Bois Fumé by The Bruery

1619294_10101663514700170_359443355_n 1779168_10101663519685180_404076231_nRating: 6/5

Bois Fumé by The Bruery is a 16.2% ABV Old Ale and Imperial smoked rye porter blend aged in bourbon barrels

VOULEZ UNE FUMÉE? (Would you like a smoke?)

This rustic beer is the result of barrel aging a blend of our Anniversary, English-style old ale, with Smoking Wood, an imperial smoked rye porter for a pleasantly sweet quaff with an dry, peaty finish.

Bois Fumé is a combination that makes all too much sense. Smoking Wood and Bois (French for ‘wood’) combine force3s in a unique winter warmer. Best enjoyed Fresh but, may pleasantly evolve over time if cellared properly.

Non merci, je ne fume pas. Je préfère la bière artisanale s’il vous plaît… or something like that. I will do an exception with this one though. Two of some of the best beers Bruery bees combined in a blend. Talk about a Melange. But in all seriousness, this beer is a Reserve exclusive and one that can probably be achieve by just mixing the Bois and Smoking Wood beers to make Bois Fumé (French for Smoking Wood, no surprise here). While Bois was already close to exceed expectations and Smoking wood for me was perfect, a blend would surely skyrocket the results. Let’s see what this one is about shall we? Cheers!

Lots of rye bread with bananas,vanilla,dulce de leche caramel, coconut, milk chocolate, pecan pie, dark fruits like raisins, plums, cherries, figs, dates, wine grapes, sherry, apples, Flan, vanilla, sweet condenced milk (Lechera), crème brulee, oak wood, toffee, marshmallows, rum, whiskey, bourbon, brown sugar, burnt sugars and mocha coffee.

Campfire Smokey notes, bacon, dark and milk chocolate, oak, bourbon, dark fruits, raisins, bananas, dulce de leche caramel, toffee, vanilla, rum, apples, peach, figs, dates, prunes, cherries, pecan and hazelnut pie, marshmallows, flan, sweetened condenced milk (Lechera), crème brulee, wine grapes, sourdough and rye bread, toffee, sherry, burnt sugar, brown sugar, butterscotch hints, Honey, scotch, mocha, maple syrup and coconut.

Smokey oak, dark fruit, bourbon, wine, earthy but sweet coffee notes. The alcohol is subtle in the taste but the smokey sweet flavors cover for it very well.

Fucking Epic, this beer was definitely more than I expected. They are somehow referring this to be a winter warmer on the bottle. I have no idea how it is possible but it sure is. This is a freaking crazy beer. Like I stated before, I already loved both the smoking wood and the Bois and this just took it to another level. It is highly recommended if you can find this variant. Just be cautious, it is the most booziest smoked beer I have ever had so if you like smoke and boozy, you win a “fancy campfire or sitting in a fancy chair listening to classical music near a fire place” type of beer.

Anime Corner:
Rei Ayanami and Rei Ayanami 3.0 from Neon Genesis Evangelion were used in this pairing to symbolize the original Bois anime picture I chose. In the first scene, the colors portray fire or Rei being engulfed by flames of glory. Well not in a bad way but like in a “Goku powering up super saiyan” kind of way. Also, the addition of the Black and White Ray sitting over lava show off the complexities of the beer in terms of the sweet and smokey colors. Not to mention the fact that they are surrounded by lava or magma. The wave of the cloth symbolizes the smokey aspects of the beer as Rei 3.0 holds the cloth over the lava. Also the Rei sleeping symbolizes the extra strength of this beer is enough to put anyone to sleep. That is all I have, but can you find any other pairings for this beer?

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