(Double Review) 2015 Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout and Stone W00tstout 2.0 (1year aged)

It has been ages since I have done a double review. However, this type of review is no exception. This is actually a pretty damn special type of double review that gains the notoriety every year. Meaning, people and all beer geeks love W00tStout. It is just plain and simple. This year, I bring for the W00tstout 2.0 that was aged for 1 year and the 2015 W00stout which, to my surprise, was a blend of the W00tstout 2.0 with the original recipe. Talk about supreme epicness right there. So I decided to dissect both of these individually and come to terms as to which one I love the most. The newer one that is a blend of the old one or the older one. So let’s check these babies out, cheers!


2015 Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout Review
2015 Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout (3rd year release) collaboration is a 13% ABV Imperial Stout brewed with rye, pecans, wheat, hops, awesome (beer + sci-fi)*geek ideologies with a 1/4 of it aged in bourbon barrels then blended with W00tstout 2.0 and all aged in bourbon barrels once again. W00t!

Wil Wheaton first called us in 2004 ask if it’d be OK for him to put the Arrogant Bastard logo on his blog’s website (back when people still asked permission to do such things), and I just so happened to answer the phone (back when I still answered the main line sometimes). Since he was so damn enthusiastic about our beers, I said ‘Sure, no problem,’ all the while thinking ‘Hmmm…this guy’s name sounds familiar.’

Months later, in a serendipitous turn of fate, I reached out to our 10,000th email newsletter subscriber…drumroll…Wil Wheaton. Since his gigs in the iconic Stand By Me and Star Trek: The Next Generation, Wil has become quite the renaissance man, adding author, w00tstock innovator, and homebrewer to his resume. His enthusiasm for the fermentable arts and our beer was such that after many occasions of sharing grog over the years, we decided it was time to brew in collaboration.

It was a no-brainer for us to choose Drew Curtis—who many know as the twisted mind behind Fark.com—as our third cohort. Drew was an old friend of Wil’s that I had serendipitously met (when he saw me and told me, ‘Dude, I love your beer) and enjoyed many beers with at the famous TED conference three years in a row. The beer you hold before you is an imperial stout made with wheat (Wil pretty much insisted), and we also paid tribute to Drew’s Kentucky roots by adding rye and pecans to the mix and partially aging the beer in bourbon barrels. The result? Nothing short of serendipitous.”

In celebration of the third brewing of this annual offering, we added to the mix a version of last year’s vintage that we aged in bourbon barrels for a year. Consider it a superhero version of this sudsy staple of Hop-Con, our imaginary titled annual July W00tstout release event!

Brought in to put a personalized stamp on this year’s edition of w00tstout was famed comic-book cover artist Dave “The Reverend” Johnson. The Elsner Award winner, known for his work for DC Comics and Vertigo series “100 Bullets.” created the fine art for this bottle in exchange for out donation to The Hero Initiative (heroinitiative.org), a charity organization that provides retirement funds for golden-age comic book artists.

Rich chocolate, rich banana split, rich Dark fruit prunes, raisins, plums, figs, dates, sangria, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, pecan pie, dulce de leche caramel, flan, macaroons, toasted coconut, mocha coffee, vanilla, oak, bourbon, banana notes, hazelnut, rye bread, butterscotch, toffee, licorice, brown sugar, molasses, pear, dark cherry and port wine.

Danish cream, hazelnut nectar, sweetened condensed milk, Rich Banana Split, Kahlua, dark and milk chocolate, molasses, licorice, toffee, dulce de leche caramel, dark fruits like raisins, plums, figs, dates, mocha coffee, port wine, rye pie crust, bourbon, butterscotch, buttered praline ice cream, pecan pie, hazelnut nectar, bananas, clove spice, fig pudding, raisin bread pudding, coriander spice, earthy notes, hints of mint, wheat toast, oatmeal cookies, flan cinnamon and whipped cream..

Rich Banana split, rocky road and milk chocolate, Dark fruit raisins, cherries, plums, prunes, hints of bourbon, port wine, oak, caramel and vanilla. No alcohol in the taste, Syrup mouthfeel with a sipping drinkablity and pitch black appearance with not much head retention.

I have no idea how crazy this year’s version would get. Somehow, with the Cuvee blend of the W00tStout 2, the beer became more of a chocolate banana split and pecan pie forward beer. This is actually a great thing. Save several bottles of this one as who knows what this will be like when comparing it to the Super W00t when they release it from Berlin. For now, just know this year takes the best of both the original and W00tstout 2.0 and takes it to another level! W000000tttt!!


W00tstout 2.0 (1year aged) Review
Stone W00stout 2.0 (1 year aged) collaboration by Drew Curtis, Aisha Tyler and Wil Wheaton brewed at Stone brewing is a 13.5% ABV World Class Imperial Stout brewed with flaked rye, wheat, pecans, hops, Stone-Ground Chocolate, awesome (beer + sci-fi)*geek ideologies with a 1/4 of it aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels.

