Raspberry Trippelbock by Mikkeller

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Raspberry Trippelbock by Mikkeller is a 13%ABV Eisbock/Trippelbock brewed with Raspberries.


Commercial Description:
Mikkeller’s Raspberry Trippelbock is a huge strong ale brewed with raspberries to add a bit of tartness to the sweet profile of the bock style.


Love me some raspberries and to see a raspberry beer with a cute label was kind of the reason why I got this one. I don’t often review Mikkeller beers as they are pretty pricey but they are damn epic some times. I also Doppelbocks so the fact that what we have here a Trippelbock, well, that pretty much says everything about why I wanted to bring this beer to the site. This beer is available in many places that sells Mikkeller beers especially some of the online shops. Though a little bottle, 13% ABV is quite a lot! Cheers!

Rich compound of raspberries, strawberries, dark fruit raisins, plums, wild berries, blue berries, blackberries, pomegranate, Black Cherry tartness, strawberries, honey, kiwis, raspberry marmalade and jelly, raspberry cheesecake, toasted rye bread, tobacco, leather, anise, molasses, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, rock candy, candi sugar, dark chocolate, chocolate mousee, bananas, clove spice, floral notes and brown sugar.

Extremely rich dark fruits of raspberry sweet and tartness, raisins, plums, blueberries, wild berries, blue berries, black berries, pomegranate, Black Cherry tartness, strawberry short cake, rich honey, raspberry yogurt, toasted rye bread with raspberry marmalade preserves, strawberries, kiwis, raspberry jelly doughnuts, dark chocolate, chocolate mousee, bananas, clove spice, raspberry cheesecake, brown sugar, stone fruit apricots, peaches, tobacco, leather, anise, molasses, dulce de leche caramel, vanilla, rock candy, candi sugar and crème brulee.

Tart raspberry marmalade, rich complexity of stone and dark fruits, bananas, chocolate notes, tobacco, dulce de leche caramel and candi sugar. No alcohol in the taste despite the 13%ABV, Creamy, velvety and smooth, moderate drinkability and crimson yet pitch black full body.

A totally embodiment of super rich, complex and exceedingly exceptional raspberry tart and sweet dessert. I really love this one and wish I had more of it. This beer is great ranging from not only the raspberry flavors but also the good dark fruit and caramel flavors that make up the doppel/trippel bock. I would definitely recommend it but only if you are willing to pay a little more than 10$ a bottle. Serious business!

Anime Corner:
Washu Hakubi from the Tenchi Muyo! Series was used in this pairing since I wanted someone cute to pair with the raspberries and the colors of the label as well. Washu sometimes carries around these little puppets that could represent the birdie but I could not find one that would work out. Oh well. Washu aside from having a crab-like hair do, she is all raspberry blown tongue emoticon.


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