Funk-N-Delicious series Bleuet by Oceanside Ale Works

11041805_10102445816950190_2069116886595484632_nRating: 4.85/5

Funk-N-Delicious series Bleuet by Oceanside Ale Works is a 6% ABV Lambic/Belgian Sour Blonde aged in oak barrels with blueberries.

Barrel Aged Bueberry
Pajottenland style Blebet

Funk-n-Delicious Bleuet is a blonde ale, spontaneously fermented with wild airborne yeast. It is then transferred into Gwerztremainer barrels for a secondary fermentation, of which Brettanomyces is the majority. This “Brett” gives the beer its distinct “funky” characteristic. Once the “Velo de Flor”of yeast drops into suspension, it is transferred into Johannesburg Riesling barrels with fresh blueberries to age, until the desired balance of “funk” fruit and filigree is achieved. Enjoy!


Mark Purciel, owner at Oceanside Ale Works graces his presence to the site with a new creation that will be hitting stores soon as part of his Funk-N-Delicious series. Previously on tap only, this bottle has only seen a few hands and today, thanks to Mark’s generosity, we present to you, the Bleuet, a blueberry sour lambic.

I have tried a variety of different blueberry beers, some more complex than others, some sweet and one time, a blueberry sour. Today, I get to try a blueberry sour lambic. It isn’t the same as a blueberry sour as lambics tend to have fruit flavors give a helping hand with an amount of sweetness making the drink more of a tart instead. With that being said, let’s take a look at we have here.

Very rich fragrances of blueberries, flowers like lavender, hibiscus, peppercorn, white grapes, tart raspberries, strawberry cheesecake, vanilla, oak, grapefruit, sugar cane, Belgian phenolic notes, banana hints, green apples, lemon peels and some stone fruit peaches.

Rich lemon peel, citrus, sour white grapes, concorde wine grapes, blueberry yogurt, strawberry cheese cake, tart fresh raspberries, black currants, vanilla, oak, sugar cane hints, farmhouse hay, bretty funk, tart green apples, stone fruit peaches, coriander spice, grapefruit, Belgian phenolic notes, banana and flowers like lavender and hibiscus.

Finishing dry with the sweet blueberries lingering, tart raspberry, vanilla, stone fruit and oak. No alcohol in the taste, easy to moderate drinkability, light clear golden body and a smooth, crisp and refrshing mouthfeel.

Another great example of the lambic style. This one came out to be very good. Drinking this one cold engages the sour blond characteristics but as it warms up, the blueberries and rich fruit and flowers take over melding with the existing flavors showing that this is really just a tart drink and not a head on sour. It is light and drinkable with a lot of complexity going on. Something that can be drunk in several sittings as you definitely want to enjoy this. I highly recommend this one if you like mild sours with nice fruity flavors and especially if you love bluberries! This lambic has not come out yet but will see the public sometime soon. Keep an eye out at or to see the release date.

Anime Corner:
Vocaloid Luka Megurine was used in this pairing as I wanted to do something with blueberries. After looking at so many different pictures, they were not clicking with me. It wasn’t until I found this one and looked at it and said, this is the one. Luka presenting the blueberries represents the love that goes into making this lambic. By not being hidable, it goes to show that they made a lambic that truly is blueberries and you don’t need to find them as they are already there. This is not a typical sour, it is a fruit forward tart. Her colors represent the complexity of the lambic inviting the other fruity flavors like the strawberries, raspberries, the flowers and other awesome complexities.


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