Fifty Niner by Odell Brewing

10360769_10102152758426820_265313859018849441_nRating: 4.85/5

Fifty Niner by Odell Brewing is a 10% ABV Belgian Golden Ale brewed with Brettanomyces.

Brett or Bust! 1859 was the peak of the Colorado Gold Rush. Prospectors and dreamers, later dubbed 59ers, journeyed across the land with the hopes of striking it rich. In that spirit of adventure, Fifty Niner is a Golden Ale aged on oak staves and bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces, a yeast as wild as the new frontier. The lustrous golden brew shines with hints of lemon zest and pear accentuated by a rich vanilla and almond oak character and a subtle earthy spiced pineapple Brett finish.

Odell brewing is something we hardly get to see here in California, especially this beer. Thanks to Aaron at I was able to bring this to the website for a review. So far, all the beers I have had from Odell have been really good and guessing by the way this is made, I can only assume an awesome experience. So let us dig into this review and see what flavors we can unearth.

Honey, caramel, vanilla, pecans, almonds, oak, funky notes, tropical mango, pineapple, stone fruit apricots, peach cobbler, vanilla, floral notes, peppercorns, sage spice, wine grapes, brettanomyces funk, guava notes and sugar cane.

Peach cobbler, caramel, dark fruit dates, stone fruit apricot, plums, pineapple, mild funk, farmhouse hay, peppercorns, oak honey, vanilla, almonds, pecan pie, citrus, flowers, sugar cane, sage spice, tropical fruit like papaya, kiwi, earthy and musty notes, biscuit bread, rye bread, wine grapes, brettanomyces funk, and guava.

Leaving rich citrus, honey, peppercorn, funky notes and tropical sweetness. A small amount of booziness in the taste but not detracting from the flavors. Light to medium body, sipping drinkability as well as mildly syrupy mouthfeel.

A very good and sweet brettanomyces ale and the fact that it is a Golden ale too clashes with the rich tropical goodness of what both have to offer. It is almost like a funky tropical old and exotic fruit dessert. Alot going on here that makes this one very delicious. I would definitely recommend this one if you like Belgian styles like Golden Ales and to some degree, Saisons or just both styles.

Anime Corner:
Nami from One Piece was used in this pairing to pair with the colors of the label but also the aspect of being in a cave digging up gold or at least finding gold. The main difference between the treasure seeking pirates and a Gold miner is the fact that you may or may not keep your findings. In this case, you can make this Golden liquid yours!


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