2016 Stone RuinTen w/ Orange Peel & Vanilla Bean by Stone Brewing

13909378_488827764646664_1622734632841345945_o 13895122_488827774646663_170462034375170579_nRating: 5.55/6

2016 Stone RuinTen w/ Orange Peel & Vanilla Bean by Stone Brewing is a 10.8% ABV Triple India Pale Ale brewed with Orange peel and vanilla beans

A mosh pit of hops, Orange Peel & Vanilla Bean.

This version of Stone RuinTen Triple IPA imagines orange peel and vanilla bean being caught moshing with the hardcore hop legend. Its original inspiration starts back with our decision to take the 2002 release of Stone Ruination IPA and make it into an even hoppier monstrosity in 2012 for its 10th Anniversary. Soon after its release, the nickname “RuinTen” began to circulate, and eventually stuck. No sooner did we sell out the special release that our fans began to clamor for more of this veritable hop monster, and from their noise the annual RuinTen release was born. Not being ones to not mess with a good thing, we decided to add two new ingredients to produce this modern-day mosh pit of hops: orange peel and vanilla bean. The result is a melee of flavor. Dive in, or watch from the seats. Your call. You’ll find us in the pit.


Ruin Ten is an awesome brew ever since I bought the original Ruination so very long ago. Ruination, a tongue ruining bitter burning hoppy decimator that would last for more than 30 minutes. It was a staple for me and a true Golden Standard for the IPA style. Since the release of the original RuinTen, it had been upgraded to newer golden standard, this time, for double/triple IPAs. As newer IPAs were released and new hop strains, they had to evolve from the golden standard and so Ruination 2.0 came out. With this year’s RuinTen I am not sure if they based it off the original RuinTen which I believe should still be the original recipe. This year however, they made a twist by adding the Orange Peel and Vanilla. There was definitely no way I would miss putting this one to the site for such an awesome variant. Let’s take a look and see what this one is about. Cheers!

Tropical fruit mango, papaya, pineapple, passion fruit, dragon fruit, kiwi, strawberry, Sweet oranges, lemon grass, honey, vanilla, citrus, grapefruit, piney, herbal, floral, and grassy hops, stone fruit peach, cane sugar, sweetened condensed milk, orange flan hints, tangerine spread and green tea.

Sweet oranges, honey, vanilla, citrus, grapefruit, piney, herbal, floral, and grassy hops, lemon grass, lemon peel, kumquats, persimmon, grape notes, lychees, tropical fruit mango, papaya, pineapple, passion fruit, dragon fruit, kiwi, strawberry, rich tangerine gummies, butterscotch, caramel orange, stone fruit peach, cane sugar, sweetened condensed milk, orange flan hints, tangerine spread on toasted rye bread, biscuit bread, orange cream sickle, hazelnut hints, green tea and orange ice cream, orange cream pie and lavender.

Finishes dry with vanilla, sweetened condensed milk,citrus, caramel, orange creamsickle and piney hops. No alcohol in the taste, golden honey clear color, creamy, smooth, crisp and refreshing mouthfeel and easy to drink despite the ABV.

Continuous ruination and sweetening of the tongue cause the craving for more. Smooth and exceptionally delicious, this brew was definitely a winner in my book. The subtle creaminess from the vanilla also adds a very nice complexity to mellow out the crazy hop burn. Some people may love this. I highly recommend this one without a doubt!

Anime Corner:
Ultimate evolution Hera from Puzzles and Dragons was used in this pairing as I wanted to find a character that would fit the colors of the new RuinTen evolution, the orange and vanilla, the gargoyle and the fact that I used the blue skinned Zabel Zarock/Lord Raptor female version from Dark stalkers. All of which represented Ruination to the now RuinTen with the oranges and vanilla.


RuinTen a.k.a Ruination Tenth Anniversary (re-release) by Stone Brewing

954807_10101234318358080_479498419_n 1010280_10101234320199390_590801359_nRating: 5.25/5 *A triumphant fresh return to the golden standard.

RuinTen a.k.a Ruination Tenth Anniversary (re-release) by Stone Brewing is 10.8% ABV 110 IBU World Class Double India Pale Ale

Back in 2002, we first released out notoriously mega-hopped Double IPA, Stone Ruination PA, and in 2012 we celebrated its 10th anniversary with the release of a very special version that was even bigger and incredibly, even hoppier than the original. If Stone Ruination IPA is “A Liquid Poem to the Glory of the Hop,” then Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA was a “Stage dive into a mosh pit of hops.” Luckily for us, our fans love loud and aggressive brews, specifically when copious amounts of humulus lupulus are involved. The original release of this beer was so instantly beloved by those who dared try it [particularly us] that there was no way we could relegate in one-hit-wonder status. You are holding in your hands a veritable hop monster. We dropped the word “Tenth” but the decidedly indelicate recipe is the same as the one first unleashed in 2012. This belligerently delicious ale has the substantial malt backbone needed to stand up to the whopping five pounds of hops packed into each barrel. If all the hyperbole hasn’t frightened you away by now, we know you’ll love this audacious gem of hoppy splendor just as much as we do. Crank it up!

