Phantom Bride collaboration by Belching Beaver

14940050_10103685147047740_4523263644696155680_oRating: 7/7

Phantom Bride collaboration by Belching Beaver and Deftones is a 7.10% India Pale Ale brewed with Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe Hops.

Named after the ethereal song by the one and only Deftones, Phantom Bride IPA is a blend of Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops delicately balanced for the perfectly drinkable mix of citrus and hoppy goodness.

A truly original Deftones/Belching Beaver Collaboration envisioned by Chino Moreno and skillfully crafted by Thomas Peters. Sit back, put on your headphones and drink away.

Cheers – Nathan

Released by Belching Beaver on October 2016. The first release was ridiculous outselling right away in many Bevmos across Southern California. While many believed it was the last of its kind, Belching Beaver had more to released a couple weeks later. In fact, if you are lucky (As of November 1st 2016) you can get some online or at a local Bev-mo. Online stores like still have it. I wanted to release this one on Dia De Los Muertos and lucky I was able to snag one just for the occasion. This release comes as a tribute to the song by the same name released by the Deftones in their “GORE” album which features Jerry Cantrell which also comes from the band “Alice in Chains” and many other awesome bands such as Metallica. He lends a special part with his guitar influences which makes for a great album and well, what a better way to commemorate that with this beer. Cheers and Rock ON!!!

Dank, garlicky, floral, piney, herbal and grassy hops, stone peaches, apricots, rich tropical fruits, guava, strawberry, mango, dragon fruit, passion fruit, pineapple juice, kiwi, prickly pears, pomegranates, honey dew melon, papaya, cranberries, cherries, tangerines, lychee, kumquats, orange honey blossom, lemon starburst, orange starburst, lemon candy, grapefruit pulp and juice, tangerine gummies, vanilla and sweetened condensed milk hints.

Rich tropical fruit, passion fruit, dragon fruit, guava, mango, pineapple juice, kiwi, prickly pears, honey dew melon, papaya, pomegranates, dank, garlicky, floral, piney, herbal and grassy hops, basil, lemon grass, vanilla, tangerine gummies, tropical fruit smoothie, grape hints, kumquats, lychees, cherries, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, orange honey blossom, lemon starburst, orange starburst, lemon candy, stone peaches, apricots, sweetened condensed milk hints, Danish cream hints, grapefruit juice, tampico orange juice, lime aide and almond cream hints

Finishing with rich fruit cup, tropical and citrus fruit flavors with rich hop dankness, sweetened condensed milk hints, honey, and other juicy fruits. No alcohol in the taste, Pale Golden Honey light to medium body, crisp, clean, smooth, refreshing and velvety mouthfeel with an easy drinkability.

No wonder it is a hard beer to get. It is not New England haze but it sure damn tastes like it. Belching Beaver has never disappointed me even with the release of the much loved Peanut butter and Mexican Chocolate Milk stout, this is amazing. Their Here Comes Mango was an amazing beer but this is kicking stuff to a whole new level. This is a supreme bucket listing juice bomb. It still goes to show that even the west coast can still kick ass even if it is not with a super hazy brew like the hyped ones in the east or special can released. Just like the day of the dead, I hope you can get this one before kicking the bucket as well. A supreme juicy bomb that is highly recommended!!

Anime Corner:
Emily from The Corpse Bride and an original character were the closest I could come up for known characters that could be used to pair with the name of the beer. The theme of day of the dead as well and generally, the wandering of the bride as she had spent life maybe never achieving what she wanted due to something she prevented herself from doing or even, loving in general. Pretty deep stuff but it is enough for people to respect the way others live their lives be it good or bad, the important part is to hope they lived it to their means.


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