Small Batch Series No. 9 Blackberry Sour by Ranger Creek

10649635_10102152759499670_1029941060262848680_nRating: 4.9/5

Small Batch Series No. 9 Blackberry Sour by Ranger Creek is a 6.7% ABV American Wild Ale brewed with Blackberries.

Our Small Batch Series is a line of seasonal single batch brews designed to be unique, interesting, and often experimental. Each one is made in small quantities and with a completely different recipe. The unique color, number, and QR code on each label identifies each batch, the details of which can be referenced on our website or by scanning the QR code with a smart phone. Small Batch Series releases are meant to age well over time, so drink a bottle now and save others to enjoy later. They will cellar best in a dark place around 50 degrees. Each batch is brewed and bottled by hand and undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle. Pour carefully so as not to rouse the yeast.

The 9th edition of our rare, experimental small batch releases is a Blackberry Sour. It’s a light bodied ale with juicy blackberry characteristics throughout and a distinct but pleasant tartness attributed to the lactobacillus yeast. Small Batch Series No. 9 matured in oak barrels for a year before the addition of fresh blackberries from our friends at Oak Hill Farms in Poteet, Texas. Enjoy one now and save a few to cellar for years to come as this beer will continue to mature in the bottle. Pour with care, as this beer contains live yeast from refermentation in the bottle. Cheers!

Special Thanks to Aaron at for providing me this beer. Ranger Creek beers have been pretty good so far and this one is definitely tempting. The last reserve one I had was a sweet potato stout. Now this one being a Blackberry Sour ale, I hope it will be just as good as the stout or better. I like sours so I am definitely open to searching what beers like this one are all about. The best part is that it is all Texas ingredients so having a beer from another state that uses local ingredients is always a bonus.

Funky earthy must, dark fruits like blueberries, currants, blackberries, plums, dark cherries, caramel, vanilla, oak, tart wine grapes, berry yogurt hints, rye bread, strawberry cheesecake, hints, earthy notes,, flowers, lavender, Concorde grapes and brown sugar.

Lots of oak, lavender, flowers, dark cherries, caramel, tart wine grapes, lemon peels, dark fruit currants, plums, black berries, blueberry skins, Concorde grapes, blackberry yogurt, caramel, rye bread, vanilla cream, strawberry cheesecake hints, port wine hints, earthy and musty sour notes, brown sugar, blueberry muffins, underlying flan hints and pecan pie.

Caramel, Flan like hints, oak, earthy notes, tart lemon peel, multiple type of berry skins, banana bread. No alcohol in the taste, Very smooth mouthfeel and easy to drink despite being a sour. Hazy Hazel full body.

Very good sour that is very smooth. You can really take your time with this without feeling the overpuckeringly sourness of other wild ales. There is great balance of sweet and sour as well which made me realize how kick ass this was. I really enjoy the sweet aspects of it but the sourness here is definitely keeping everything in line. I have had many sours which some were too sour and others just right. This falls into the just right category for me and should definitely be tried.

Anime Corner:
Konpaku Youmu from Touhou Series was used to represent the colors of the label and colors of the flavors such as the dark fruits, the lavender, the spices and sweetness. Her running represents how smooth the beer is and how well is drinks. Such a great pairing for this one.


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