Home brewing Project#18 La SanTequilisima Quadrinidad by Nubis Sanctum Ales

14570713_10103608095689280_5057221857679121081_o14589953_10103608095574510_2337518422554915656_oRating: 6/6

Home brewing Project#18 La SanTequilisima Quadrinidad by Nubis Sanctum Ales is a 12% ABV Belgian Trappist Quadrupel brewed with Holy Water and Oak aged in Herradura Añejo Tequila.

Holy Trappist Belgian Quadruple brewed with Holy Water and Oak aged in Herradura Añejo Tequila.
A prophecy, only once told by the highest of religious leaders, has predicted The Four Nuns or Las
Quatro Monjas will return. Ancient manuscripts indicated that the Abbey Nun, The Buddhist Nun, The Shaolin Nun and the Celestial Space Nun will each bring the nectar of God as given to man once before.

This time, however, the nuns infuse the elements of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth to create a celestial nectar. Meanwhile, various religious leaders forbid that mankind ever lay their lips on the very oracle left by the nuns. Lucky for you, the nuns happen to enjoy visiting Nubis Sanctum Ales.

La SanTequilisima Quadrinidad, or The SancTequilified Quadrinity is stored in this very bottle.

Ingredients: Holy Water, Malts, Hops, Dark Belgian Candi Sugar, Turbinado Cane Sugar, French Oak, Herradura Añejo Tequila & Trappist Yeast.
Project #18 came from the need to surpass my previous skills of the brewing arts. After successfully creating project #2, I wanted to create a barrel aged version of that special quadrupel that I held very close to my heart. So what did I do? I adjusted the recipe to add a bit more ingredients than before including one of them being a small sample of Holy land water. Yes, some people may think this is blasphemous, but in order to make a brew that was truly worthy of monks in Belgium and praise to the almighty God (depending on your beliefs) I added the vial to the brew at flame out. I am no priest but I did say a prayer for the brew to bring forth good fortune to those that drink it. LOL I just hope the beer doesn’t make my friend Aaron Mediola from BeerMetalDude.com catch fire (Just Kidding brother!). So the liquor I decided to use in this project was a Tequila. Why Tequila? Well, two reasons. First, tequila barrel aged brews rule and are to come by and second, after The Lost Abbey made Agave Maria which was their Tequila Barrel aged brew, I decided it was perfect. The beer was going to be about nuns and their worship to God. It was also a crazy idea I really wanted to do. Why is it Project# 18? Well, I had made this brew back in February 2016 and after a month, I put it on the Tequila oak for 6 months. The Tequila was sitting in oak since January 2016 so 2+6, that’s 8 months! Essentially, the 12% ABV was something unexpected but my working with Turbinado and Candi sugars probably had a lot to do with it. Regardless, I bottled it last month and now October 6, 2016 I bring it forth for a review. Yes, the brew will be published at a later date on my site but for perspective purposes and logging this masterpiece I want to get it right. So, for being a quadrupel aged in tequila, I hope is nothing short of amazing and knowing that I can definitely make an awesome brew, I will be pursuing more projects soon like this. Stay tuned, but for now, let’s take a look at this celestial nectar. Cheers!

Tequila notes, oak, Dark fruits of plums, raisins, figs, cherries, bubble gum notes, clove spice, raspberry Chambord hints, Stone fruits, Bananas, Brown sugar, Belgian Candi sugar, Chocolate, Sangria, rice pudding, tamarind, marshmallows, chocolate smores, lechugilla agave nectar, hazelnut nectar, pecan pie, Danish cream, port wine, fruit cake, leathery hints, apples and butterscotch.
Rich Dulce De Leche Caramel, Grilled Bananas, Deep Dark fruits, plums, raisins, figs, dark cherries, dates, clove spice, Belgian Candi sugar, bubble gum notes, capirotada Mexican raisin bread pudding, rice pudding, sweetened condensed milk, tamarind,Vanilla, Oak, Marshmallows, Tequila, Mezcal, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, Sangria Wine grapes, Mexican pan dulce, Danish cream, rock candy, port wine, leather notes, rye bread, pecan pie, hazelnut hints, pecan ice cream, brown sugar, dragon fruit notes, raspberry Chambord hints, Stone fruit peaches, golden apples, flan, funnel cake, waffle cone, mango notes and butterscotch.

Finishes with a Tequila and vanilla oak flavors with so much complexity lingering of the rich dark fruits, caramel, pecan pie, flan, sweetened condensed milk, sangria, agave, stone fruit, funnel cake and mild Danish cream. Slightly boozy in the aftertaste but diminishes as the beer gets warmer and does not detract from the flavors. Full bodied Honey Crimson Colored, Smooth, velvety, creamy, chewy and syrupy mouthfeel along with a sipping drinkability
Nothing short of a miracle. I am very proud of these results. The Tequila takes this brew to another level. I do not give this one a 7/7 since it is not a beer you could find, but trust me when I say you could drink some of my brews. To me, it is my own personal bucket lister in the sense that I really feel I have achieved so much just from trying different beers and now trying to make my own different beers. This one is probably the best one I have ever made along with the Sangrileche Stout, Frontier Tropics and Diablita De Leche Banana Weizenbock. This beer screams some godly ambrosia. Some nectar that even I don’t understand. I can definitely feel proud that if those dudes at Westvleteren or St. Bernardus tried my beer, they would definitely find it indistinguishable from some of their greats!

