Up On The Rooftop by Four Sons Brewing

15777064_10103856769499970_694736657413844147_oRating: 5/5

Up On The Rooftop by Four Sons Brewing is a 10.1% German Doppelbock brewed with Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Allspice.

Dark, Rich and Malty German Lager brewed with Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Allspice.

Four Sons Brewing is Family Owned & Operated in Huntington Beach, CA. We invite you “Join Our Family” And Share Our Passion for excellent craft beer.


A special thanks to my friend and fellow Homebrew brother, William Carranza for giving me a special present for Christmas, a Holiday DoppelBock. Now the style already being a rich a malty brew would make sense to fit with Christmas and the additional holiday ingredients of the winter season. I cannot recall if I have ever had a holiday inspired doppelbock other than the time I had the peaches and pecan Shiner Holiday Bock. However, that would be a regular bock. The first brew I had tried from Four Sons was “The Coco” which to me was a coconut Fat Tire. Probably the best Coconut Amber or the only coconut Amber I have ever tried. Amazing. This is the first time I bring a brew from 4 Sons brewing here on the website, thanks to Will, and a good way to finish up the 2016 holiday season. I look forward to trying this one. I have heard great things about them but I have not had a chance to see many of their brews around. With this one, it would be a great way to gauge them for the site and for my audience. So here is to you and your loved ones in these fine holidays, cheers!

Cinnaon, Nutmeg, clove spice, allspice, pumpkin spice, piloncillo sugar cone, figgy pudding, fruit cake, pecan pie, bananas, Danish cream, Ginger bread, dark fruit raisins, plums, apple pie, brown sugar, dulce de leche caramel and toffee.

Ginger Bread, Candy Cane, Christmas cookies, All spice, nutmeg, cinnamon, dark fruit raisins, sugar plums, figs, dates, candi sugar, pumpkin spice, piloncillo sugar cone, figgy pudding, fruit cake, pecan pie, apple pie, Danish Cream cookies, earthy hop bittermess, toasted rye bread with tangerine preserves hints, brown sugar, dulce de leche caramel, toffee, bananas, clove spice, anise, dark chocolate and strawberry hints.

Finishing with rich fruit cake flavors, dark fruit, lingering spices of cinnamon, ginger bread, clove spice, pumpkin and piloncillo sugar cone finish. No alcohol in the taste, honey amber clear body, smooth, rich, creamy and velvety mouthfeel with a sipping drinkability.

A very delicious and perfect holiday ale. A Ginger bread Apple pie and fruit cake in liquid form. Definitely Holiday spice forward and holiday spice driven. While the dark fruit aspects that make great doppelbocks is present, the style does work giving this one a malty dark fruit and spicy fruit cake feel. Very aligned with the holidays and a 10.1% ABV to keep people warm. For being the first beer from them, I can say I am very intrigued to try their next beers. A definite recommendation.

Anime Corner:
Neopolitan from the RWBY series in Christmas attire was used in this pairing as I wanted to represent the holiday aspects of this beer. The Doppelbock aspect is represented in Neo’s Strawberry and Chocolate appearance. Essentially, she is duality. She is nice and sweet on the outside but she is definitely a dangerous trickster and part of the antagonists group in the series. Regardless, it was nice to see her in the Holiday spirit to help with this beer pairing.


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