2013 Quingenti series Batch no. 9 Punishment by Stone brewing

1560557_10101636162569060_1539970460_n 1551779_10101636162124950_318666055_nRating: 4.2/5

2013 Quingenti series Batch no. 9 Punishment by Stone brewing is a 12.0% ABV Chile beer which consist of Double Bastard ale brewed with chile peppers and aged in American Oak Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.

Punishment was born as Double Bastard Ale – a heavy, bitter, beast of a beer. It was already not for the timid, but with the addition of jaw-dropping quantities of freshly harvested local peppers, including mid-level-heat red and green jalapenos and ultra-hot black nagas, Caribbean red hots, Moruga scrorpions and fatalis, it morphed into a truly punishing brew.

Leads with ultra-hot and fruity chile flavors along with subtler green jalapeño notes. Intense caramel, butterscotch and bourbon flavors make a strong appearance mid-palate, and the beer finishes with a long-lasting, fiery after burn.


For a lover of spicy foods, this is even more fucking scary than crime. I saved this bottle for several months, always looking at me, always taunting me, awaiting until the day I picked it up and reviewed. I looked at it always flipping the finger very time I closed the fridge. Today I decide to bring this one forth for a review and this may or may not be a mistake. Either way, I will try my damnest to give it a good review and pursue the fires of this hell to see what I find. Wish me luck :S.

Lots or fruit spices and intense hot chile aromas like habanero, piquin, jalapeño, flower notes, caramel, toffee, mild brown sugar, mild vanilla, oak, bourbon, mild marshmallow hint, cucumber, citrus, tropical fruit, but overall just lots of scary spices of different peppers. 

Lots and lots of habanero and jalapeño pepper heat, but as I dug deeper, I could taste the hidden bastard of citrus, caramel, bourbon, oak, pizza, fancy cheese, grapefruit, herbal tea, flowers, marshmallow, very mild dark bitter chocolate cocoa plant, cucumber, toffee, old mango, minor tropics and brown sugar near the finish

Lots of oak and pepper heat. The bourbon and caramel fade quick. You are too busy trying to play down the heat to even look into finding any alcohol in this which is not detectable or my taste buds are numb. It is a very major sipping beer.

Fuck!! It’s hot, but even for chile heads, its drinkable. Even for me who loves chiles and thought this would be a very bad idea, I think there was definitely enough sweetness to counter the heat or atleast keep some of it at bay because I could still taste some complexity. Although, the Chili comes quick with no remorse. If you do not like super hot, you will not like this beer. Ir’s tough to crack the code but if you play with this liquid fire, you will find somethings that are good about it. Do not try to finish this in one sitting, it is not worth finishing it all at once if your taste buds go numb after a couple of sips. Savor the pain, but enjoy!

Anime Corner:
Lilith and Morrigan Aensland as well as the original Artwork by Sang-heun Nam were used to pair this unholy liquid hell to show off many aspects of punishment in different context. In the first part you see a girl being punished forever having to write and write and write, lol reminds me of me trying to come up with good review pairings and explanations. As you can see, she is being punished while the stone gargoyle is kicking back sipping on expensive drink, lol I hope its beer. Then you see Lilith and Morrigan in the background tending to his every need. The second pairing shows Morrigan and Lilith in what looks to be like fire and brimstone, either resembling eternal punishment or just the suffering of the heat of how damn hot this beer is. So yea, this what I came up. Can you find any other ways Punishment pairs with these artworks?


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