I made a careful decisions as this beer comprises of many of the components that make up the Weekday brews such as Chocolate Rain, White Grey Monday, possibly Wineification, Cacaonut and Chocolate Rain. So I had no doubt that this would disappoint in any way. A Cuvee ambrosia of heavenly delight? Perhaps, let’s check this one out, cheers!

Dark chocolate, chocolate milk shake, bakers chocolate, German chocolate, Belgian Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate smores, graham crackers, White Chocolate, mocha chocolate, Flan and Mexican sweetened condensed milk,Rich Hazelnuts, pecan pie, almond milk, macadamia nuts, peanut butter, walnuts, prailines, oak, bourbon, marshmallows, Dark fruit plums, raisins, prunes, cherries, figs, dates, wine grapes, waffle cone, rocky road ice cream, butterscotch, toasted coconut, almond joys, cocada Mexican coconut candy, piloncillo sugar cone, banana split ice cream with cherries, port wine, rum notes, stone fruit mango hints, dragon fruit, passion fruit, buttery nutella and so much more!

Pure Flan and Mexican sweetened condensed milk,Rich Hazelnuts, pecan pie, almond milk, macadamia nuts, peanut butter, walnuts, prailines, oak, bourbon, marshmallows, Dark chocolate, chocolate milk shake, bakers chocolate, German chocolate, Belgian Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Chocolate smores, graham crackers, White Chocolate, mocha chocolate, Dark fruit plums, raisins, prunes, cherries, figs, dates, wine grapes, waffle cone, rocky road ice cream, butterscotch, toasted coconut, almond joys, cocada Mexican coconut candy, piloncillo sugar cone, banana split ice cream with cherries, port wine, rum notes, stone fruit mango hints, dragon fruit, passion fruit, buttery nutella, Mexican Duvalin candy, chocolate chip cookie dough, Danish cream, Bear claw doughnut, mousse chocolate, marzipan and more.

Super rich nutella, toasted coconut, white chocolate, port wine, Belgian chocolate, bourbon, oak, hazelnut nectar, tropical dragon fruit hints and passion fruit amongst other heavenly sweets. No alcohol in the taste, Dark yet Crimson Medium to Full body, sipping drinkabaility and Silky, creamy, syrupy, smooth, velvety mouthfeel.

The best of the best and exclusive of elusive beers with no way of getting another unless they make this once again or you trade. It was definitely a special occasion as I tried this one. If they ever release as much of Melange 12 as they do of Melange 3, I am buying every single one!! This beer is like you took the alittle bit from each of the Bruery’s best beers and made a Cuvee. Basically, there is notes of Chocolate Rain, Grey Monday, Melange 3, Cacaonut, White Chocolate, Black Tuesday, Wineification and their anniversary beers and combined it to make this liquid Gold! Aging for 22 months is ridiculous but it is surely something that is truly unique and amazing. If you have the opportunity to get this one, do it!!!

Anime Corner:
Temari Sabakuno from Naruto, Kos-Mos from Xenosaga, Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill, Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach as being my favorite anime characters always get the best pairings in some of the beers I truly feel are deserving of that ‘Heavenly and Godly Ambrosia’ Liquid status as with many of the beers I have tried, this one to me captures what I feel is the best of the Bruery which are many of the Weekday beers into one. I once did a pairing with them doing Melange 3 except at the time, it was jusr Kos-Mos, Temari and Yoruichi. Ryuko from Kill la Kill had not come out and it wasn’t until later that I really loved her character in the series as she was a major bad ass. So I was glad I was able to pair them with this heavenly bliss of a beer. Melange 3 multiplied by 4 is Melange 12 so it makes the perfect pairing!

Melange 8 (1 year later) by The Bruery

10277430_10101804508193080_7556593570689666125_n 10298828_10101804509036390_3362487710672901208_n 10302036_10101804509280900_6569062955315578700_nRating: 6/5

Melange 8 (1 year later) by The Bruery is a 14.5% ABV American Strong Ale brewed with Don Pachi Geisha Coffee Beans and aged in Bourbon Barrels.


