Fruitallica collaboration by Beavertown, Garage Project and Stone brewing



Rating: 5/5
Fruitallica collaboration by Beavertown, Garage Project and Stone brewing is an 8% ABV Double India Pale ale brewed with Yuzu, Kiwi and Habanero.
Obtained this one at Stone brewing store. The recent release of their latest collaboration which has the name inspiration from Metallica. This beer intrigued me mainly due to the ingredients use. A tropical IPA with special fruits is always awesome. I have homebrewed an IPA with Kiwi before and the flavors do tend to stick out a bit. Which is really awesome for what they are going for. The habanero addition definitely makes for something that I’m sure will definitely kick ass. The last habanero beer I had was the Sulpin Habanero and that thing was really hot. I usually eat spicy foods but that habanero was really present With the use of Yuzu and Kiwi I’m sure would make for something that would calm that heat. Let’s take a look, Cheers!
Floral, hoppy, grapefruit, herbal, grassy and earthy hops, rich tropical fruit medley, stone fruit, guave, berries, peppercorn, habanero spicy hints, citrus fruits and banana hints.
Rich tropical fruit goodness, pineapple, passion fruit, mango, dragon fruit, papaya, yuzu, jack fruit, banana hints, kiwis, oranges, lemon peel, blue berries, cherries, Strawberries, cranberries, tangerine gummies, herbal, grapefruit, dank, grassy, piney hops, mild earthy habanero spice, stone fruit peach hints, floral hibiscus, peppercorn hints and guava notes.
Finishing rich with tropical flavors, herbal, garlicky, dank, grapefruit, grassy and piney hops, stone fruit notes and mild earthy spiciness. No alcohol in the taste, hazy medium body, smooth, crisp, refreshing and effervescent. A moderate to sipping kind of beer.
A nice perfect IPA. The tropical fruits do come forward and the habanero is more hinted than heat creating a mild spice that can appease those that were not looking for a hot and spicy burning beer. Granted you feel it a bit in the throat near the end but is immediately washed away. A very nice balance of hoppy, spiciness and sweet. Definitely worth seeking for!
Anime Corner:
Lacey Shadows from The Modifyers was used in this pairing mainly for the colors that complement the beer well. While she seems more punk than goth or metal, she seems close to it. She is also very so that covers the Habanero part of things. Regardless, the colors she has seem to go well with some of the flavors as well. Overall, I think she fit the part nicely.



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