Cinco Años Plum Market Anniversary Ale by Jolly Pumpkin

Rating: 4/5 Cinco Años Plum Market Anniversary Ale by Jolly Pumpkin is an American Wild Ale at 4.5% ABV brewed with plums and aged in Oak Barrels. It is a collaborative beer between JP and Plum Market to celebrate, Michigan based Wine and liquor store, Plum Market’s 5th anniversary. This was a special find from a good friend. It was only sold at that store for a while in limited quantities. Being a JP fan I had to see what the hype was all about. I was extremely surprised when I first tried this beer. Most of the JP beers I have tried range in different flavors of awesome but everyone has it’s unique JP sour signature and in some cases it is very noticeable. However, with this beer , I found somewhere where the funky grape and wine sourness is well complemented. It seems that the plum flavor combines with the sour wild yeast to expose a sweetness that can be best described by some amber ales I have tried. A somewhat brown sugar, hazel, chocolate, coffee cake, vanilla and caramel after taste follows after the spicy plum, wine and lime flavor. Seems like the flavors of the plum and the sour cancel out most of the sourness leaving a odd but delicious flavor. Quite drinkable really. At only 0.3% ABV higher than Bud Light, it is way more flavorful at that :P.

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