2011 Daliesque by Oceanside Ale Works

Rating: 5.25/5

2011 Daliesque by Oceanside Ale Works is a 6.2% ABV Lambic/Belgian Sour Blonde aged in oak barrels.

A Barrel Aged “Lambic Style” Sour Blonde. Daliesque: Conscientiously affecting the ostentatious, weird, or bizarre.


I have been doing reviews for a while and have definitely loved doing what I do for a long time. I have also been fortunate enough to be able to find good friends who have helped me with trading beers like my friend Aaron Mendiola of beermetaldude.com so I can inform the public about great beer treasures.

As of recently, I had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Mark Purciel, owner of Oceanside Ale Works in Oceanside California. After doing a review of the “Dude” Double IPA some time last year, Mark reached out to me asking if I would like to review Daliesque. In the back of my mind I was like, “Dude!!!!” Needless to say, I was awe struck and very excited. This is actually the first time I have been asked personally by a brewery, especially the owner, to try and review some beers. Usually, I try different beers and beers I have heard about. Some breweries like my work but this was an awesome opportunity to bring something for the public to take note. Daliesque has been rated the best lambic in the world (ratebeer.com) and also one of the best brews of 2014 according to (DraftMag.com).

I have been doing this since 2011, and well, for being an awesome request, I humbly give you my review on the 2011 Daliesque. Cheers!

Tart lemon peel, citrus, grapefruit peels, white wine grapes, musty oak, vanilla, farmhouse hay, peppercorn hints, field of flowers like lavender, hibiscus hints, tropical hints like passion fruit, dragon fruit, strawberries, white raisins, stone fruit apricots, peach notes, phenolic notes and sour green apples.

Citrus, orange peel, tart grapefruit, Stone fruit like peaches, apricots, mango hints, white wine grapes, farmhouse hints, lemon peel, lemon candy, tart peach, pineapple, lychee fruit, sour green apples, dragon fruit hints, passion fruit, vanilla, oak, biscuit bread, white raisins, ripened strawberries, tart raspberries, sugar cane hints, Belgian phenolic notes, banana, clove spice hints, coriander hints, floral notes like lavender and hibiscus.

Leaving off with some stone fruit note and very mild tropical hints, oak, vanilla, sour white grapes, oak and biscuit bread before going into a dry finish. No alcohol in the taste, smooth mouthfeel, easy to moderate drinkability. and light to hazy golden body. The hardly any carbonation but with these styles, its welcome.

An exceptional lambic. While The base beer is supposed to be sour and the oak barrel lends a hand with the funkiness, the overall lambic through and through is actually more of a tart and sweet than it is sour giving way to some of the fruity notes but still maintaining composure as a sour lambic. Age has definitely done wonders to this one. When it comes to how I like my sours, I generally look past the sour aspect to find complexities during cold and warm temperatures. I think what makes this one an exceptional lambic has to do with balance of how you get the best of both worlds (Sweet/Sour) without the sourness getting the best of the lambic. That and the time aging has definitely had a great effect on it. As I have mentioned in my rating system, when I find something that goes beyond the base beer (typically aging can do this), I feel these beers deserve that extra credit push as not many perfect base beers can show their true potential unless it is take to a new level. In this case, it definitely exceeds it a bit. I highly recommend this one if you can find it and if you like tart and sweet beers.

I extend my thanks to Mark Purciel at Oceanside Ale Works for the opportunity of letting me try this awesome lambic, Cheers! Check out this interview with Mark on some of the origins of the Dude IPA and Oceanside Ale Works: http://www.thehopshighway.com/video/

Anime Corner:
Duality by tincek-marincek was used in this pairing as I wanted to find something that worked with the “Daliesque” artwork as made famous by Salvador Dali. While searching for many anime related artworks that would fit the ostentatious, weird, or bizarre. I found this artwork. This artwork represents the struggle of the beer as it tries to balance itself out. The beer itself is pretty balance giving great flavors of tart, sour and sweet. The lighter side of the duality represents the blonde and sweet flavor base of the lambic while the dark one represents the complexities brought on by the sour notes and the oak. As I mentioned before there is an aspect of this lambic that consist of a struggle for balance but eventually finding the middle ground (especially when the lambic warms up). Synonymous with human nature, everyone has a good and a bad side and we have to work together to balance ourselves out.


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