A rich blend of our Anniversary ale, White Oak Sap along with locally roasted coffee from Portola Coffee Lab. Flavors of toffee, vanilla, oak and roasty coffee beans.

Melange No. 8 will age gracefully for many years when cellared properly. Best stored and cellared arund 55 degrees Fahrenheit in a cool, dark place.

Bottled on 1/16/2013, this beer has been sitting for way past a year and I am sure has developed some crazy flavors. I searched all last year for this beer was unable to find it until I was able to trade it from a friend. This piece of art was so damn exclusive, that you had to be part of the Elusive and Exclusive and Expensive, Hoarders society from the Bruery. This beer, like the Kopi Luwak Coffee beans, is brewed with some very expensive coffee beans. Maybe that is why it is so exclusive. Either way, I wanted to get the review in to show case what this beer is all about.

Rich complex and fancy coffee with whipped cream and dulce de leche caramel, espresso, dark fruit raisins, waffle cone, bourbon, vanilla, oak, mocha, toasted coconut, marshmallows, java, milk chocolate, chai tea, flan, green tea, coriander spice, cherry, crème brulee, leather, clove spice, bananas, Kahlua liqueur, pecan pie, nutty clusters, cinnamon and some very mild tropics.

Very complex and fancy Coffee, mocha, espresso, vanilla, oak, bourbon, flan, dulce de leche caramel, cinnamon, dark fruit raisins, dark cherries, pecan pie, hazelnut, earthy notes, coriander and clove spice, toasted coconut, marshmallows, milk chocolate, java coffee, Kahlua liqueur notes, chai tea, herbal green tea, brown sugar, mild tropical citrus, apple butter, leather notes, berry marmalade on rye toast, coffee butter scotch, whipped cream on frappucino, cashew butter, purple sweet potato hints and waffle cone.

Sweet complex coffee, vanilla, caramel, purple sweet potato, chai tea, frappuccino, marshmallow and earthy notes linger. Alcohol is grown so you can kind of sense it in the taste but still not detracting too much from the flavors. A sipping beer for sure with full bodied mouthfeel.

As expected, definitely one of the greats exceeding the upper flavors as only some of the best beers I love can only do. However, this is still no Melange 3. There is a reason I gave that one a 7 and there is no way I have changed my mind from this one. Nevertheless, right next to Bourbon County Coffee Brand Stout,Mocha Wednesday and the Alesmith Kopi Luwak Bourbon Barrel Aged beers this one is one of the best worldly coffee beers out there. The only way to get this one is by basic trading unfortunately and I had a hell of time to try and get this. So if you have a bottle, now you know what it can be like, at least so far.

Anime Corner:
Franco il Nero (Frank the Black) and her group of Donne Annonime and Lily Salvattana from Tre Donne Crudeli were used in this beer pairing because I wanted to find a pairing that reminded me of the worlds best coffee beer as well as match the colors. Since this beer is a blend of different beers, I mixed in the them three since I used them in many epic beers like the Bourbon County Brand Stouts variants. Since Coffee was the main aspect and a fancy coffee at that, I wanted to relate those flavors and bourbon as how they related to the old west. Many cowboys and cowgirls would drink bourbon while others would drink coffee. The blend in these together along with the Old Ale aspect of the Old West and the White Oak Sap reminding me of the hot sun was just the mix up I needed to bring this together. That and I wanted to find an excuse to use Franco il Nero in a Bruery beer since I have not done so in the past. That and the fact that her name is “The Black”, like a cup of rich fancy coffee!

White Chocolate (2013 Release) by The Bruery

1392755_10101469956028300_1900644049_n 65615_10101469955993370_1841643671_nRating: 6/5* This years is same score as the last

White Chocolate (2013 Release) by The Bruery is a 14.75% ABV Wheat Wine Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels with Cacao Nibs and Vanilla Beans. 

This sumptuous version of our barrel-aged wheat wine style ale has an addition of fresh vanilla beans and TCHO cacao nibs.