In 2013, our CEO and Co-founder, Greg Koch, invited two respected fans of craft beer, brewing and all things Stone to develop an intense, inventive beer capable of not only delivering immense flavor, but also serving as a fitting, singular celebration of über-level enthusiasm. Self-proclaimed geeks in a number of arenas, the duo of thespian and renaissance man Wil Wheaton and Fark.com online news guru Drew Curtis proved up to the challenge, calling on their personal backgrounds to devise an imperial stout brewed with flaked rye, wheat and pecans that was partially aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. Shortly after being released, this creation—dubbed “w00tstout” in honor of w00tstock, Wil’s annual tribute festival to cross-genre geekdom—became an instant cult classic.

Despite the fact that Greg spent the first half of 2014 on an international walkabout-style sabbatical, Wil and Drew were invited back to Stone to put a new spin on this threesome-borne beauty. All they needed was a third conspirator, and for that, they called on friend and fellow geek, Aisha Tyler. An actress, talk show host, comedian and author with a flair for individuality, she brought an entire new dimension to the brew day, just as the stone-ground chocolate the trio added to the original w00tstout recipe added delicious depth to the beer.

A personalized stamp was put on this year’s edition of w00tstout by comic artist Dave Gibbons. The co-creator of the Watchmen series worked up the fine art for this bottle in exchange for a donation to The Hero Initiative (www.heroinitiative.org), a charity organization providing retirement funds for golden-age comic book artists.

He thought his super power to point out the obvious was the most useless “power” ever, until he realized many people don;t see that which is plain as day.
Drew Curtis is…Captain Obvious!

Limbs unwieldy and lank are her lithe tools of destruction. Years of Bradbury (and corrective lenses) gave her laser vision. Where once she stumbled into peril, now she springs toward it, headlong.
Aisha Tyler is…Lady Temerarious!

Flashes of his destiny occurred in his youth, but it wasn’t until he uploaded his consciousness to the digital realm, that his powers were revealed. Now, he brings hops and hope to a thirsty world.
Wil Wheaton is…The Mercene-ary!

Very dark fruit raisins, figs, plums, dates, Rich dark chocolate, milk chocolate, bakers chocolate, Kahlua, Rich Bananas, toasted coconut, pecan pie, mocha coffee, molasses, licorice, toffee, dulce de leche caramel, port wine hints, rye bread, vanilla, oak, bourbon, butterscotch, hazelnut nectar, clove spice, earthy hop notes, mint, wheat toast, raisin bread pudding, rich chocolate banana split sundae, flan, sweetened condensed milk and brown sugar.

Rich bananas, pecan pie, coconut, flan, sweetened condensed milk, dark, bakers, milk, Abuelita and Belgian Chocolates, Very Rich dark fruits like prunes, raisins, figs, dark cherries, black currants, grapes, almond joy chocolate, raisin bread pudding, Danish cream, Chocolate eclair, chocolate moose, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal, hot fudge sundae, mocha coffee, licorice, toffee, dulce de leche caramel, toffee, licorice, port wine hints, rye pie crust, bourbon, oak, hazelnut nectar, butterscotch, clove spice, vanilla, hazelnut nectar, whipped cream, crème brulee, brown sugar, wheat toast with nutella, mint and molasses.

Rich dark fruits, Banana split sunday, flan, dark cherries, milk and dark chocolates, pecan pie, whipped cream, bourbon, oak, caramel, earthy hops and vanilla. No alcohol in the taste, a sipping beer, syrupy mouthfeel and pitch black appearance with hardly any head retention such as the previous.

I can honestly say, time has done miracles for this version of the beer. Along with the rich dark chocolates that come about, the rich dark fruits are more forward along with an even bigger and richer banana split and nutty flavor. The richer combination of the dark fruits and chocolates reaches some of the Belgian Quad notes and Belgian Stout notes stronger than it did last year. I highly recommended bringing this one out of the cellar if you have it as trying them both side by side, I could tell I love this one even more for its chocolate and dark fruit forward goodness but yet, I love the other one for its Banana split goodness. W00t!!!

Anime Corner:
Mari Illustrious, Rei Ayanami and Asuka Sohryu Langley/Shikinami from Neon Genesis Evangelion were used in this years pairing of W00tstout and W00tstout 2.0. Just like last year, I wanted to represent the 3 collaborators Wil Wheaton, Drew Curtis and the addition of Aisha Tyler which to Greg’s Place last year. Now that Greg’s back, we can use them interchangeably as you can see Greg being Asuka from the original and Mari being Asisha cheering on their hard work. Don’t worry, Drew is and Wil are there as well, kinda lol. Great Job and Cheers to all Sci-Fi, Anime and Beer fans out there!



Rating: 6/6 2015 Stone Farking Wheaton W00tstout (3rd Edition)
Rating: 6.2/7 W00tstout 2.0 (1 year aged)

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