Neapolitian Dynamite collaboration by Stone Brewing, Abnormal Beer Co, Paul Bisckeri and Patrick Martinez



Rating: 6/6

Neapolitian Dynamite collaboration by Stone Brewing, Abnormal Beer Co, Paul Bisckeri and Patrick Martinez is an 8.5% ABV Imperial Stout brewed with Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberries and Coffee.



Quite possibly, the next Xocoveza, or so I have heard, this beer was totally unespected. The last time I had a Neapolitan beer, aside from the Lost Abbey collab Stone did which was really close to Neapolitan ice cream, is the Neapolitan Bourbon Barrel Milk Stout from Saugatuck brewing. Granted that beer was so damn amazing, I wouldn’t think I would see another Neapolitan beer for a while. Man was I wrong. So much so that when I saw they were having it release soon, I had to take a 2 hour mission on the bus to Pasadena to get this beer and bring it to the site ASAP! Yes, it is the 1st of September 2017 and I’ll be one of the first reviewers of the beer before it hits the public. So aside from the enticing label and the fact that this is supposed to mimic Neapolitan Ice cream, let’s have a deeper look, cheers!


Dark Chocolate, milk chocolate, German chocolate, Bakers chocolate, chocolate Abuelita Mexican chcoolate, vanilla, chocolate doughnut glaze, strawberries and cream, roasted coffee, Irish cream coffee, strawberry and chocolate milk shake, fruit cake, dark fruits, roasted barley and spicy earthy notes.


Neapolitan Ice cream galore! Dark semi sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, Baker’s chocolate, German chocolate, Belgian chocolate, dulce de leche caramel, dark fruit raspberries, currants, raisins, cherries, strawberries, chocolate dipped strawberries, triple chocolate cake, chocolate, fancy coffee, roasted coffee notes, roasted barley, Danish cream, Irish cream, steamed milk, honey, maple syrup, toasted coconut hints, malted strawberry chocolate milk shake, chocolate glazed strawberry cream filled doughnuts, spiced coffee, clove spice, bananas, anise, dark fruits, hazelnut nectar, flan, three milks/3 leches cake, cookie dough ice cream and cotton candy.


Finishes with Doughnut notes, strawberry chocolate cordials, vanilla cream, Mexican chocolate, earthy hop hints, banana notes, fancy coffee, cotton candy, fruit cake and dark fruits. No alcohol in the taste. Pitch black dark body, smooth, creamy, velvety and chewy mouthfeel and sipping drinkability.


Damn decadent and exceptional. It is not a sugary caramel bomb but damn, that balance of dark chocolate with the roasty coffee flavors is closely tying even some Doughnut flavors into the already blissful Neapolitan Ice cream flavors this thing gives. Holy jeebuzz, this is too damn amazing. So much so that one could possibly drink the whole bottle in one sitting. Oops! But that’s what happens with liquid ice cream/pastry beers like these. Make sure you get several, I highly recommend this one!

Anime Corner:

Neopolitan from RWBY makes a return to the Stone side mainly since she is the only character that is literally, the embodiment of Neapolitan Ice Cream, hence, her nick name of Ice Cream Girl. There really isn’t much to explain why she fits this beer so well. About the Dynamite thought, this girl has huge sass for being the silent type, she really can make things go BANG!!!



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