No. 19 Barrel Aged Series Rufus Corvus by Avery brewing

10433107_10102152760827010_5207325096843776489_nRating: 5.45/5

No. 19 Barrel Aged Series Rufus Corvus by Avery brewing is a 6.83% ABV World Class American Wild Ale with 65% aged in Cabernet Savignon barrels, 9% Ale aged in chardonnay barrels and 6% Zinfandel barrels.

The Sour Trinity

No. 19 An artful and massively acidic blend of two major projects and further enhanced with several orphan barrels from the corners of our barrel aging cellar. All Ale involved was barrel aged for a minimum of 8 months and a maximum of 24 months.

Pucker up, buttercup!

Bottled: April 7 2014
Production: 858 Cases

Avery Barrel Aged series definitely sells out quick here in California to the point that sometimes I miss out on such great beers. Aaron from introduced me to this beer. A sour using the vast variety of souring bacteria used in sour beers but then taken to another level using a variety of oak wine barrels. This was truly an honor just like that of the 5 monks. I cannot wait to try this monster and see how it goes…. wish me luck!

Wine grapes, port wine, funky oak, earthy notes, vinegar notes, wine and cheese party, dark fruits like plum, raisins, currants, berry skins, caramel, vanilla, lemon peel, lime, salt, dark cherry, plum sauce, port wine, chardonay, raspberries, rye bread, brown sugar hints, pecan hints and hazelnut.

Dark fruit raisins, plum, wine grapes, salt, lemon, lime peel, dark cherries, plum sauce, Concorde grapes, vanilla, port wine, chardonay, wine grapes, caramel, rye bread, stone fruit peach, pear, apples, funky, earthy notes, good cheese and wine, raspberry vinaigrette, hazelnut, smoked wood, leather, tobacco, berry yogurt, raw berry seeds, mild cheesecake notes in the back, brown sugar, pecan pie dryness, and very mild flan.

Ridiculously dry leaving only some sour notes, caramel, dark fruit skins and earthy funk. No alcohol in the taste, a puckeringly mouth feel, sipping beer, pitch brown bordering the black and purple abyss of a body.

Very Rich and complex sour. Possibly the ultimate complex and balanced sour. Only the truest sours can be appreciated by palates with an achieved open level of taste. This is sour but it is rich beyond comprehension. Sours are only a handful of my favorites but this takes it a certain level I have not experienced before. It is like the Cardinal Poles of tasting. You have your extreme Smokey, Extreme Sweet, Extreme Bitter and Extreme sour but at the same times, the poles blend and while one pole is the most dominant, in this case the Sour pole, the other sides are so balanced that that they make the sourness be very complex. I would highly recommend this one if you love sours, especially puckering and sweet complex ones.

Anime Corner:
Battleship-Symbiotic Hime and Wo-class from Kantai Collection were used in this pairing to represent the dark void of the sours and the creatures you typically don’t see. The 2 characters and the monster in the background represent the 3 bacteria: Lactobasiliccus,Pediococcus and Brettanomyces. The colors also represent some aspects of the dark fruit and complex flavors as well. While Doing this review, I could only think of Caius Ballad’s theme ( from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns. As the characters stumble deeper and deeper into the chaos and mainly this character being the embodiment of Chaos, it is synonymous with exploring deeper and deeper into the sour world of super complex sour beers like this one presents.


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