Sriracha Hot Stout Beer by Rogue brewing

10440244_10102230774437110_1379089818809890092_nRating: 3.85/5

Sriracha Hot Stout Beer by Rogue brewing is a 5.7% ABV American Stout brewed with Sriracha Huy Fong hot chili sauce and ripened Rogue Farms ingredients.

Rogue Rooster Sauce

I Put Sriracha in my Rogue
Dedicated to the Rooster

Rogue Sriracha Hot Stout Beer, made from Huy Fong hot chili sauce and ripened Rogue Farms ingredients, is ready to drink with soup, sauces, pasta, pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers, chow mein, or anything you’d like to wash down with a spicy kick.

15° Plato
55 IBU


Yes, another weird beer. AS if the last beer (99 Scorpions) wasn’t already taking it to the upper most limits of just plain damn weird. This beer will be seeing distribution soon but I could not wait and got this from Rogue’s main site. Just like the time I tried the Beard yeast beer or the Chocolate Raspberry Pretzel. Although beard yeast beer was delicious for as weird as it was and so was 99 Scorpions. People love Sriracha and I think bringing the review out just in the nick of time to the masses so they can see if this is good or not was just the right occasion. So get your best Chinese plate out or any food you love this Sriracha on and see if the beer works better with or without food.

Sriracha, garlic, clove spice, dark chocolate, coffee, herbs, soy sauce, tomato sauce, szechuan peppercorns, biscuit bread, clove spice, red tree dried chilies, red bean paste and brown sugar.

Sriracha chili, dark chocolate, roasted coffee notes, herbs, spices, red tree dried chilies, red bean paste, garlic, clove spice, rye bread, tomato sauce, biscuit bread, caramel, vanilla, brown sugar, soy sauce, dark fruit hints, szechuan peppercorns, guajillo peppers, tobacco, roasted peanuts and toffee.

Rye, Sriracha sauce, earthy notes, vanilla, coffee, and dark chocolate hints. No alcohol in the taste, creamy mouth feel, sipping drinkiability due to the delicious yet overwhelming flavors and a dark crimson full body.

As a Stout, this is very good. With the Sriracha, it is an interesting experiment but nothing too mind blowing. I gave it props on the stout flavors and the fact that this really tastes like a Sriracha bottle. While I love Sriracha, this beer is better drank as a food pairing. The heat is not as intense as other chili beers but after a while, the Sriracha heat will get to you and linger in the back of the throat. The balance of the beer is very good as the stout flavors tries its best to compliment the spiciness of the Sriracha. I think this is worth a try but if you have had Sriracha with food and drank and rich delicious stout, then you pretty much have had this beer. Whether gimmick or not, it really seems more of a novelty item than anything. I would only recommend this if you like Sriracha and Stouts.

Anime Corner:
Inubashiri Momiji from Touhou Series was used in this pairing to pair with the Sriracha beer in many aspects. When I think of heat, I think of fire and dragons. Inubashiri here looks like she has the sauce splattered all over. The heat is represented by her rage. I am not sure what she is possibly killing here but you can assume it is like the heat she spends trying to take down the your tastebuds. Her outfit and the Chinese symbols represents the origin of the great Hot Sauces of China and all their awesome glory. There are so many awesome sauces that some ferment for years and are very expensive. I am sure the basic Sriracha from China is way better than what we typically get everywhere here, but I digress. AS the dragons in the background drip from their mouths looks like blood is like Sriracha dripping as the sauce is HOT! Just like the beer after a while.



The Vixen By Samuel Adams

ImageThe Vixen Chocolate Chili Bock by Sam Adams is a German bock style brew made a la “Theobroma” (Dogfish Head Chili Beer) but darker in the more German style. The beer is made with different types or malts including caramel, roasted, pale and Munich. Spices such as chiles grown in Mexico, cocoa nibs from Ecuador and Cinnamon from south east Asia. All of these ingredients come together to produce a magnificent brew. There is a lot of notes of sweetness in the beginning from what seem to be caramel, chocolate, very minor coffee, some dark fruit and vanilla followed by a more spicy and capsaisin minor heat flavor of the chiles with cinnamon. LOL it is almost like a seducing mistress. Very sweet at first and then…Well…stuff gets kinda hot afterwards ;). But yes, an enjoyable beer with stout like notes but more of a sweet and not as heavy beer. Overall I am glad I got this. Looks like one of their, not often found, kind of beers. Worth a try, especially for those that like the chile flavor but not with an extreme heat. LOL this would probably an equivalent of making a chocolate with chile like they did in the Aztec day in Mexico. Very good 😛