2014 Tripel Tonnellerie by the Bruery

10155300_10101781214903020_3523178394103404840_n 10297562_10101781214548730_3330845706120690822_nRating: 4.6/5

2014 Tripel Tonnellerie by the Bruery is a 9.5% ABV Belgian Abbey Tripel aged in oak barrels.

Tripel Tonnellerie is a Belgian-stykle Tripel ale that has been fermented in oak barrels, adding a layer of complexity and traditional farmhouse character. Best enjoyed fresh but may pleasently evolve over time if cellared properly.

As part of the 2014 Preservation society, this beer was released for the first quarter of 2014.

Smells almost like a Berliner Weisse fuzed with a Tripel. Brettanomyces funk, oak, Farmhouse hay funk like notes, Rich Stone fruits like apricots, peaches and lychee, lots of lemon zest, peppercorns, coriander spice, sour apples, apricots, biscuit bread, honey, musty old grapes, flowers, vanilla, caramel, floral notes and mild banana notes.

Lots of Honey, peppercorns, oak, biscuit bread, chardonay, apples, sour white grapes, white wine, stone fruits like apricots, peaches, lychees, banana notes, musty sour funky notes, farmhouse hay, tart lemons, coriander spices, funky brettanomyces, citrus, hibiscus flowers, honey and butterscotch.

Finishing with honey, flowers, white wine, sour grapes, bicuit bread and vanilla. No alcohol in the taste. Moderate drinking yet smooth, crisp and refreshing.

A very good beer that kinda makes you wonder where exactly is going. It is not a sour by any means but has enough tart flavors that reminds you of it being close. There is also like farmhouse quality to it that makes you think that this one was like a fusion of a Tripel with a saison with oak sour flavors. Not too bad if you join the preservation society, but hey on the plus side, it comes with Chocolate Rain.

Anime Corner:
Satsuki Kyurin from Kill La Kill was used in this pairing to pair with the flavors of the beer and the label. Her colors of the blue green almost pair with Juunketsu, her power armor. The beer flavors best describe her character. She is very cold and harsh in the beginning of the series, always en pointe, and always arrogant and ruling (ABV + Sour Flavors). As the series goes by SPOILER ALERT………………..She becomes a more loving and tender person especially after finding out the Ryuko Matoi (My favorite character) is actually her long lost baby sister and realizing the error of her ways toward her sister. She finds out that the bit of family that she does have in her sister makes up for the bitter way their mother is. She teams up with Ryuko and finds out how powerful they can be. The sweet flowery tripel flavory aspect of the beer represents this change because Satsuki found her way (Show’s theme “Don’t Lose Your way!), she found her baby sister (even though she treated her like shit without knowing at first) and was able to make amends. So this beer definitely tells the store about a Tripel who was involved in some sour notes but still maintained the sweet bread deliciousness about it. How’s that for a pairing . Cheers fans!!

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