Lupulo de hielo aka (Ice Hop) by Jolly Pumpkin

Rating: 3.75/5 

Lupulo de hielo aka (Ice Hop) by Jolly Pumpkin is a special, one time, beer release American Wild Ale at 6.0% ABV. The beer was released for “Pints for Prostates” campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer back in 2011.Funds from this beer go to finding cures for prostate cancer which is represented by the blue ribbon around the fox. This unique ale is brewed with pumpkin, cacao, and spices and aged in oak barrels. Afterward, it is mixed in with their Calabaza Blanca ale. The ale combines bitter hop flavors with spicy and sour notes. For most Jolly Pumpkin beers, you have to have a special liking for sour beers to actually enjoy this. Otherwise it may not be worth your time . I like sours so here’s what I found. The sour funkyness that taste like wine and grape are in there but not as strong. There are notes or apples, grapefruit, grass and pine with minor peach, honey and caramel flavors. There is a little bit of a pumpkin flavor in the aftertaste as well. Overall a decent beer. JP is one of my favorite breweries even if most of their beers are sour but that is what makes them awesome and unique. It is for a good cause so it definitely works out 🙂

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