Last year, I reviewed white chocolate, essentially the Polar opposite of the Chocolate Rain which can be aged up to 5 years. This year, I wanted to give it another shot as it was released more frequently but to California. If you are able to get your hands on this one, definitely give it a shot. One of my top favorites

Aromas are of vanilla, milk chocolate, white chocolate, oak, dulce de leche caramel, oak, coconut. Citrus, banana, orange, bourbon, tropical fruit, hazelnut, pecans, cinnamon, marzipan, almond, butterscotch, wine grapes, pears, raisins and apricots

The flavors are of white chocolate, vanilla, chocolate, orange, coriander, bourbon , coconut, pears, peaches, wine grapes, cinnamon, pecans, hazelnut, brown sugar, oak, marzipan, almonds, raisins, tart apples, pineapple, tropical fruit, dulce de leche caramel and butterscotch

The aftertaste leaves off with that nice oak and white chocolate goodness with some nice tart and citrus flavors. Definitely a sipper who’s alcohol becomes more and more hidden as it warms up

Overall, still one of my most favorite top Bruery beers. This year’s though, definitely shines more on the white oak and citrus side, at first. Temari plays hard to get second round (2013), so let it warm up and as it goes, you bet damn right you get the white chocolate. Highly recommended if you love Barrel aged beers no doubt.

Anime Corner: Temari Sabakuno from the Naruto series is one bad ass female ninja. One of my favorite all time Anime characters. She is from the Sand Clan of the ninja world, sister to their leader Gaara, Naruto’s close friend. Temari can seem rude and tomboyish on the outside and very cold hearted at times. Sometimes without a care in the world except when it comes to her family and friends. She takes charge and doesn’t hesitate to risk it all. This beer is a representative of her, not just in the colors of the label, the even if she may be harsh in the beginning (tart flavors) she has been known to open up and show her true side of compassion for others (White Chocolate, Vanilla, Cacao) especially her friend Shikamaru, the smart ninja from the Leaf Village (Naruto’s Clan). The part of the tropical and sunny citrus flavors are in terms of her hair (Pineapple, Tropical, wheat wine) and the dessert (Orange, Sunny, citrus, oak). So if you experience her sharp and tart at first, let her warm up to you, you will find the true White Chocolate you’ve been waiting for.

White Oak by The Bruery

1004439_10101243000074850_723175701_n 999005_10101243001132730_790963643_n 1013500_10101242975713670_597609073_nRating: 4.8/5

White Oak by The Bruery is a 11.5% ABV Wheat Wine blend consisting 50% of “Mischief” Belgian Pale Ale and 50% of the “White Oak Sap” Wheat Wine aged in bourbon barrels. This is the base of the awesome “White Chocolate” Ale which I reviewed some time last year.

Vivid caramel-esque, coconut-like and vanilla-ish flavors blanketed in a crisp yet robust wheat ale. White oak is suitable for aging up to two years when cellared properly. Best stored and cellared around 55 deg F (13 deg Celcius) in a dark place.

This beer is the original form of the pre-White Chocolate. I first tried it several days ago and I had to grab a bottle to do a review. 

Aromas start off with a Belgian bread and Saison notes. Smells like matured citrus fruits, orange, mango, lemons, vanilla, bananas, cloves, caramel, bourbon, oak, biscuit bread, honey, coconut, some minor floral and funky notes.

The flavors consist of vanilla, oak, bourbon, caramel, citrus, notes brettanomyces, banana, matured orange, lemon peel, apricots, mango, toasty coconuts, very subtle pineapple, wine grapes, honey, maple, biscuit bread, waffle cone, clove spice, coriander, herbal and floral hops like the Belgian Pale Ale. The after taste is definitely citrus, bourbon, wine and cheese party. Flavors are kind of all over the place but it surely is a different beer. When Imagine how the Vanilla beans and the Cocoa Nibs were added and barrel aged some more, a minor amount of the base flavors were hidden to give way to a much more sweet white chocolate flavor. Now that, is the best part I remember about the other beer which is the part that really confuses me. How is is that when you add the vanilla and cocoa nibs and age it, it creates something simply extraordinary. Alas, that is the mystery and the glory of the brewing process.