Anime Corner:
Yoruichi Shihouin from Bleach, KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, Temari Sabakuno from Naruto and Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill make a return in this brew. Since I used them in my Project# 2, Las Quadtro Monjas, it was only fair to get them in the somewhat right attire for nuns they represent. They represent my passion for the work that I do. Reviewing and Brewing. These girls have been my favorite characters from the different anime series that I love for the longest time going way back to the year 2002. Being a big anime fan and the shows I like, complementing the beers I love with different characters doesn’t have the same effect as the way I complement using my top favorites. AS I mentioned in the last review of the original base beer, the name Las Quad-tro is a play on the Belgian word for Quadrupel and Cuatro which is 4. La SanTequilisima Quadrinidad is a play on the words for La Santisima Trinidad or The Holy Trinity. I had worked for a couple weeks not only finding the right combinations of artwork in photo-shop but the right backgrounds. Of course, all the artwork belongs to the perspective owner as I do not claim any art. As I mentioned before too, the 4 girls are the best and the ones I use as my mascots for my whole passion of anime and the best beers in this whole lost treasures of taste and experience. Cheers!


2015 Spotlight Series Drew & Steve’s Imperial Mutt Brown Ale by Stone brewing

11204438_10102559762347700_1186578175724337250_nRating: 4.65/5

2015 Spotlight Series Drew & Steve’s Imperial Mutt Brown Ale by Stone brewing is a 9% ABV Imperial Brown ale.

Steve Via
Drew Neldon
This beer does not actually contain any dogs

Two very different members of the same tribe lending the best of each other to the conceptualization of a hybrid; such is the basis for introducing something new into the world- a mutt, if you will. It is this scenario, applied against the backdrop of Stone’s pilot brewhouse, that birthed this beer: a complex, chocolate-covered brew crafted by an unlikely yet dynamic duo, a malt bill savant and a brewer who had never met a brown ale he liked before tasting this beer. These craftsmen coming together was as inconceivable as the conception of this beer, but as with the rise of unlikely crossbreeds such as the much-adored labradoodle, it ascended ti the top of the heap in our annual in-house Stone Spotlight Series brewing competition and now rests cradled in your hands as the 2015 champion. Given fullness and layers of flavors from Vienna, Victory and Chocolate Wheat Malts, and pleasing, refined sweetness from Honey Malt and turbinado sugar, it’s a rich, smooth beer brewed with respect to traditional English methods and a heaping helping of New World Innovation. The British-American bulldog of the craft beer world? Perhaps. Best in Show? Absolutely.

Since 2014, we’ve divided out Brew Crew into teams of two as part of the Stone Spotlight Series competition, in which each team develops a creative recipe, vying for the chance to have their brewed on a large scale and distributed nationwide. Learn more about Drew and Steve (and last year’s winners) at stonebrewing.com/spotlight


When I first saw this beer, it reminded me the Bailey’s Bitchin Brown Ale that my friend Will gave me for some reason. I thought maybe they took his idea but I see now it was mere coincidence as they tried to represent a mutt or dog mix as a hybrid of beers. Good show Stone. Now I bring you the review of this little beer. Hope it is awesome as brown ales are my moderate favorites and I usually tend to go for others. Cheers!

Caramel, smoked peat, dark frui raisins, vanilla, brown sugar, coffee cake, dark chocolate, mocha notes, oatmeal, Belgian Candi sugar, molasses, bakers chocolate, butterscotch, hazelnut nectar and pecan pie hints.

Brown sugar, caramel, cinnamon, smoked peat, hazelnut nectar, pecan pie, dark fruit raisins, hazelnut nectar, oatmeal, Belgian candi sugar, piloncillo sugar cone, vanilla, chocolate, coffee cake, earthy hop notes, bakers chocolate, molasses, butterscotch and peanut hints.

Hazelnut hints, earthy notes, dark chocolate, turbinado sugar and pecan notes. No alcohol in the taste, Crimson Dark full body, creamy, syrupy and velvety mouthfeel, sipping drinkability.

This beer is awesome. Almost like a mix between a brown ale and scottish ale with some stout notes. There are some earthy hop notes in the taste which tries to balance out the sweetness and complexity. An interesting use of ingredients making this one a rush and mix of complexity. I would definitely recommend it worth trying once especially if you like brown ales. Other than that it is very good and will likely try it on tap at Stone’s store.

Anime Corner:
Original artwork by Falvie was used in this pairing as I wanted to use a dog like character to represent the mutt. Her colorful appearance with a mix of colors displays what mutts really are. A smart and diverse breed of animals. Also, her complexity represents the complexity of this beer. It does hit you hard if you are not careful, hence the hammer!