The IPA Gold standard is back with a vengeance. One release was not awesome enough. The second is enough to cause havoc with irreparable damage to the palette and I am sure you will love it. AS I remember correctly from last years beer, this not only was so bitter that it lingered, it actually started burning. Maybe not like a chile heat, but like a real hop plant bitter trip to Hell.

Aromas are just like I remember, a lot of hoppy aromas ranging from grassy, pine needles, grapefruit, herbal, dank, hop oil, tropics to the brim like mango, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, dragon fruit, citrus, lemon peel, oranges, tangerines and peaches. The flavor are in your face bitter with straight burning hop character, pine needles, dank hop oils, grapefruit, lemon grass, herbs and slight floral notes, some nice biscuit and caramel along with the in between tropics of the citrus, tangerine, peach, mango, pineapple, passion fruit, dragon fruit, kiwis, papaya, lychees and some nice peppery notes. The After taste just lingers in Hopmaterasu ([Unquenshable Black Flames]Naruto reference) burning to the untrained palette. However, if you are willing to continue drinking, on top of those green hellish flames will lie some nice tropical residue to keep you from fading into the oblivion (Leave that part to the alcohol  ). Very nice thing those hops do , ain’t that sweet of them. This beer is awesome. It is so awesome that I think it makes it the prime reason why they may only be able to release it one more time. Maybe even release it every year if not. I think that if they were to release it as a yearly, it may or may not detract from the original Ruination. However, it if they did do that, it would be nice to have a variety or Ruination to choose from. You know, Hard mode versus Expert mode sort of thing. Get this beer while you still can. Stop Reading this and go buy this beer before it is gone. As for the Brewery–exclusive-Camp-out-all-night-Black-Friday-style-for-only-enjoy-3-pints-Pliny-the-Younger…. eat it!!!!!!

Still need more convincing about the greatness of this beer? Read my past review 

2012 Original Review:

Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA

Rating: 5/5* 

*NOTE: Not recommended for those who cannot tolerate a supremely bitter beer, if that is the case, then IGNORE THIS RATING all together. Hop heads and Beer enthusiast will enjoy this better.

The Golden standard of Supreme Ruinations of all IPA has raised the levels of true palete ruination for all to enjoy. The liquid poem to the glory of the hop raised to the level of gods!!. Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA has come!! A 10.8 % ABV Double IPA brewed with the abnormal amount of 5 pounds of hops per barrel. A rating of 110 International Bitterness Units in this from the original 105. For those that do not know what this means, it basically means that anything above 90-100 IBUs is extremely bitter. So much it will linger in the tongue and stay there for a while. Hence the name, so bitter it ruins the palette. Yet, there is so much that comes with those who are trained with the arts of IPAs such that we can see past the strongest of bitterness to find something incredible!! The year was 2002 and at the time the first Ruination came out, they believed a beer so friggin’ bitter no one would want, became an international favorite. Tribute is payed to the original “Blind Pig” IPA which invented the DIPA style in the bottle which is awesome. Meaning, California is where DIPA style was born…..California LOVE B-\ F– Yeah!!!

While many may not agree as to what is listed here, be forewarned as this is is only a guide. I have tried many IPAs on my travels into these realms and have found so many good beers. Ruination is a golden standard of all IPAs. So since this was the case, the guys at Stone took it over board. The usual batch of super bitter beer starts at 2.5 per barrel. This special edition 10th anniversary IPA is brewed with 5 pounds of hops per barrel basically double. It is true that not only do they say that the previous beer’s bitterness lasted for about 30 minutes or so, this one is lasting even more. THIS BEER IS VERY BITTER..so much that the bitterness actually is burning all the way down even into the stomach. WOW!!!! The most you will find upfront is an extreme rush of grass, pine and citrus but at an extra strength. LOL maybe those with heart burnt might want to be careful >:). Past the bitterness is some mango, pineapple, caramel, kiwi. However, this is immediately gone and you are back into a hop heave. So much is the change in flavor that you start to experience something well….awesome. Could just the alcohol though…LOL but sure even that is helpful to forget that your insides and taste buds still burn with bitterness and well, that hoppy goodness…maybe to the point that….it will intrigue your hoppy head soul…A true HOPiphany in brewing because after your done you will see…..the truth @.@If you don’t? Then at least you had one of the best DIPAs in the world… yeah Pliny come get some >:D