El Cedro by Jester King

72664_10101623074891870_1601528792_n 995611_10101623076139370_752441856_n 10045_10101623076468710_77638055_n 1520695_10101623077187270_1986376833_nRating: 5/5

El Cedro by Jester King is an 8% ABV Hoppy Farmhouse ale/Saison aged in Spanish Cedar spirals with brettanomyces.

I have conquered many nations defeated vast armies of men, but even I do not dare to trespass in the forest of El Cedro, for El Cedro is no man. Many have ventured within the silent reach of his branches, lured but his sweet smell, never to return. Whispered legends tell of one particularly sorry soul who… hey, did we tell you this has brett in it!

Aggressive yeast this one has. Yet, a very special thanks as well, once again, to Aaron from www.beermetaldude.com for another goodie exclusive from Jester King. Another honorific beer worth reviewing here on the site and one that I take pleasure of doing as JK is one of my favorites so far from Texas. Keep em’ coming, and I’ll keep writing and art pairing for the masses.

Rich pink peppercorns, honey, apricots, floral hops, hibiscus flowers, peaches, pears, cedar oak, lemons, citrus, vanilla, piney and grapefruit hops, honey, biscuit bread, wet hay, coriander spice, wheat bread, brown sugar, grapefruits, white wine grapes and funky brett.

Cedar oak, apples, vanilla, caramel, pink peppercorns, apricots, peaches, plums, honey, coriander spice, hibiscus flowers, roses, piney, herbal, floral and grass hops, rich citrus, grapefruit, lemon peels, wheat bread, biscuits, brown sugar, funky wet hay and white wine grapes.

Hoppy, rich citrus, cedar oak, funky notes, wet hay, honey, coriander, flowers and biscuits linger. No alcohol in the taste, refreshing, crisp, easy to moderate drinkability and over all well balanced.

A great and perfect Saison, reminiscent of my favorite Belgian Strong Pale, the Eschatological ale and even the Bitter monk beer. So far, of the 3 Jester Kings I received from Aaron, this one has got to be my favorite. Damn hidden flavors and so much active yeast, the beer is literally alive! Recommended if you can find it for sure.

Anime Corner:
Khameleon from Mortal Kombat and the original artwork from Hitomaru were chosen for this pairing to show the trees and the living forest but also how deadly the forest can be. The legend of the bottle talks about the forest and in reference to the beer, the Living forest of Mortal Kombat who has stolen many souls pairs this beer perfectly. Not to mention the fact that the living yeast that were still churning as I opened the bottle proved of its deadliness. Khameleon, like reptile, can go unseen and hidden in the forest without being detected. She shows many colors and blends in nicely, such is the complexity of the beer. Hitomaru’s artwork showcases not just that of an evil forest but a girl forest who commands an army of the undead, whom presumably died there, like it was told in the legend of this forest. Anyways, so much can be said about these pairings but the main aspects have been showcased here. It is a deliciously deadly beer!

Lips of Faith series Yuzu by New Belgium

1383393_10101439800495230_2109199200_nRating: 4.39/5

Lips of Faith series Yuzu by New Belgium is an 8% Berliner Weissebier brewed with Yuzu Juice

Who zu Yuzu? It’s a friendly fruit with grapefruit-meets-orange flavor that got involved with the souring side of New Belgium in this bottle conditioned wheat beer. They got on well enough to make this imperial berliner weisse style ale a smooth, delightfully tart sipper with a dry finish. 

The next release under the Lips of Faith line for New Belgium is Yuzu. I think I have ever had Yuzu before but it seems similar to an orange. Well, Ill give it a shot and see how it goes

Aromas are very citrusy. Orange, lemon, lime, biscuit bread, honey, coriander, wheat, tangerine, grapefruit, apricot, mango, melon and lemon candy

Flavors are of orange, sour lemon, biscuit bread, peppercorn notes, lime, honey, hints of funk and tart fruit, wheat bread, coriander spice, herbs, grapefruit, mango, lemon candy, tangerine, lemon peel, lemon grass, sour apple and sour dough.

The aftertaste leaves alittle dry but still carrying notes of the funky fruit, wheat, orange and lemon flavors. It is very refreshing and quite the easy to moderate drinkability. For being a clear beer, it almost feels like a Belgian Pale Ale.

