Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA

Rating: 5/5* 

*NOTE: Not recommended for those who cannot tolerate a supremely bitter beer, if that is the case, then IGNORE THIS RATING all together. Hop heads and Beer enthusiast will enjoy this better.

The Golden standard of Supreme Ruinations of all IPA has raised the levels of true palete ruination for all to enjoy. The liquid poem to the glory of the hop raised to the level of gods!!. Stone Ruination Tenth Anniversary IPA has come!! A 10.8 % ABV Double IPA brewed with the abnormal amount of 5 pounds of hops per barrel. A rating of 110 International Bitterness Units in this from the original 105. For those that do not know what this means, it basically means that anything above 90-100 IBUs is extremely bitter. So much it will linger in the tongue and stay there for a while. Hence the name, so bitter it ruins the palette. Yet, there is so much that comes with those who are trained with the arts of IPAs such that we can see past the strongest of bitterness to find something incredible!! The year was 2002 and at the time the first Ruination came out, they believed a beer so friggin’ bitter no one would want, became an international favorite. Tribute is payed to the original “Blind Pig” IPA which invented the DIPA style in the bottle which is awesome. Meaning, California is where DIPA style was born…..California LOVE B-\ F– Yeah!!!

While many may not agree as to what is listed here, be forewarned as this is is only a guide. I have tried many IPAs on my travels into these realms and have found so many good beers. Ruination is a golden standard of all IPAs. So since this was the case, the guys at Stone took it over board. The usual batch of super bitter beer starts at 2.5 per barrel. This special edition 10th anniversary IPA is brewed with 5 pounds of hops per barrel basically double. It is true that not only do they say that the previous beer’s bitterness lasted for about 30 minutes or so, this one is lasting even more. THIS BEER IS VERY much that the bitterness actually is burning all the way down even into the stomach. WOW!!!! The most you will find upfront is an extreme rush of grass, pine and citrus but at an extra strength. LOL maybe those with heart burnt might want to be careful >:). Past the bitterness is some mango, pineapple, caramel, kiwi. However, this is immediately gone and you are back into a hop heave. So much is the change in flavor that you start to experience something well….awesome. Could just the alcohol though…LOL but sure even that is helpful to forget that your insides and taste buds still burn with bitterness and well, that hoppy goodness…maybe to the point that….it will intrigue your hoppy head soul…A true HOPiphany in brewing because after your done you will see…..the truth @.@If you don’t? Then at least you had one of the best DIPAs in the world… yeah Pliny come get some >:D

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