Stone Smoked Porter with Chocolate & Orange Peel by Stone brewing

10616149_10102186506151110_1605397597642790529_nRating: 4.25/5

Stone Smoked Porter with Chocolate & Orange Peel by Stone brewing is a 5.9% ABV American Porter brewed with Chocolate & Orange peel.

We decided early on that we wouldn’t do seasonal beers for the sake of doing seasonal beers. Summer ales and winter lagers certainly have a ring to them. Big-beer focus groups prove consumers get a kick out of them, and macrobrew marketing analysis suggest they sell well. But for us, beer comes first, much as Stone Smoked Porter came first. Actually, it came second—oddly enough, in the form of a seasonal. Our co-founder and original brewmaster, Steve Wagner, thought it would be an innovative, warming creation suited for winter…and it was. Legend has it Greg’s mom agreed. But rather than relegating fans to nine peat-smoked-porterless months and building revenue-generating fervor for the cold season, we made it a year-round release. Nowadays, we brew a trio of tasty takes on this smoky, sultry vanguard. But the closest they come to being “seasonals” is that they are enhanced with seasonally driven ingredients such as vanilla bean and chipotle peppers. This version, released in the literally gray area separating sunshine and snowfall, incorporates dark chocolate and dried orange peel, making for a semisweet, citrus-nuanced porter that comes across like a break-apart chocolate orange enjoyed by a campfire. It’s not a seasonal—it’s just a phenomenal beer, regardless of the time of year. Throw out the calendar and enjoy.

Stone has been coming out with some interesting beers lately. The Stone Smoked porter variants have been some that taste pretty good and really go down well. Nothing too overwhelming but nice notes and flavors. Now this one being their 2014 Fall release, it is interesting as I do not see how chocolate and oranges can work together especially since this one is light to moderate on ABV. Then again I have been surprised many times. Let us take a look and see. You can get this one where ever they sell stone beers now.

Campfire, smoked peat, dark chocolate, orange peel, orange zest, coffee, molasses, caramel, toffee, brown sugar and earthy notes.

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, oranges, citrus, orange peel, orange creamsicle hints, vanilla hints, caramel, earthy bitterness, smokey notes, molasses, campfire hints, smoked peat, roasted coffee hints, brown sugar, coriander spice, soy sauce and toffee.

Smokey, chocolate, citrus, earthy and vanilla dry notes. No alcohol in the taste, easy to moderate drinkability, smooth and creamy mouthfeel and dark body but can see crimson light pass through.

A very good solid beer. It maintains itself as a porter with smoked notes but the chocolate and citrus orange flavors lend some sweetness too it. I really does seem to work well after all. Smokey and sweet work together to give this chocolate orange creamsicle flavor through and through. It drinks rather easy and smooth making this almost a gateway beer unless the extra bitter smokey notes make it hard but they are rather tame in comparison to other smokey beers I have had. This is actually pretty welcoming really. Some people may really like this.

Anime Corner:
Psylocke from Marvel’s X-men was used in this pairing to pair with some of the colors of the label but mainly since this is the first time I use her in a pairing. She has been long over due wanted to present her bad assness with a new beer here. The characteristics of her hotness translate to the smoothness of this beer while still maintaining sweet flavors. The smokey aspects of the beer would represent the dangerous side of her. She works with the mind so the taste actually is good despite the fact that you really do taste the oranges and chocolate smokey notes. They seem to work really well here.


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