Cherry Funk by Prairie Artisan Ales

10711121_10102153539756030_2476320978691111091_nRating: 5/5

Cherry Funk by Prairie Artisan Ales is a 7.5% ABV American Wild Ale aged with cherries.

Made By People Who Truly Care From Oklahoma With Love.

Another awesome one from Prairie Artisan Ales which I hardly get a chance to see around here in California. Thanks to Aaron at who lives closer to this brewery than I do to be able to get me this one. Some very special beers coming from Texas and the surrounding Southern States for sure. This one being a Cherry Sour Ale. I have tried other Cherry sours and many are more sour or tart than sweet. Let us see what this one is about.

Lots of Tart Cherry skins, Concorde grapes, dark cherry yogurt, stone fruit apricot, farmhouse hay, wine frapes, funky oak, vanilla, phenolic notes, biscuit bread, lemon peel, sour apple, grapefruit, earthy notes and brown sugar hints.

Dark Cherry Yogurt, vanilla, oak, cherry marzipan, phenolic notes, clove spice hints, wine grapes, funky notes, almonds, caramel, strawberry cheesecake, lemons, citrus, peaches, pecans, sour apples, biscuit bread, grapefruit hints, farmhouse hay, earthy notes, rhubarb pie, pineapple and brown sugar hints.

Phenolic and dark cherry yogurt linger along with some funk farmhouse hay and almond notes. No alcohol in the taste, Amber to pink full hazy body, moderate drinkability, medium mouth feel.

A perfect sour. Not to overwhelmingly tart nor sour but yet at a farmhouse ale level with some lingering tartness but also cherry sweetness. It smells more sour than the taste leads to believe. I really enjoyed this one and it was quite the unique experience. If you can find this one, definitely try it, I highly recommended. Thanks to Aaron once again for hooking this one up.

Anime Corner:
Original artwork from gagraphic was used in this pairing to go with the color of cherry and the label where it shows the cherry stretching ad exercising. Since this beer is all about reds and cherries, I figure it would work perfectly.


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