Overall the beer is very good. This is some kind of Wheat, fruit, Belgian Pale and wild ale all put together. You get funky, tart and sour hints, tropical fruit and wheat notes.

Hell or High Watermelon Wheat by 21st Amendment

971970_10101391541606430_139708255_nRating: 2.85/5

Hell or High Watermelon Wheat by 21st Amendment is a 4.9% ABV Wheat Ale brewed with watermelons

Unfiltered, American-style wheat beer. Brewed with 400 pounds of fresh watermelons.

This beer was a gift by one of my friends who went down to Lake Tahoe in Nevada. I have never heard of a wheat beer made with watermelon. I have tried this one before but this is the first I give it a shot a review.

Aromas are of wheat bread, cereal, pilsner grains, coriander, hint of plant and watermelon

The flavors are of wheat, cereal grains, coriander, watermelon notes, biscuit bread, honey, citrus, lemon and almost like red bean paste notes

The after taste is malty, grainy and sweet. The beer is refreshing though and easy to drink.

Overall it was a decent beer. Seems closer to a lager with watermelon flavor. Nothing complex or overpowering. This is probably worth trying once.

Hoegaarden Original Belgian Wheat Beer by Brouwerij van Hoegaarden

379260_10101022798350870_1014131793_nRating: 3.9/5

Hoegaarden Original Belgian Wheat Beer by Brouwerij van Hoegaarden is a 4.9% ABV Witbier

Unfiltered, naturally cloudy. A delicious and surprising refreshing taste, naturally cloudy and brewed using a unique recipe of wheat, malted barley and a subtle hint of coriander and orange peel

Aromas of lemon, hops, orange peel, coriander spice, wheat bread, honey, banana, cloves, peppercorn, flowers and biscuits. The taste is of light coriander and clove spices, light Belgian wheat bread, oranges, lemons, honey, peppercorns, some grassy hops but with minor bitterness, bananas, pears and pineapple juice notes, The biggest thing about this beer is that is is quite refreshing. Belgian flavors that come not so overwhelming but enough to be pleasant, easy to drink and is low in ABV. While not the greatest of Belgian beers, still above average from normal beers, easier to find in some cases and definitely one to get for the summer. Very good beer to check out 🙂

Blue Moon Belgian Pale Ale aka Pale Moon by Coors Brewing

481217_10100981947980340_2041138425_nRating: 3.2/5

Blue Moon Belgian Pale Ale aka Pale Moon by Coors Brewing is a 5.4% ABV Belgian Style Pale Ale. It isn’t often I get to review some of the regular stuff we see on the market but if I have the opportunity, I will give it a shot. While I do prefer other beers I don’t mind trying even some of the other beers. When it comes to beer, it is important to keep an open mind even if you onlywant to try the beer once.

Our interpretation of a pale ale is brewed with a touch of wheat for a smooth finish and Cascade hops for a subtle hop aroma. We add a twist of orange peel and hibiscus for a well-rounded, balanced taste.

The aroma of the beer is of pilsner and grains with small amount of caramel bready fragrance, citrus and honey. The flavor is like light brown ale with small flavors of caramel, honey, minor notes of biscuit and wheat bread, peanuts, orange, pilsner and grain. I don’t sense a lot of the hops in this one as the bitterness seems to come more from the pilsner and citrus which the after taste leaves some orange flavor. This would probably be a lot better on draft and would be a great substitute for lagers when available. This used to be called Pale Moon but now it goes by its new name. Now if only blue moon would release some of their more specialty crafts that they only have on tap… would be interesting to review those …maybe….

Grieskirchner Weisse by Brauerei Grieskirchen

Rating: 3.5/5

Grieskirchner Weisse by Brauerei Grieskirchen is a 5.1% ABV Hefeweizen. This Heff is like a Franziskaner light. Heffs are another of my favorite styles along with Quads, IPAs and Stouts. Smells and taste like the German Heff but more light and leans more toward a flavorful lager. With Banana cloves, light vanilla, wheat bread, sugar brick or Piloncillo like they sell in Mexico, lem

on, apple cider, orange, coriander spice, pilsner malt and grassy notes. I have tried some better heffs, but this one sure beats all the common heffs or so called heffs out there. It is also refreshing for this hot weather were having and it is a definitely refreshing, crisp and over all cooling. If you see this one give it a taste run. At 5.1%ABV, that’s .1% higher than a bud and I would say 100x better too.