Bruers’ Barrel-Aged Zesty Mounds by The Bruery

Rating: 6/6

Bruers’ Barrel-Aged Zesty Mounds by The Bruery is a 13.6% ABV Belgian Dark Ale brewed with Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Coconut and orange zest aged in bourbon barrels.

Barrel-aged Beer Day is our staff’s day for premiering flavors that cannot be achieved outside of the art of the blend or by any one beer. This staff-winning blend, created by Jennifer Anderson, Conner Coghill, Adam Funderberg, Jeff Scott, Andrew Stretch and Patrick Traster, showcases mounds of candy bar-esque flavors, with vanilla, coconut, cacao nibs from TCHO and orange zest folded into an exclusive fusion of some of our darkest, richest and most malt-forward bourbon barrel-aged beers.

Orangey chocolate almond joys!!