Stone Give Me IPA or Give Me Death collaboration by Stone Brewing in Virginia

Rating: 4.95/5
Stone Give Me IPA or Give Me Death collaboration by Stone Brewing in Virginia is a 8 % ABV Imperial India Pale Ale brewed with Raspberries & Blackberries from the commonwealth of Virginia

Virginia Commemorative Collaboration

An Imperial Tribute to Richmond & the rise of craft beer independence.

Just as Patrick Henry once stood addressing the city of Richmond in 1775 to spur resistance against the tyrannical British Empire, 20 years ago we were stirred to join the cry for resistance against the tyrannical oppression of industrial beer. And now, the opening of our Richmond brewery is yet another shot in the salvo that has been fired on behalf of American brewing independence. If we wish to brew free, if we mean to retain our identity and preserve the privilege of access to independent craft beer, we must recognize it is a group effort. We do not stand alone. And so, on our new brewing grounds, we gathered with fellow craft breweries and “His Excellency,” Governor McAuliffe, to join together in force. A group cry of freedom & independence! Consider this aggressively hopped imperial IPA, jam-packed with Virginia raspberries and blackberries, a testament to our passion and unwillingness to settle or sell out! We think Patrick Henry would be proud, and hope you will be too.

Our Collaborators
Ardent Craft Ales
Hardywood Park Brewery
His Excellency Terry McAuliffe, Virginia Governor.

The second release from Stone’s new brewery in Virginia in collaboration with local facilities and government. The first was the stout made with the same ingredients. This time, its an IPA. Fruited IPAs have varied responses in the communities. I personally love fruit IPAs but with one being made with the tribute of the state and Stone’s location is quite the honor. Even the name is rings history as I uses the quote used in Patrick Henry’s speech, “Give Me Liberty of Give Me Death” during the American Revolution. So with that being said, let us see how this beer is, cheers!

Tropical fruit papaya, kiwi, passion fruit hints, guava, floral, piney, citrus, grassy grapefruit and earthy hops, biscuit bread, vanilla, lemon peel, wild flower honey, biscuit bread, lychee fruit, honey dew melon, tangerine gummies and cherry notes.

Citrus, grapefruit, floral, grassy, piney and earthy dank hops, biscuit bread, lychee fruit, honey dew melon, tangerine gummies, tropical fruit papaya, kiwi, passion fruit hints, guava, starburst candy, wild flower honey, Raspberries, blackberries, cherry, pomegranate strawberries, pineapple, mango, stone fruit hints, kumquats, lemon peel and vanilla notes.

Finishing with Raspberries, blackberries, dank dry, citrus, grapefruit, oniony and earthy hops, tropical fruit, honey, stone fruit hints and lemon peel. No alcohol in the taste. Amber clear body, crisp, refreshing and smooth mouthfeel along with an easy to moderate drinkability.

A very good IPA although the Raspberries and Blackberries are subtle. They shine more in the after taste it seems as the overall beer is more of a delicious IPA in general. While I feel this could have used more of the raspberry and blackberry flavor, it is subtle enough that it will not offend people that do not like fruited IPAs. In fact, in that aspect, this is a winner for sure. Worth trying for sure!
16836661_10104035762511540_8318951697275513104_oAnime Corner:
Jenny X-J9 Wakeman from MLAATR was chosen in this pairing as I wanted to pair mainly with the colors of the beer but also the aspect that makes the name of the beer, which is bravery. Being brave is what would make someone make a stand for what they believe in. Jenny is a very brave fighter and a hero. So while I did use other art pieces that I like with this one, the one where she is stopping the falling meteorites is very brave representing the name.

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