Juicebox Series: Golden Pumpkin Ale by The Dudes’ Brewing Company


Rating: 4.75/5

Juicebox Series: Golden Pumpkin Ale by The Dudes’ Brewing Company is a 6.6% ABV Pumpkin Ale.

Tastes just like pumpkin pie. Belgian Golden Ale with all the flavors of fall including cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Someone pass the whipped cream!

Delicious little brew showcasing lots of awesome clovey and pumpkin flavors as well as some banana and cinnamon flavors with dulce de leche caramel.



Pulp Addiction Juice Box Series “Blood Orange” by The Dudes brewing

12049691_10102889098560290_5090024523500785379_n 12182617_10102889100551300_5395735351367451474_oRating: 5/5

Pulp Addiction Juice Box Series “Blood Orange” by The Dudes brewing is a 6.5% ABV Amber Ale brewed with Madagascar vanilla beans, Ecuadorian cocoa nibs and Blood Orange Zest

Orange Whip? Orange Whip? 3 Orange Whips.
Here’s a brew that will “A Peel”to you! A tantalizing blend of cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, and hand-zested California Blood Orange Flavors makes this dude semi-sweet yet silky smooth. Every sip is bursting with creamy, chocolaty, citrusy flavor – and at 6.5 percent alcohol by volume, it’s sure to get your blood pumping. Orange you glad you picked this up?


Huzzah! At last, the sweet sweet nectar of chocolate orange delight has finally been canned. While I did want to do a review of this one for a very long time since it’s release on taps, I finally got some cans from Ramirez Liquor after I saw they had it canned. I remember this beer very well and while it is very delicious off of the tap and especially on nitro, I want to see how it fairs in cans as many who cannot make it to the Torrance California area but are able to pick up this one will want to know. So let’s take a look at this one shall we?

Oranges, tangerine, grapefruit, blood orange juice, tootsie rolls, bubblegum, Milk Chocolate, Orange Creamsicle, brown sugar, vanilla, caramel, pecan pie notes, caramel,gummy bears, coriander spice, stone fruit peaches, earhy notes and honey.

Milk Chocolate, Orange Creamsicle, brown sugar, vanilla, caramel, tangerine, oranges, pecan pie, bubble gum, tootsie rolls, rye bread, dark fruit hints, biscuit bread, stone fruit peach hints, grapefruit soda, blood orange juice, Sunny Delight citrus, earthy notes, toffee, honey, rainbow sherbet ice cream, candi sugar, orange marmalade, matured oranges and gummy bears.

Orange, chococolate, vanilla, earthy notes, caramel, biscuit bread, honey and grapefruit hops. No alcohol in the taste, Dark Amber light to medium body, creamy, silky, smooth and refreshing mouthfeel and easy to moderate drinkability.

Love this beer! Perfect! I am glad I was finally able to bring this one here to the site for review. Not many breweries make a chocolate orange creamsicle beer, but the Dudes got this one on lockdown. I know the Bruery’s version is not available anymore but this one is no doubt the next best thing especially since it is chocolate orange flavored. Highly recommended to those that love orange creamsicles.

Anime Corner:
Nadia Cassel from Metal Slug was brought here for a first time review as I wanted to pair her colors and tenacity in the game to the beer. She pairs well with this one as her hair color and eyes go well with the beer label. The bubblegum she blows is similar to the orange drinking from the straw but also the bubblegum and tootsie roll flavors of the beer. Overall citrusy and sweet.