Spaten Optimator by Spaten-Franziskaner-Löwenbräu-Gruppe

Rating: 5/5

Spaten Optimator by Spaten-Franziskaner-Löwenbräu-Gruppe is a 7.6% ABV German Doppelbock

The classic German dark beer, bottom fermented ’Doppel Bock’. Full bodied with a deep dark color and rich roasted malt flavor. Supposedly only available in USA, at least not in Germany. 

Quick Review:
It’s been years since this beer.. But even more so for this game.. Now it’s found a place both can call home. Bringing my childhood Bock

Original Review:

Floyd D’ Rue Collaboration by The Bruery and Three Floyds

10174993_10101791726482730_9039393417013231374_nRating: 6/5* Rating given at the time of tasting (4/28/2014)

Floyd D’ Rue Collaboration by The Bruery and Three Floyds is a 14.7% ABV Imperial Porter brewed with spices and aged in Bourbon Barrels.


This collaboration brew was made in the spirit of experimentation…. and then condemned to barrels for one year. We hope you enjoy!

Floyd D’Rue is the complement to Rue D’ Floyd and was brewed with our good friends from 3 Floyds in Indiana. This invigoration ale will age gracefully if cellared properly, but the spice flavors will be the most prominent when consumed fresh.

Obtained as part of the Bruery’s reserve society, this beer was made with high expectations as it was collaborated with 3 Floyds. The label on the beer advises “Drink by 6/30/14” and “May contain Lactobacillus”. The Bruery does advise this was not on purpose but the odds of such a great beer to be a ticking time bomb, basically consume it before it sours, is such a damn shame. If you can get this before the time runs out, definitely get it. This one is the Floyd’s attempt at the recipe with the Rum barrels with spices. So basically drinking both at the same time would probably be over kill. This one is called “Dark Tuesday” just like the other one was called “Black Lord”. A poke at both their awesome super beers, Black Tuesday and Dark Lord… in my previous review, this would be the offspring’s twin sis…oh!!?? wait…

Rich Pumpkin Spiced Coffee Cake Rum, lots of cinnamon, dark fruit raisins, capirotada raisin bread pudding, hazelnut, dark, milk, bakers and chocolate, ginger bread, nutmeg, cookies and cream, holiday spices, fruit cake, rye bread, vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, oak, marshmallow, cookie dough ice cream, citrus, earthy notes, hazelnut, pecan pie, peach cobbler, flan, crème brulee, Danish cream, sweetened condensed milk, pumpkin flesh, pillocillo sugar cone, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, molasses, brown sugar, anise, mint notes and candy sugars.

Taste exactly like rich Rum pumpkin spiced coffee cake! Vanilla, dulce de leche caramel, capirotada raisin bread pudding, fruit cake, pumpkin flesh, honey, maple syrup, ginger bread, nutmeg, dark fruit raisins, Kahlua liqueur, coffee, molasses, pecan pie, hazelnut, peach cobbler, marshmallows, flan, waffle cone, Danish Cream, cheese cake, all spice, cinnamon, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, cookie dough ice cream, oak, holiday spices, earthy notes, citrus, apples, apricot hints, brown sugar, candy sugar, mint, anise, crème brulee, pilloncillo sugar cone, chai tea ice cream, sweet potato pie, sweet potato pudding, old mango, banana clove spice, banana bread, walnuts and nutella.

Rum, cinnamon, fruit cake, sweet potato, flan, chocolate, pumpkin and coffee cake linger. No alcohol in the taste and just like the other beer, dangerous and smooth. While moderate sipability, it goes down nice and warm with a syrupy consistency.

What can I say about this one that I haven’t said about the other one. They are definitely exceeding great. One taste like chocolate coffee cherry cake and the other like rum pumpkin coffee cake to say the least. There is no denying it, they are both exquisite collaborations and both worth the merit. The Ultimate sadness is not being able to see the potential that this beer has as it’s existence is only as brief as the candle in the wind. If you can some how get this one or both or the other one, I suggest you get to it before they are gone. I really hope they brew this one again as it was really good. Combining both would probably be a insane!! Maybe I will save that type of fusion for another review.

Anime Corner:
Tia Harribel and Tōshirō Hitsugaya from Bleach were used in this pairing to represent another aspect of the Bruery’s and 3 Floyds collaboration, in terms of the label, flavors and greatness of the two. These 2 are in the highest caliber of awesomeness and the battle they had in the series was awesome. Reflecting on 3 Floyds and the Bruery’s reputation in terms of awesome shows the insanity of the two to have come together, hopefully not once in a life time, but to show case their insane abilities that both share. Tia Harribel, obviously with the 3 on her breast which was used in a previous review to show case the Zombie Dust. She was the perfect candidate for this pairing as she came forth like a beast and like death in the night show casing the awesomeness of the 3 Floyds. Hitsugaya was used in as the Floyds adding the aspect of Cold. Why cold you ask? Well, Cold in relation to his ice ability which relates to Winter in relation to the holiday spices that this beer is abundant with. Without these 2 in the game, such a beer would not come into fruition. The irony of 2 such great breweries is that the release of this beer in the spring is like the opposite which is the fall. Like if Rue D’Floyd and Floyd D’Rue were like the sun and the moon or the spring and fall, or summer (Tia) and the winter (Hitsugaya). Hence forth, just like the Summer approaches, so will the Sun (Lactobacillus/Tia Harribel) consume the beer, forever lost in the pits of hell where once the shining light of hope of pandora’s box once stood. Sour Sour, everything returns to Sour (NOTHING)!!……

Small batch Series No. 7 Ranger Creek

10262212_10101781312851730_3769775789884563241_n 1898014_10101781312467500_777667949805036744_nRating: 4.75/5

Small batch Series No. 7 Ranger Creek is an 8% ABV Imperial Sweet Potato Stout.

