Fantôme de Noel by Brasserie Fantôme

Rating: 4.5/5

Fantôme de Noel by Brasserie Fantôme is a 10% ABV Belgian Artisanal Farmhouse Saison Ale. This is the first beer I try from this brewery. Saved it from last Christmas and now I wanted to try it. Christmas in the summer…LOL. It was hard to open as the cork on the bottle is that of wine bottle. Meaning unlike other bottles, this one I had to use the cork screw to open. Upon opening 

this bottle, there was a reminiscent whiff. One which I am used to as that of the Jolly pumpkin ales. Meaning it was gonna have some sour notes to if from wild Belgian yeast. Oddest thing about this beer as well was that it came in a green glass. O.o…man this is so different from other beers I had before. Certainly the taste would be even more different for sure. Well, it was for sure. I get this wine sourness but at a mild rate unlike JP beers. It is enough to let all other flavors roam. Past bit of sourness, there is this apples, cherry, raisin and apricot pie taste to it with a lot of sweet caramel, nutmeg, cinnamon, mint and other spices. Some wood and oak flavors are in there as well. I have no idea if it is because of green bottles or not, but I know there is this bit of minor pilsner malt reminiscent of Heinneken, well, you know..if Heinneken actually grew into 50 foot epic monster wailing a crazy guitar with notes of sweet caramel then yes!!! It is isn’t as evident due to the fact that the other dimensions of higher beings of flavor take over immediately. Something the big wigs in the corp offices of the conglomerate beer companies know nothing about. Just a remnant to only be what it used to be. Anyways… the beer is different. Fans or Belgians and Fans of sours will find this one well..out of the norm…out of the ordinary….maybe even extra ordinary…Just try it out… it is a different type of Belgian experience 😀

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