As being the base component of the White Chocolate, I can see why this beer reminds me a lot of the Bourbon and Barrel Aged Stone beers I have had before. Similar to the Red Wine Saison du Buff or the Double Bastard Bourbon Barrel Aged beer. Those beers were really different. More to the wine and cheese party after taste which morphs which gives confusion to the taste buds, but in a very nice way.

White Chocolate Review: https://brewerianimelogs.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/white-chocolate-by-the-bruery/

Melange 3 by The Bruery

525218_10101169746700200_609135228_n 179445_10101169749409770_663910014_n 947273_10101169750517550_1530586082_nRating: 7/5* This is quite ridiculous of a beer which exceeds expectations, maybe way too much. 

Melange 3 by The Bruery is a 15.5% ABV Barrel-Aged Blended Ale Dark & Delicious (Black & Tan). Basically, it is a fusion ale of Black Tuesday, White Oak wheat wine and Papier Old Ale.

A unique blend of Black Tuesday, White Oak Sap, and our Anniversary ales. Extended barrel aging lends flavors of vanilla, spice, and rich caramel. 

If you haven’t heard about this beer, go get it now before it is gone. I kid you not. I didn’t have to be part of their preserve, reserve, or even hoarders society. Either that, or the Bruery was graceful enough to share this magnificent brew. If you live in California, GO NOW!!!…. get this beer

I already specified the greatness that was Black Tuesday and even the greatness that was their Anniversary Ale Fruet and basically White Chocolate was their White Oak wheat wine with cocoa nibs so essentially what you have here is an ale that combines the best of 3 of my most hard to find beers that blew me away all in a single blend. In fact, this was one of those kick the bucket beers that is a favorite of Patrick Rue, founder of the The Bruery. I wouldn’t be this exited about a beer if I didn’t realized that I was able to get my hands on this so easy. I still couldn’t believe it when I ordered it on the site. Well anyways, enough rambling. On to the Review.

The aromas are pretty much of the charts. Ill try to sum up the complexity of this beer as best I can since the flavors of this beer are ridiculously rich. Yes another “Diabetes in a bottle” beer. Fragrances of Hazelnut, rich dulce de leche caramel, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sweet chocolate, bananas, marshmallows, rocky road ice cream, rich toasted coconut, bourbon, vanilla, dark fruits, raisins, flan, crème brulee, wheat, leche nestle and just a lot of sugar. 

The flavors are of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, sweet chocolate, Kahlua, white chocolate, wine grapes, chocolate covered cherries, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla beans, bourbon oak, wheat, coriander, honey, wine grapes, apples, Port wine, flan, choco flan, chocolate cake, cake batter, toffee, brown sugar, raisins, licorice, marshmallows, smores, graham crakers, cherry coke, Belgian bread, biscuits and more intense sugary and heavenly bliss….over 9000. 

Talk about a ridiculously smooth beer. This is very smooth, mellow to the point where you cannot detect the alcohol. This beer is like combining Trois Pistoles, St. Bernardus 12, Three Philosophers, Black Xantus and Barrel aging all that and it comes out like a drink from the 4th dimension, maybe higher. My god, if my taste buds could bleed, they would bleed simply because the beer has taken me to the upper echelons of craft beer Nirvana. This is ridiculous. If I would drink this beer everyday I would probably never try anything else. However, because I finally tried this, I can go in peace. It is hard to believe but this is definitely a bucket list beer without a doubt. People have to try this out and the best part, you don’t have to stay and camp out for the night to get a bottle of this. Get it while it last and it is no longer offered to the public. I got this bottle without hesitation. I almost thought they would second guess my orders since I was not a preserve or reserve or craft whore society member. I got this straight from the source and I was surprised it was sent. This beer is sold or traded after market so if you are not lucky to be able to find this beer but are able to be have it shipped and bought online, I recommend this one full heartedly. Bull shit aside, This beer is worth every penny.