Hellshire III (2 years aged) by Oakshire brewing

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Hellshire III (2 years aged) by Oakshire brewing is a Foreign/Export Stout aged in bourbon barrels.

Deep within the recesses of the alcoves and antechambers of Oakshire Brewing lies another realm. It’s a place where beers are carefully laid to rest in oaken sarcophagi. They slumber for aeons and emerge as wholly new and unique entities, fueling the malformed creatures that populate those blasted and eldritch wastes. That place is HELLSHIRE. HELLSHIRE III is a Foreign Style stout aged for nearly 10 months in a freshly emptied bourbon barrels. Notes of vanilla, chocolate, roasted coffee, oak & bourbon intertwine with the beer’s complex malt flavors. It’s ready to enjoy now or can be cellared cool & dry for several years. Cheers! Matt Van Wyk. Brewmaster.

This crazy beer has been something I have been looking for since its release in 2013. Very elusive for sure! I have done reviews for the first two in 2011 and 2012 and with the release of the Hellshire IV, it is already hard to find. Regardless, it has been aged for a whole year and if we include the 2 months since the February release, that makes 2 years altogether aging. I have waited a long time to try this beer and well, even kept the right artwork that pairs with it waiting a long time. So be it! Here we go, on to the review!

Currants, dark fruits, coffee, vanilla, oak, bourbon, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, lavender, currants, wine grapes, currant, anise, molasses, marshmallow, roasted barley, wine grapes, port wine, leathery notes, brown sugar, mild smokey notes and cherries.

Delicious berry yogurt, fancy coffee, mocha, milk chocolate, rich dark chocolate, vanilla, coconut, oak, bourbon, dark fruits, rich currants, caramel, toffee, marshmallow, roasted barley, berry jam on toast, anise, molasses, leather notes, smoke, wine grapes, lavender, fudge, brown sugar, cherries, smoked oysters hints and maple.

A dry stout finish but it definitely has a very good lingering complexity. Roasted coffee, lots of berry notes, yogurt like notes, anise, dark chocolate, coconut and bourbon notes. No alcohol in the taste. Very smooth yet sipping drinkability. At 8.5% ABV, there seems to be a great complex feel even in the aftertaste.

Not sure how the early version of the beer tasted but this is definitely very complex and delicious making it exceed my expectations. Lower ABV, smooth to drink and still retaining complexity its very crazy. Hellshire, I mean, Oak shire redeemed themselves with this one as they advised that the Hellshire II was infected. It may not be the same beer but it is close to what I remember the second being except with way more added complexity and well similar yet, different style, more of the dryer type but yet maintaining its greatness overall. Hell if you can find this one.

Anime Corner:
Succubus by Felsus of Deviantart.com was used in this pairing as it was the coolest pairing that fit the colors of the label since 2013. I waited a very long time to do a pairing with this beer and this artwork and I finally got the chance. It also fits the artwork and the whole aspect of hell too this is a devil succubus sheep and as the dry stout goes, she will drain you dry. That is why this beer is this so smooth and sweet as Hellshire will absorb you in to a pit of darkness!!

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