Second Anniversary Special Edition by Four Sons

15675733_10103856779889150_7709802276410309988_oRating: 6/6

Second Anniversary Special Edition by Four Sons is a 13.9% ABV Imperial Sour Blonde brewed with Passion Fruit and Hibiscus.

QTY Bottled: 1,222

What? Second Anniversary? Wow that’s amazing! It shows how fast time can fly when you’re doing something you love with the people that you love! Our family is thankful for all the support we’ve received in our first two years, and we’re proud to share a unique beer to commemorate this occacion. We started out with an invitation to “Join Our Family” and we’re happy that so many of you have! Thanks and cheers from the Dufresne family.


Holy shit, after reading the ABV and the amount of beers bottled for this I couldn’t believe it. How amazing that my friend Will Carranza was able to get his hands on this special brew. Nevertheless, gift me this special Christmas present. I am still in awe. Even so, 13.9% for a sour? That is like, Bruery status there. Regardless, this is the second time I am able to bring a 4 sons brew to the site. I am still looking to bring “The Coco” one day to the site so I can advise how awesome that beer was. However, this unique beer I really have to thank my homebrew brother Will for. For as many a sessions we had tasting beers, I could not have had the opportunity to share great brew and homebrew knowledge with a great friend. Cheers brother and Cheers to Four Sons! I hope to bring more of your brews to the site in the future.

Rich Guayabate Membrillo/ Guava Quince cheese, Tangerines Gummies, bananas, flowers, hibiscus, peppercorns, tropical fruit passion fruit, dragon fruit, kiwi, mango, strawberries, raspberries, lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, stone fruit peaches, apricots, apples, biscuit bread, vanilla, caramel and wild flower honey.

Hibiscus, lavender, wild flower honey, rich guavas, Guayabate Membrillo/ Guava Quince Cheese/ Guava preserves, lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerines, oranges, kumquats, lychees, tropical fruit passion fruit, dragon fruit, honey dew melon, pineapple, mango, kiwi, strawberries, pomegranates, raspberries, grapes, dark fruit currants, stone fruit peaches, apricots, apples, biscuit bread, vanilla, caramel, peppercorns, Danish cream, herbal tea, tangy dark cherry skins, blueberries and blackberries.

Finishes semi dry with rich guava, passion fruit, floral hibiscus, dark fruits, stone fruit, gummies and tropical fruit. No alcohol in the taste despite the 14% ABV. Huge points for that. Crimson light haze body, smooth, crisp, effervescent, refreshing and creamy mouthfeel along with an easy to moderate drinkability.

Liquid Guava preserves. Ridiculously tangy and sweet awesomeness. Super fruits loaded into this beer and the craziest part was I had to stop myself from drinking this entire beer in one sitting. It drinks way too easy, it’s unique and complex profile makes it closer to the Guava marmalade/preserves which I have not seen how the correlation of hibiscus and passion fruit at this ABV can do. It really is unique and a special brew. I am not sure what the likely hood of getting another one of these as only 1,222 bottles of this stuff was released. I highly damn recommend you can find this one or at least hope they can release it once again. Amazing!!

Anime Corner:
Original character by Bai Yemeng was used in this pairing as I needed a character that would make a great fit to the label, the ingredients of the beer, beer color, flavors and overall celebration of bad assery. This could only was in the form of a hibiscus blood red head with a sword and a yellow passion fruit stare that can kill with a high ABV. Sexy smooth but you will never know what hit!

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