Commercial Description:
While everyone loves a great fall seasonal, there are more than enough pumpkin beers in the world. Our Small Batch Series is all about trying new things, and Small Batch Series No. 7 is our take on a fall seasonal that uses sweet potatoes as an alternative to the norm. This Imperial Sweet Potato Stout comes in at 8% ABV and pours a dark, rich black. The subtle holiday spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice are showcased in the nose. The warming flavor of sweet roasted chocolate is complemented by a faint earthy backend that reveals the sweet potatoes. Enjoy this unique seasonal on its own to warm you during the cold weather or paired with smoked ham, aged cheeses, or dark chocolate truffles.

Thanks to my friend Aaron at www.beermetaldude.comfor another awesome hookup. Thanks to Ranger Creek as well for making this batch. I have never had a sweet potato stout, but I have had a yam beer but not a stout. This is quite the treat since you can only get this in Texas. Sweet gifts like these are what makes this site going and the beer treasures is what makes me keep trying new and different types of beers. Let’s take a look at this one, Cheers!

Dark Chocolate, earthy hop notes, roasted barley, dark fruit notes like cherries, raisins, oak, butterscotch, rye, molasses, sweet potato, cinnamon, nut meg, oats and honey.

Dark chocolate, dark fruits like raisins, plums, cherry, caramel, sweet potatoes, earthy hops, roasted barley, campfire smokey notes, bacon notes, pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar, molasses, coffee hints, mild clove spice, oatmeal cookie, chocolate smores, pilloncillo sugar cone and mild hints of bananas.

Earthy and roasted barley note linger with a bit of campfire hints, sweet potato, caramel and rye toast. No alcohol in the taste, a sipping beer with medium to full body mouth feel.

Very nice and delicious beer. Definitely something I haven’t had before. The sweet potato becomes more apparent as you let the beer warm up. It is very different from the pumpkin and adds its own special taste to the beer. Only a few beers like this exist where they are made with special uncommon ingredients. It is very well made and definitely a recommended little bottle if you live out in Texas. Go find this one, it is worth the try.

Anime Corner:
Yuan from Cavalier of the Abyss and Sasha Braus from Attack on Titan were used in this pairing for several reasons. Yuan was used in this pairing to pair with the dark dress and the label but also linking her magic arts to sweet potatoes and pumpkins. She is not a witch by any means but definitely stronger on the magic side. Sasha is a glutton for potatoes. She loves to eat and she loves potatoes very much so sweet potatoes aren’t any different for her. Since this is a sweet potato stout, I just figured it was the perfect pairing.

Optímator by Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu

1383015_10101459463086240_901127990_nRating: 5/5

Optímator by Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu is a 7.6% ABV German DoppelBock

The classic German dark beer, bottom fermented ’Doppel Bock’. Full bodied with a deep dark color and rich roasted malt flavor. 

Supposedly only available in USA, at least not in Germany.

First had this beer with several coworkers on draft at the Red Lion in Downtown LA after visiting a brewery, which I will not name here because they were good in their own awesome way (Love that Sunny-D beer). As I remember it, it was so impacting that I had to try it again. From the makers of the delicious Franziskaner Dunkel which to me is the best dark heff in the world, aside from Weistephaner dunkel. Spaten makes an awesome doppelbock that attempts to take on what to me is one of the best Doppelbocks, Celebrator Doppelbock. They did a damn good job of it too as I remember. I was able to pick up a bottle locally and wanted to do a review. This is a common beer and can be picked up in many craft beer or specialty liquor shops. Even Downey Liquor in Downey California has it and they seem like a generic liquor store

Aromas are of rich figs, caramel, cinnamon, milk, sweet potatoes and yams boiled with piloncillo (Mexican sugar cone), vanilla and cinnamon sticks, rich toffee, raisins, hazelnut, cherries, oak, molasses, and chocolate

Flavors are of figs, raisins, caramel, cloves, raisin bread, cherries, rich molasses, cinnamon, sweet potato pie, yams, piloncillo, vanilla, cinnamon, toffee, hazelnut, chocolate, pecans, biscuit bread, brown sugar, whiskey notes, maple and oak

Aftertaste is of raisins, yams, cherries, vanilla, earthiness and piloncillo. Easy to moderate drinking on this one and has intense flavors even where the 7.6% ABV is nowhere to be found. 

Overall it is a damn great beer! Surely close to Celebrator in my opinion but greater to the sweeter yams than celebrator though. I will never forget how awesome it was on draft nor will I forget how much I liked this one. In terms of the style, this one is right next to my favorite Doppelbocks followed by the La Trappe Doppelbock and the Alesmith Decadence 2013 Doppelbock. Freaking unbelievable how the European beers always pull me in. Just so you know, My top 2 best common beers in the world are not even from the United States, leave that to Belgium and Canada for starting me up. Optimator is a definite try multiple times not doubt. Should be an “Octoberfest beer” requirement for sure