Black House by Modern Times

11114281_10102529144266580_3552622966899489124_n 11174593_10102529145873360_1233543535899748119_oRating: 5/5

Black House by Modern Times is a 5.8% ABV American Oatmeal Stout brewed with 75% Ethiopian Hambela and 25% Sumatran Mandheling coffee, toasted coconut & cocoa nibs.

What could possibly make Black House, our year round oatmeal coffee sour, diggity danker? It’s possible that the addition of super chocolatey cocoa nibs & über-fragrant toasted coconut does in face make it diggity danker. I guess we’ll leave that for you to judge. What you can expect out of this beer is the same freshly aromatic coffee character & dry, complex malt profile as standard issue Black House, but with strong notes of chocolate and coconut, which combine to make the whole thing just incredibly drool-worthy.


One of the newest beers from Modern Times and basically my first from them, this one intrigued me as I like coffee and coconut beers. Or I guess coconut beers in general. This one is made with some fancy coffee beans so I really dig what they had to offer in this one. This beer is a special release that will be released in April every year according to the information online. Let’s check out this coffee one, Cheers!

Espresso coffee, roasted coffee, milk chocolate, toasted coconut, mocha, java, Kahlua hints, caramel, toffee, vanilla, coffee cake, nutmeg, molasses, tobacco, earthy notes, banana notes, oatmeal and brown sugar.

Chocolate, rich toasted coconut, milk chocolate, almond joy chocolate, dark chocolate, flan, brown sugar, espresso coffee, coffee cake, mocha, java, Kahlua hints, caramel, toffee, nutmeg, molasses, tobacco, banana notes, earthy notes, smokey notes, oatmeal cookies, oreo cookie hints, dark fruit raisins, jamocca ice cream and pecan pie.

Chocolate, roasted coffee, toasted coconut, vanilla,earthy notes, caramel, almond joy candy and hints of dark fruit. No alcohol in the taste, easy to moderate drinkability, creamy and smooth mouthfeel with a pitch black full body.

A perfect coffee beer that drinks more than what it is. There are a lot of rich flavors going on and many of the rich flavors as specified by the ingredients of the beer are pretty damn dead on. What surprises me the most about this beer is that this is only less than 6% ABV and yet to be pretty damn complex and rich is nothing short of greatly made Stout. Much props to Modern Times and a high recommendation as well.

Anime Corner:
Ciel from Megaman Zero and original girl from Misaki Kurehito were used in this pairing since I wanted to find something in relation to coffee and coconut. The light white haired girl as she sits on the coffee cup represents that. Ciel represents the waking up in the morning to a cup of this delicious brew. Or you could also see it as her drinking too much of this brew and passing out as she writes special beer reviews lol.


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