¡Guava Libre! Collaboration by Funky Buddha and The Bruery

Rating: 7/7

¡Guava Libre! Collaboration by Funky Buddha and The Bruery is a 7.5% ABV Imperial Cream ale brewed with Lactose, Guava and Vanilla.


This collaborative brew with our Floridian friends takes a page out of both of our books – a bold, experimental beer with culinary inspiration. Specifically, a Cuban guava party

This sensory getaway transports you to a corner bodega with our friends at Funky Buddha in South Florida to recreate the flavors you’d find in a “pastelito de guayaba.” Championing the big, bold flavors that both our breweries are known for, we brewed an imperial cream ale, adding lactose and vanilla to impart sweet, custard-like ribbons, and guava for filling its conceptual authenticity. It’s a collaboration that’s equal parts inspiration and admiration.


A new Bruery release to the public brings the talents of Funky Buddha from the east coast to the west. Funky Buddha has been a brewery that, just like the Bruery, loves doing special beers that taste super close to desserts. Their experimentations are definitely worth note and while I have not been able to bring their beers to the site as obtaining them is difficult other than online trading, I have had a chance to try them at some beer tasting sessions with friends. For the few I have tried, all were damn top notch. Therefore, as soon as I found out they were collaborating with the Bruery, I realized it could only be pure magic. Let’s have a look and see if that truly is the case, cheers!

Rich Guava Pastries, Vanilla, Danish cream Sweetened condensed milk, Guava crème brulee, Guava yogurt, Rich Guayaba Membrillo, banana, dulce de leche caramel, dried apricots, dried apples, grapes, fruit cake, guava cheesecake, stone fruit peaches, apricots, mango, prickly pear tuna, honey dew melon, dragon fruit, passion fruit, strawberries and cherries.

Rich Guayaba Membrillo (Guava preserves block), guava pastries, Danish cream, cane sugar, kiwi, cherries, stone fruit peaches, apricots, mango, prickly pear tuna, honey dew melon, dragon fruit, passion fruit, strawberries, flan, Guava Cobbler, Peach cobbler, dried apricots, dried apples, grapes, fruit cake, guava cheesecake, sweetened condensed milk, guava yogurt, banana, steamed milk, orange juice, candied apples, vanilla, burnt caramel, dulce de leche caramel, piloncillo sugar cone, guava crème brulee, guava pie, toasted rye bread with guava jelly, guava maize atole and agua Fresca de guayabas.

Finishing rich with guava pastry flavor all around, vanilla, caramel, flan, sweetened condesed milk, stone fruit, grapes, apples and lots of tropical fruit. No alcohol in the taste, Pulpy Orange Juice orange and golden full body, creamy, smooth, velvety and refreshing mouthfeel along with a ridiculously easy drinkability.

Another ridiculous collaboration! Damn! Funky Buddha and the Bruery did it! A true pastry of a beer. It was so ridiculous, I finished the beer in one sitting and wanted more. Yeah its really bad when a beer is so damn good you want to finish it in one sitting. So pleasant and delicious and super easy to drink making this one a bucket lister to me. Definitely get this one if you can!

Anime Corner:
Rainbow Mika from Capcom’s Street Fighter series was used in this pairing mainly since I wanted to pair this beer on the name pun for ¡Lucha Libre! It was to be paired with wrestling as the movie goes. So Mika was the closest wrestler I could think of that would fit with the colors of the beer in general and it was a good reason too as I have not paired her with a Bruery beer before.


Otiose by the Bruery

935014_10101146739631550_1924334654_n 427812_10101146739252310_1507309113_nRating: 4.45/5

Otiose by the Bruery is a 8.2%ABV Sour Brown Ale Aged in Oak with Guava.

Created for no purpose besides satisfying an intense craving. Pleasantly tart with tropical notes balanced by roast malt.

Defined as “serving no practical purpose”, the recipe for Otiose was developed during a rare break in the brewing schedule; a recipe we came up with to satisfy our own desires and nothing more. The result is a sour brown ale aged in oak barrels to which we added guava. Riddled with tropical notes which are balanced by it’s malty backbone, Otiose is a rich and decadent sour ale. 8.2%, Cellerable for up to 3 years.

The fragrance of this beer are of sour wine grapes, notes of caramel, guava, lemon citrus, passion fruit, plum notes, apples, cranberry, raspberry, oak and vanilla. Aside from the sour grape wine flavor, this beer has some nice sweet notes. Flavors of pecan, guava, banana notes, cherry, raspberry, caramel, toffee, vanilla, oak, brown sugar, citrus, lemon, grapefruit, honey, some toasted rye bread and some sour funkyness. The beer is quite balanced. There is enough tart and caramel notes to make it pretty interesting. This is similar to some of the great Jolly Pumpkin ales. So if you love sours, have fun trying this one 😛