Hot Lips Real Fruit Cherry Soda

1620586_10101660100696860_2108733179_nHot Lips Real Fruit Cherry Soda is a 0% ABV (Non-Alcoholic) Craft Soda made with dark sweet and red sour cherries

Each deliciously refreshing bottle of HOTLIPS begins with fresh fruit picked at peak ripeness from family farms in the Pacific Northwest. Out all-natural CHERRY us a luxurious blend of sweet and tart varietals joined with soft, smooth bubbles.

Another soda review. Yes, sometimes variety is good even if it may be short at times. I will give my best to give a good review but I cannot rate the soda as it I don’t consider myself good at it. Well, here we go. 

Cherry yogurt, prunes, cherry cobbles, cherry pie.

Dark Cherries, yogurt, Sour cherry cobbler, prunes, cherry skins and raisins.

Cherry and prune in the aftertaste. Moderate to Easy drinkability.

A very good and not overly sweet soda. The focus is definitely not artificial but more along the lines of matured fruit or sun dried fruits. It is not the best soda ever, but if you are looking for pure sugary cherry flavor, you won’t find it here and many will find it appealing for that reason.

Anime Corner:
Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3 was used in this pairing to showcase the Red hot cherry lips and the dark cherry aspects of the soda. The label colors fit perfectly and this character is not sweet, she is cool and collected. So that would bring in the prune flavors in.

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